united states coast guard

R 21 JUN 18           
ALCGOFF 055/18
A. PY19 Schedule of Officer Personnel Boards and Panels, PSCNOTE 
B. ALCGOFF 038/18
C. Guidance and Eligibility Criteria for Officer Personnel Boards 
and Panels, PSCINST 1410.1A
D. Officer Accessions, Evaluations, and Promotions, COMDTINST 
1. In accordance with Refs A and B, the Commander Selection Board 
convenes on 23 Jul 2018 to recommend 162 eligible officers for 
selection for promotion to rank of commander. The stated 
opportunity of selection (OOS) for in-zone candidates is 80 
percent. The actual in-zone selection rate, which is determined 
after the board results are approved, factors both in-zone and 
above-zone candidates and therefore may be lower than the stated 
in-zone OOS. The following 338 in-zone and above-zone officers, 
listed alphabetically by last name, will be considered:
NO  RANK  NAME                       UNIT
1   LCDR  Adcock, Austin L.          SEC JCKSNVILLE LOGISTICS
2   LCDR  Alongi, Antone S.          AIRSTA WASHINGTON
3   LCDR  Alvarez, Walner W.         MSU VALDEZ
4   LCDR  Anderson, Michael D.       IMAT OPERATIONS DEPT
5   LCDR  Austin, Matthew S.         COMMANDANT (CG-0921)
6   LCDR  Auth, Bernard C.           D17 ENFORCEMENT BR (DRE)
7   LCDR  Babbitt, Samuel H.         COMMANDANT (CG-411)
8   LCDR  Bachtel, Brian D.          SFO GALVESTON
9   LCDR  Baird, Michael W.          COMMANDANT (CG-7111)
10  LCDR  Bannon, John E.            SEC HONOLULU WTRWAYS
11  LCDR  Barboza, Klaus J.          C4IT-C3CEN-PLD-CMD-SPRT
12  LCDR  Barr, Roger B.             PURDUE UNIVERSITY
13  LCDR  Bartel, Jon T.             AIRSTA KODIAK
14  LCDR  Barton, Scott P.           ACTIVITIES FAR EAST
15  LCDR  Beaudoin, Kevin A.         ACTIVITIES FAR EAST
16  LCDR  Begin, Bryan M.            DDE-CNATT CORPUS CHRISTI TX
17  LCDR  Behler, Brian J.           SEC DEL BAY INTEL STAFF
18  LCDR  Bennett, Patricia M.       CGC TAMPA
19  LCDR  Bixler II, Robert A.       BASE NCR COMPTR & OPS
20  LCDR  Blackburn, Kelly C.        DDE-NAVAL JUSTICE SCH 
21  LCDR  Blanchfield, Julie E.      COMMANDANT (CG-ENG-5)
22  LCDR  Bledsoe Jr, Ronald D.      COMMANDANT (CG-7113)
23  LCDR  Boland, Brian T.           ATC MOB C130J TRNG-ECITY NC
24  LCDR  Bolin, Thomas R.           AIRSTA DETROIT
25  LCDR  Bolling, Jeffrey M.        ALC OPERATIONS STAFF
26  LCDR  Booker III, Russell E.     DD-LSC-CMD SVCS BR (NORF)
27  LCDR  Bourcet, John C.           MSRT EAST OPERATIONS DEPT
28  LCDR  Braxton, Mark A.           CGA CIVIL ENGINEERING 
29  LCDR  Brennell, Adam C.          CGC HARRIET LANE
30  LCDR  Brennell, Stephanie E.     D5 INCIDENT MGMT BR (DRM)
31  LCDR  Brooks, Mary D.            PSC OPM-2
32  LCDR  Brown, Katherine L.        C4IT-TISCOM-CLD-FESB
33  LCDR  Brown, Staci K.            LANTAREA (35)
34  LCDR  Brunaugh, Bradley A.       BASE CLEV COMPTR & OPS 
35  LCDR  Buendia, Elizabeth A.      SEC N CAROLINA CP/RDNS STF
36  LCDR  Burgess, Kenneth J.        DD-SEDA RIO
37  LCDR  Burgess, Nicole S.         COMMANDANT (CG-PSA-1)
38  LCDR  Burley, Eric S.            CGCIS RESOURCES & ADMIN BR
39  LCDR  Burns, Kara L.             COMMANDANT (CG-451)
