united states coast guard

R 02 JUL 18
ALCGOFF 060/18
A. PY19 Schedule of Officer Personnel Boards and Panels, 
B. Officer Accessions, Evaluations, and Promotions, 
COMDTINST M1000.3(series)
C. Guidance and Eligibility Criteria for Officer Personnel 
Boards and Panels, PSCINST 1410.1A
1. The Chief Warrant Officer (CWO) to Lieutenant (LT) 
selection board is scheduled to convene on 5-7 September 
2018 in accordance with Ref A. The estimated number of 
primary candidates for selection within each occupational 
field is:
Aviation                        1     AVI
C4IT                            4     ELC/ISM/OSS
Engineering                     6     ENG/MAT
Finance                         3     F&S
Human Resources                 4     PERS
Intelligence                    1     ISS
Management                      1     INF
Medical                         2     MED
Operations Afloat               1     BOSN/WEPS
Operations Ashore – Prevention  3     MSSE/MSSD
Operations Ashore – Response    2     MLES/OSS/BOSN
2. Applications will not be accepted for occupational 
fields that have zero accessions available. For these 
occupational specialties, there is currently no Service 
need but members are encouraged to review future 
solicitation messages as opportunities change from year to 
3. Applications will be considered from CWO4/CWO3 members, 
or CWO2s who will be considered by the CWO3 Selection Board 
in Oct 2019 (CWO2s with a date of rank (DOR) of 15 December 
2015 or earlier). Appointments of CWO2s to LT are 
contingent upon their selection for promotion to CWO3. All 
applicants must be serving on ADPL and must have completed 
at least 13 years but not more than 26 years of active duty 
for retirement, computed to 30 June 2019. In addition, all 
applicants, regardless of specialty, must possess normal 
color perception. Waivers for color vision will not be 
granted. Commands are responsible for verifying that 
applicants are medically qualified. Waiver of eligibility 
requirements will only be considered for Service needs. 
Waiver requests should be sent via email to CWO2 Jennifer 
Bell at with the subject line 'CWO 
4. To be eligible for CWO to LT in the C4IT field, 
applicants in the OSS specialty must have served in a C4IT 
unit or department as a CWO, typically developing skills 
and experience in one or more of the following areas: 
communications systems management, communications systems 
design, communications systems maintenance, spectrum 
management, radio frequency management, or information 
systems security. All ELC and ISM applicants are 
automatically qualified. Waivers will not be considered.
5. To be eligible for CWO to LT in the Engineering 
occupational field, applicants must have successfully 
completed at least one tour as Main Propulsion Assistant 
(MPA) aboard a WAGB/WMSL/WHEC/WMEC, Engineering Petty 
Officer (EPO) aboard a WLM, or Engineer Officer (EO) aboard 
a WLB/WLM/WTGB since 1 June 2012. In addition, the program 
is seeking applicants who have completed at least one tour 
in a civil engineering related position to include a 
housing, facilities branch, or public works division. Those 
members who do not meet the above criteria, but have served 
as a division chief aboard a WAGB/WMSL/WHEC/WMEC or 
Engineering Petty Officer (EPO/E-7) aboard a cutter since 1 
June 2012 may submit a waiver requesting consideration. 
Waiver packages for the Engineering occupational field only 
should include a copy of enlisted performance evaluation 
forms and any award citations received during the division 
chief/EPO tour. Submit waiver requests to POC listed in 
paragraph 3. In addition, application letters should 
highlight pertinent afloat experience as an enlisted 
member, particularly because only the officer portion of 
the service record is reviewed by the board.
6. Rating chains and administrative reviewers should 
expedite submission of OERs to ensure eligible officers 
have up-to-date performance records on file before the 
board convenes.
7. Applications may only be made for the occupational field 
which is related to the warrant officer specialty listed in 
Article 2.A.2.b of Ref B. If the applicant is serving in a 
warrant specialty related to more than one of the 
occupational fields offered, that officer may request 
consideration for more than one occupational field. 
Officers applying for more than one occupational field 
shall specify their desired order of preference (i.e., 
first and second choice).
8. Per Article 3.B.10.h of Ref B, candidates must apply by 
memorandum to PSC-OPM-1 via their immediate command. No 
enclosures to the application are permitted. The 
application/resume shall be submitted in basic Coast Guard 
memorandum format (limited to a maximum of 2 pages, single-
sided, single-spaced, 12-point text with 1-inch margins). 
E-Resumes submissions via Direct Access are not required 
and therefore should not be included in application 
9. The Commanding Officer's endorsement must address the 
applicant's potential to perform successfully in the grade 
of lieutenant and shall include a computation of the 
applicant's total service computed to 30 June 2019.
10. Applications with endorsements should not be mailed. 
Instead, commands shall submit signed memos via e-mail to 
PSC-OPM-1 at the ARL-PF-CGPSC-OPM-1-BOARDS Global e-mail 
address with the subject line 'CWO TO LT SELECTION BOARD'. 
Electronically signed memos are authorized and preferred. 
Applicants shall also ensure that all scanned documents are 
clearly readable. All applications must be received by 17 
August 2018. Applications received late will not be 
11. PSC-OPM-1 will contact candidates via e-mail upon the 
receipt of their applications. Applicants who are not on 
the CG Global Address List shall provide PSC-OPM-1 with a 
valid e-mail address in advance, as well as ensure that 
their Direct Access contact information is current. 
Applications for occupational fields or specialties not 
solicited in this message will be returned without action.
12. All officers being considered are highly encouraged to 
take steps to review their official record. Directions on 
how to obtain a copy of the Electronically Imaged-Personnel 
Data Record (EI-PDR) are listed on the PSC BOPS-MR website 
13. Officers are also encouraged to review the Commandant's 
Guidance to Promotion Year 2019 Officer Selection Boards 
and Panels. Once published, this document will be provided 
to the selection board and clearly sets forth the 
Commandant's vision for selection to lieutenant. This 
document will be available at the following link:
14. Selectees will be offered appointments as temporary 
officers. Upon acceptance of appointment, they will be 
placed on the ADPL per the provisions of Art 3.A.2 of Ref B 
and incur three years of obligated service from the date of 
appointment. Additionally, all selectees should anticipate 
PCS transfer in AY19. Selectees for the Engineering and 
Operations Afloat occupational fields should expect to be 
assigned afloat.
15. Commands should bring the contents of this message to 
the attention of all CWOs and encourage eligible candidates 
to apply. POC is LCDR Ginny Nadolny at and CWO2 Jennifer Bell at
16. CAPT C. J. Glander, Chief, PSC-OPM, sends.
17. Internet release is authorized.