united states coast guard

18 JUN 18

ALCGENL 091/18
A. ALCGENL 046/18, Enlisted Personnel Management Roadshow Solicitation
1. In accordance with reference (a), EPM-2 is pleased to announce the following
Roadshow schedule in support of Assignment Year (AY) 2019:
 Date   Location  Hosting Unit
 May 30-31  Portsmouth, VA  Base Portsmouth
 May 30-31  Mobile, AL  Sector / ATC Mobile
 June 6   Ketchikan, AK  Sector Juneau
 June 18-19  E-City, NC  Air Logistics Command
 June 19   Traverse City  AirSta Traverse City
 June 26   Port Angeles, WA AirSta Port Angeles
 June 28   Corpus Christi, TX Sector / AirSta CC
 June 28   Alexandria, VA   TISCOM 
 June 28   New York, NY  Sector New York
 July 10   Cape Cod, MA  Base CC / Sector Boston
 July 10   Key West  Sector Key West
 July 12   Jacksonville  HITRON
 July 12   Miami, FL  Base / Sector Miami
 July 16   San Diego, CA  Sector San Diego
 July 16   Camp Lejune, NC  SMTC
 July 17   LA/LB   Sector LA/LB
 July 18   Memphis, TN  Sector Lower Mississippi
 July 19   Santa Barbara, CA MSD Santa Barbara
 July 19-20  Seattle, WA  Base Seattle
 July 23-24 (tentative) Alameda, CA  Base Alameda
 July 25   Borinquen, PR  AirSta Borinquen 
 July 26 (tentative) Baltimore, MD  Sector NCR / CG Yard
 July 30   St. Petersburg, FL Sector St. Petersburg
 July 31   Clearwater, FL  AirSta Clearwater
 Aug 2   Astoria, OR  AirSta Astoria
 Aug 7-9   Manama, Bahrain  PATFORSWA
 Aug 7-9 (tentative) Honolulu, HI  D14
 Aug 14   Charleston, SC  MLE Academy
 Aug 15   Cape May, NJ  TRACEN Cape May
 Aug 20   Houston, TX  Sector / AirSta Houston
 Aug 21   Port Arthur, TX  MSU Port Authur
 Aug 20   Juneau, AK  Sector Juneau
 Aug 21   Portland, ME  Sector NNE
 Aug 22   Southwest Harbor, ME SFO Southwest Harbor
 Sep 11   Kodiak, AK  Base Kodiak
 Sep 26   Sitka, AK  AirSta Sitka
2. Hosting unit's, Commands, and the Badge network are encouraged to advertise this
this schedule to the widest possible audience.
3. The presentation will cover a vast array of topics from enlisted assignments,
transfer requests, career progression, separations, High Year Tenure and Senior
Enlisted Continuation Board. These presentations will cover information that will
benefit all enlisted personnel regardless of rating or tour completion date.
4. Career counseling/mentoring reminder: Members, especially those expecting to
rotate in AY19, those who are taking the SWE or are above an existing cut for
advancement, and those double encumbered in positions, are expected to contact
their respective AO directly to schedule an appointment for career counseling
and discuss assignment preferences.  Even if not tour complete, all members may
request and receive career counseling from their AO. Direct communication with
the AO from now to 31 August is invaluable and will provide the ground work for
a realistic PCS eResume and career expectations. Members seeking co-locations
should understand that co-locations are not guaranteed, but the best way to
increase the likelihood for a co-location is early contact with the AOs for advice
on realistic PCS eResume submissions. To schedule career counseling, please visit
your rating AO's website at:
5. For further information on the Roadshow schedule, or questions/request for
additional Roadshows and webinars, please contact LT William Stewart.
Additional information can be found on the Roadshow Portal Page at:
6. Roadshow Coordinator: LT W. Stewart, (202) 795-6584 or at
7. CDR S. K. Felger, Enlisted Assignments Branch, Enlisted Personnel Management
Division, Personnel Service Center sends.
8. Internet release is authorized.