40  LCDR  Bustamente, Jason A.       PURDUE UNIVERSITY
41  LCDR  Cagle, Micheal J.          DDE-NAS PENSACOLA
42  LCDR  Cahill, William R.         DDE-WHITE HOUSE WASHINGTON
43  LCDR  Calvert, Matthew A.        IST/ARMY/BAYLOR HEALT PRG
44  LCDR  Carabin, James M.          ATC MOBILE AVIATION ENG DEPT
45  LCDR  Carse, Joel B.             TRACEN YKTWN MAR ENV RESP
46  LCDR  Casavant, Aaron J.         DD-CGIS (CG-0942)
47  LCDR  Cashman, John D.           DDE-DOJ WASHINGTON DC
48  LCDR  Cassell, Justin M.         ATC MOBILE AVIATION OPS
49  LCDR  Castaneda, Xochitl L.      D13 INSP & INVEST BR (DPI)
50  LCDR  Castle, Ace V.             LANTAREA (092P)
51  LCDR  Castro, Hector A.          SFLC WORKFORCE SERVICES
52  LCDR  Champlin, Nathaniel E.     AIRSTA ATLANTIC CITY
53  LCDR  Chang, Eric W.             D14 C4IT DIV (DT)
54  LCDR  Chapman, David K.          AIRSTA NEW ORLEANS
55  LCDR  Cheeks, Demetrius T.       LSC COMMAND SVCS BR
56  LCDR  Clary, Daryl C.            DDE-USDAO KINGSTON JAMAICA
57  LCDR  Clayton, Gregory A.        DDE-OMB WASHINGTON DC
58  LCDR  Coburn, David M.           SEC NORTH BEND AV OPS DIV
59  LCDR  Cochran, Muhammadali N.    SEC HOU/GAL INSPECTIONS DIV
60  LCDR  Coffman, Bryan J.          D8 EXT AFFAIRS STAFF (DE)
61  LCDR  Cole, Robert A.            CGC WALNUT
62  LCDR  Collier, Travis S.         SEC NOLA INSPECTIONS DIV
63  LCDR  Colmer, Matthew R.         FORCECOM (ESESN)
64  LCDR  Conway, Bradley D.         CG STA NEW YORK
65  LCDR  Cooley, Adam J.            COMMANDANT (CG-FAC-2)
66  LCDR  Cooley, James R.           UNIV OF NORTH DAKOTA
67  LCDR  Coon, Jeffrey K.           COMMANDANT (CG-1333)
68  LCDR  Cottrell, George H.        ACTIVITIES EUROPE
69  LCDR  Courtade, Jeremy A.        ALC SRR PROJECTS BR
70  LCDR  Courtney, Michael T.       ICC DISSEMINATION DEPT
71  LCDR  Cowall, Nathan E.          OL-FORCECOM (FC-BOP)
72  LCDR  Cowan, Jeffrey D.          AIRSTA ELIZ CITY
73  LCDR  Cowan, Trevor C.           D1 INSP & INVEST BR (DPI)
74  LCDR  Cox, Allison B.            PST COMMAND STAFF
75  LCDR  Cox, Jonathan W.           DD-SFLC OAKLAND
76  LCDR  Cox, Lauren E.             BASE CAPE COD PERS SUP DEPT
77  LCDR  Crawford, Brooks C.        COMMANDANT (CG-7112)
78  LCDR  Creech, Byron A.           COMMANDANT (CG-832)
79  LCDR  Crespo, Carlos M.          SEC DEL BAY ENFORCEMENT
80  LCDR  Crettol, Gregory L.        SEC LA/LB INVESTIGATE DIV
81  LCDR  Cruz, David B.             DDE-CSEDS MOORESTOWN
82  LCDR  Daigle, Jeffrey R.         NCR AIR DEFENSE FACILITY
83  LCDR  Dameron, Allison M.        FORCECOM (TMS)
84  LCDR  Darrah, Michael R.         COMMANDANT (CG-ODO-2)
85  LCDR  Davila, Jessica S.         HITRON
86  LCDR  Davis, Donald B.           LANTAREA (513)
87  LCDR  Davis, Kelvin J.           CEU MIA PLAN & REAL PROP SEC
88  LCDR  Dehnz, Arthur M.           SEC HONOLULU LOGISTICS DEPT
89  LCDR  DeLisle, Phillip A.        ATC MOBILE HH-65 TRNG DIV
90  LCDR  Devlin, Ryan P.            TRACEN YKTWN INTEL TRNG BR
91  LCDR  Deweese, Callie            SEC N CAROLINA INSPECTIONS
92  LCDR  Dewey IV, John F.          DHS ENOC CGCYBER DET
93  LCDR  DeWitz, Jarrod M.          MSD NASHVILLE
