united states coast guard

6 AUG 18

ALCGRSV 037/18
1. This message announces convening dates and solicits
applications for fiscal year 2019 (FY19) Reserve War and
Staff colleges. The SEFP offers opportunities for
national security policy and joint service professional
development, increases the Coast Guard's presence in a
joint-service environment, and enhances the member's
value to the Service.
2. The application process is outlined in paragraph 4. The
deadline for applications to arrive at CG-131 is 17 Sep 18.
Applications will not be accepted after the deadline. 
All prerequisites within each course must be met at the
time of application (i.e. pay grade, clearance, etc.).
CG-131 will review all applications to select
primary candidates and to identify alternates in order
of selection. A special OER is not required,
but applicants are reminded to ensure their records are
3. Courses Offered:
   a. Joint & Combined Warfighting School - Hybrid (JCWS-H).
      (1) Location: Joint Forces Staff College, Norfolk, VA.
      (2) Prerequisites: Secret Clearance. Grade O-4 and
above. JPME phase I must be completed at an
intermediate/senior service school or an approved
equivalent at the time of application. Proof of JPME
phase I completion must be submitted to CG-131 as
part of the application.
      (3) Convening dates:
         (a) 10 Dec 18 – 27 Sept 19
         (b) 22 Jan 19 – 25 Oct 19
         (c) 11 Feb 19 – 15 Nov 19
      (4) Course Description: JCWS-H is a 40-week, blended-
learning course consisting of two distance learning
periods (37 weeks) and two resident periods (three weeks
total in residence). The course is focused on preparing
participants for joint planning efforts at the
operational level to develop theater strategies and plans
in complex global operating environments and includes
joint, interagency, intergovernmental, and multinational
capabilities, national security strategy, theater strategy
and campaigning, and the joint planning process and systems.
For information on the JCWS-H go to:
   b. Reserve Components National Security Course
      (1) Location: National Defense University, Washington, DC.
      (2) Prerequisites: Secret Clearance. Grade O-4 and above,
W-3/W-4, and E-8/9. Officers/Enlisted who have attended RCNSC
in the past are not eligible.
      (3) Convening dates:
         (a) 28 Jan 19 – 8 Feb 19
         (b) 8 - 19 Apr 19
         (c) 15 - 26 Jul 19
      (4) Course Description: This is a two-week course designed
to lay a foundation for students moving on to joint command
management and staff responsibilities in a multinational,
intergovernmental, or a joint national security setting.
The curriculum consists of lectures, panel discussions,
seminars, and simulation exercises dealing with national
security policy and defense resource management presented
by faculty members of the National War College and
Industrial College of the Armed Forces, the Armed Forces
Staff College, the Institute for National Strategic
Studies, and other distinguished speakers.
4. Application process:  Interested members must submit an
email request for application instructions to the SEFP Coordinator
at HQS-DG-LST-CG-1311@USCG.MIL.  The coordinator will then
send further instructions to the member.  A written endorsement
from the immediate command is required with all applications. 
5. Applicants shall ensure that their member contact
information, including work email address, is correct in
Direct Access in case CG-131 needs to contact
candidates with updated information.
6. Reserve Program Administrators (RPAs) are eligible to
apply for the above courses.
7. Members in IRR/ISL/ASL are not eligible to apply. Waivers will
not be considered for those who do not meet the minimum pay
grade eligibility requirements reflected above.
8. Points of contact: Senior Education and Fellowship
Program Coordinator for inquiries: CWO Brian Applegate,
COMDT (CG-1311), (202) 475-5491, e-mail:  
9. CAPT Wampler (CG PSC-RPM) and CAPT Csisar (CG-131), sends.
10. Internet Release Authorized.