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1. The Foundation for Coast Guard History has announced the winners of the 2017 FCGH awards. There
were a number of exceptional nominations this year, making the selections challenging.
2. Unit Awards.
    A. Large Unit Award. The winner of the large unit award is CGC HAMILTON (WMSL 753). The
widespread usage of the cutter’s public Facebook page to post pictures, videos, and share articles posted
by other agencies reached over 22,000 people and generated 1,100 followers in 2017. The unit’s Eight
Bells Video contest-winning video generated over 3,800 views and 179 likes on YouTube, and 54,000
views and 1,200 likes on Facebook. The cutter honored the 75th anniversary of the sinking of CGC
ALEXANDER HAMILTON (WPG 34) with a ceremony that included a representative from the families of
the sailors lost in the sinking. During Fleet Week New York City 2017, the cutter hosted a wreath laying
ceremony at Alexander Hamilton’s grave at Trinity Church. The crew hosted 4,500 visitors during 2017 on
tours focusing on the history of the unit and strengthened ties with the Alexander Hamilton Society and
the Alexander Hamilton Awareness Society, as well as descendants of Alexander Hamilton.
    B. Small Unit Award. The winner of the small unit award is CGC JOHN MCCORMICK (WPC 1121).
The cutter’s commissioning crew made efforts to cement a strong bond with the ships sponsor, Mrs. Linda
Jarmer, John McCormick’s granddaughter, and the rest of his extended family. The crew ensured that the
family was heavily involved in the creation of the ships crest, ultimately picking a design and motto that
reflected the family’s wishes to honor his legacy. After giving the Jarmer family a tour of the ship in Key
West, Florida, the crew met with them aboard the decommissioned CGC INGHAM, a celebrated cutter
that served from 1936-1988 and is now a museum in Key West. CGC INGHAM is the same ship upon
which Boatswain McCormick was awarded his Gold Lifesaving Medal in November 1938. The crew
coordinated a port visit to Astoria, Oregon as most of John McCormick’s extended family lives in Oregon.
Astoria is also near the site of his heroic rescue just inside the Columbia River Bar, so the crew
coordinated with Station Cape Disappointment to arrange a ceremonial passing of the site of the rescue.
The cutter carefully timed its crossing of the Columbia River Bar to meet with two vessels from Station
Cape Disappointment, the TRIUMPH II, a rendition of the original TRIUMPH that John McCormick
coxswained during his heroic rescue, as family members watched from a 47-foot Motor Lifeboat. CAPT
Ole Olsen, USCG retired, the grandson of Chief Motor Machinist Mate Albert L. Olsen, a shipmate of
Boatswain McCormick who served with him during the historic 1938 rescue, did the ship the honor of
raising the commissioning pennant. The crew continued corresponding with the family and others through
the creation of a quarterly newsletter.
3. The FCGH also recognizes individuals who have made important contributions in preserving and
presenting the U.S. Coast Guards rich and varied heritage. The following individual is the recipient of this
year's Heritage Award for Achievement.
    A. CDR William McKinstry. The Coast Guard Historian requested CDR McKinstry serve as a member
of the Fast Response Cutter (FRC) Naming Tiger Team to assist in the identification and location of
relatives of personnel who were under consideration as possible FRC namesakes. He volunteered
to serve on this team and located numerous relatives who have participated and attended various
commissioning ceremonies nationwide. As lead investigator for the Coast Guard Atlantic Area Historian,
he used research skills to glean valuable information regarding FRC namesakes and other subjects of
Coast Guard historical interest. He quickly completed research and spoke to several surviving family
members to ensure their participation during future FRC commissioning ceremonies. His efforts led to
enhancement of Coast Guard personnel awareness of Coast Guard history service-wide. His research
also led to discovery of several famous enlisted members of the Coast Guard that have been added to
the list of influential Coast Guard personnel on Coast Guard Historians website.
4. The FCGH also recognizes individuals and teams who have made important contributions in
preserving and presenting the U.S. Coast Guards rich and varied heritage through multimedia projects.
The following individuals are the recipients of the Multimedia Award.
    A. ETCM Bill Dietz, USCG (Ret.) and ETCS Joe Jester, USCG (Ret.). ETCM Dietz and ETCS Jester
expended considerable volunteer hours over many years chronicling the history of the Coast Guard’s
involvement with the LOng RAnge Navigation (LORAN) system, primarily through their “Loran-History
Info” website: Using video, photographs, oral histories, and more, they have brought light to a very important, but little known, element of Coast Guard History. The website provides details on more than 200 USCG units involved in the development, implementation, support, and operations of the various incarnations of LORAN from the early 1940s until today, including location,
equipment types, transmission frequencies, station designations, testing and operational dates, and much
more. Each site has a listing of personnel assigned, documents related to the station, photographs, and
personal stories of those assigned to the station. 
5. Congratulations to all award recipients and nominees for your incredible efforts to preserve our history
and heritage. The Foundation for Coast Guard History was formed on August 4, 1999, as a nonprofit
organization. Its objectives are to provide support for the U.S. Coast Guard Historian, encourage studies
relating to the history of our service, and accord recognition to individuals and organizations that
contribute to the goals of the FCGH. Inquiries and suggestions should be forwarded to the Foundation for
Coast Guard History via its website:
7. RDML Melissa Bert, Director of Governmental and Public Affairs, sends.
8. Internet release authorized.