united states coast guard

03 AUG 18

ALCGENL 117/18
A. Military Assignments and Authorized Absences, COMDTINST M1000.8A
B. OFCO 004-18
C. Screening for Overseas Duty, PSCINST 1300
1. CG PSC-epm-2 is soliciting candidates for the crew of CGC
WILLIAM HART (WPC-1134), the third 154' WPC homeported in Honolulu,
HI. Standard tour length for all enlisted members is three years.
Successful completion of this tour will constitute an assignment
priority three in accordance with ref (a).
2. The Coast Guard is scheduled to take delivery of CGC WILLIAM HART
OOA 3JUN2019. Members will be assigned a report date of 1DEC2018 for
E-5 and above, E-4 and below 1FEB2019 per reference B. Available
positions are as follows:
Rate/Rank POSN NBR POSN Title City/St
BMC   19378119 OPS   Honolulu, HI
BM1   19378097 DUTY  Honolulu, HI
BM1   19378098 DUTY  Honolulu, HI
BM2   19378099 DUTY  Honolulu, HI
BM2   19378100 DUTY  Honolulu, HI
BM3   19378101 DUTY  Honolulu, HI
DC2   19378102 DUTY  Honolulu, HI
EM1   19378108 DUTY  Honolulu, HI
EM3   19378116 DUTY  Honolulu, HI
GM2   19378103 DUTY  Honolulu, HI
MKCS  19378117 EPO   Honolulu, HI
MK1   19378105 DUTY  Honolulu, HI
MK2   19378106 DUTY  Honolulu, HI
MK3   19378107 DUTY  Honolulu, HI
3. Application Procedures: Interested candidates tour complete in
AY19 or AY20 shall submit an eResume via Direct Access no later
than 19AUG2018. All eResumes shall include a Command Endorsement
stating backfill requirements and overseas assignment requirements
per reference C. Additionally, DCs and GMs must receive an
Independent Duty Command Endorsement in accordance with reference
(A), section 1.C.16, that specifically addresses the member’s
leadership ability, rating knowledge, ability to work unsupervised,
and initiative.
4. Interested MKCS EPO candidates shall ensure they receive the
appropriate command endorsement and meet the requirements of
section 1.C.7 from reference (A) or have successfully screened for
EPO in AY2018.
5. Members that recently executed AY18 orders will not be considered
for these assignments unless above the cut for advancement.
6. PSC-EPM-2 Assignment Officer POCs:
A. BM: CWO2 P. Brown,, 202-795-6585
B. DC: CWO4 Travis Lovvorn,, 202-795-6592
C. EM: CWO4 Robert Amador,, 202-795-6586
D. ET: CWO4 G. Sandness,, 202-795-6581
E. GM: CWO4 Mark Cortor,, 202-795-6613
F. MK: CWO2 K. Yoder,, 202-795-6602
7. Questions regarding pre-commissioning should contact LCDR
William McGhee at, or 808-842-2655.
8. Released by: LCDR T. R. Osborn,
9. Internet release authorized.