united states coast guard

R 10 AUG 18

ALCGENL 120/18
A. Military Assignments and Authorized Absences, COMDTINST M1000.8A
1. In September 2016 the Workforce Readiness Council chartered an
Integrated Product Team (IPT) to develop solutions to address AST3
workforce shortages, historically low AST A School graduation rates,
and low numbers on the AST A School waiting list. The IPT’s complete
report and approved solutions can be viewed at the CG Portal link:
2. This message solicits enlisted members interested in entering the
Aviation Survival Technician (AST) rating. Eligible non-rated
enlisted members or Petty Officers wishing to place their name on
the AST A school list should follow the application procedures
outlined within this message and ref A. Those applicants who
successfully graduate from AST A School at the Aviation Technical
Training Center (ATTC) in Elizabeth City, NC will graduate as an
AST3. A new CG Portal site linked from the AST A School site offers
robust information on AST A School training and preparation:
2. To apply to the AST rating, candidates must meet all the
requirements for AST A school applicants. For more information on
requirements and application process, open the A School List found
at the Non-Rate assignment officer CG Portal site:
Currently rated members must submit a Change in Rating (CIR) request
package before applying to A School. Information on the required
format for the CIR request and command endorsement template
memorandums can be found at:
3. Once a member’s name has been added to the A school list the AST
RFMC will assign a mentor to support the candidate from preparation
for school until graduation. AST A school applicants must also
successfully complete the AST A School Preparatory Course (Course
Code 100183) at ATTC Elizabeth City before their A school class
convenes. This course will offer yet another resource for candidates
to prepare for the rigorous training program.
4. Physical fitness requirements: All AST candidates must
successfully complete the Physical Training Screen Exam (PTSE) to
remain eligible to attend A School. The PTSE is the same for all
members regardless of gender or age. The PTSE is outlined in further
detail at and consists of a 450 meter
swim in less than 12 minutes, four underwater laps, a minimum of 40
push-ups in two minutes, a minimum of 50 sit-ups in two minutes, a
minimum of three pull-ups, a minimum of three chin-ups and a 1.5 mile
run in less than 12 minutes. It is strongly recommended that
prospective AST students watch the videos linked on the AST A school
Portal site for preparation and proper form explanation.
5. The AST IPT focused on improving AST recruiting, improving
resources for AST candidates to prepare for A School, and optimizing
the training environment at ATTC to maximize the AST candidate
success. The IPT solutions are expected to yield more AST candidates
on the A School waiting list, better prepared candidates entering A
School, and ultimately more AST3s to meet service needs. Request
widest dissemination of this information as unit commands and senior
enlisted leaders discuss critical service needs and professional
opportunities with the enlisted workforce.
6. Points of contact:
a. EPM-2 AST Assignments: CWO2 Kevin Deininger, or (202) 795-6591.
b. AST RFMC: ASTCM Kelly McCarthy, or
c. AST A School Chief: ASTCS William Krahn,
or (252)335-6498.
7. Released by: LCDR M. Gillham,
8. Internet release authorized.