94  LCDR  Doherty, Jennifer R.       SEC DEL BAY INSPECTIONS DIV
95  LCDR  Dolan, Jeffrey T.          SEC PUGET SND INTEL STAFF
96  LCDR  Drayer, Patrick A.         MSU DULUTH
97  LCDR  Drews, Adam H.             COMMANDANT (CG-771)
98  LCDR  Drzewiecki, Jeffery A.     SEC HOU/GAL LOGISTICS DEPT
99  LCDR  Dufrene, Lauren F.         OL-SFLC PB ENGINEERING BR
100 LCDR  Dufresne, Christopher P.   SFLC LRE AVAIL PROJ MGMT
101 LCDR  Dugan, Kevin M.            BASE KOD C4IT DEPT (E)
102 LCDR  Dwyer, Mary M.             COMMANDANT (CG-PSA-1)
103 LCDR  Estevez, Francisco A.      CGA COMPTROLLER STAFF
104 LCDR  Evans, Brendan M.          AIRSTA DETROIT
105 LCDR  Fegler, Kristopher S.      ICC LOGISTICS DEPT
106 LCDR  Fields, Stanley P.         DDE-DEF INST INT'L LEGAL 
107 LCDR  Fisher, Brandon C.         DDE-NMFS SILVER SPRING MD
108 LCDR  Fisher, Michael P.         SEC BOSTON INTEL STAFF
109 LCDR  Fitzgibbons, Matthew L.    DD-LANTAREA 2 (CGCG)
110 LCDR  Floyd, Christopher A.      BASE NOLA NAVAL ENG DEPT (N)
111 LCDR  Frazee, Matthew P.         MSD STURGEON BAY
112 LCDR  Friend, Michael            SEC LIS CMD CENTER
113 LCDR  Galinanes, Angel M.        D14 LEGAL STAFF (DL)
114 LCDR  Gans, Matthew A.           TRACEN YKTWN ENG/WEPS
115 LCDR  Garcia, Kevin E.           LANTAREA (81)
116 LCDR  Garvey, Michael P.         PACAREA (53)
117 LCDR  Gatz II, James C.          CG INTL ICE PATROL
118 LCDR  Gaudio, Christjan C.       US ARMY CMD/STAFF COLL
119 LCDR  Geoffrion, Sarah J.        SEC JCKSNVILLE INSPECTIONS 
120 LCDR  Gibson Jr, James A.        SEC COL RIVER AV OPS DIV
121 LCDR  Gillham, Michael R.        AIRSTA SAVANNAH
122 LCDR  Gilson, Erin K.            BASE HONO PERS SUPPORT
123 LCDR  Glauner, Gerrod C.         COMMANDANT (CG-261)
124 LCDR  Glover, Jerod A.           AIRSTA KODIAK - ALPAT
125 LCDR  Gray, Matthew E.           OL-CGCC-33-CSDB-SDS
126 LCDR  Greene, Harry L.           AIRSTA KODIAK - ALPAT
127 LCDR  Greenway, Myles J.         SEC BOSTON INSPECTIONS
128 LCDR  Griffin, Navin L.          SEC HOU/GAL WTRWAYS MGT
129 LCDR  Gris II, Michael C.        SEC BUFFALO ENFORCEMENT
130 LCDR  Gunagan, Richard O.        COMMANDANT (CG-1B41)
131 LCDR  Hagen, Jason D.            SEC PUGET SND INCIDENT MGT
132 LCDR  Hall, Ian A.               COMMANDANT (CG-9312)
133 LCDR  Hall, Russell S.           COMMANDANT (CG-771)
134 LCDR  Hammersborg, Anders J.     COMMANDANT (CG-9321)
135 LCDR  Hannam, James J.           SEC COL RIVER AV OPS DIV
136 LCDR  Hartfiel, Todd E.          TRACEN YKTWN BFCO DOC
137 LCDR  Hawthorne, Andrew T.       SEC CORPUS CHR CP/RDNS STF
138 LCDR  Hayes, Gregory A.          COMMUNICATIONS COMMAND
139 LCDR  Heering, Jason M.          AIRSTA BORINQUEN
140 LCDR  Hernandez, Juan M.         IMAT PLANNING DEPT
141 LCDR  Hillenbrand, Anthony S.    MSD MASSENA
142 LCDR  Hiltz, James E.            UNIV OF NOTRE DAME
143 LCDR  Hirschberg, Marcus T.      COMMANDANT (CG-211)
144 LCDR  Hoag, Andrew J.            WMSL CREW INDIA (MIDGETT)
145 LCDR  Hobbie, Matthew M.         SEC ANCHORAGE CP/RDNS STF
146 LCDR  Hogue, Kenneth E.          COMMANDANT (CG-7611)
147 LCDR  Holston, Jesse C.          COMMANDANT (CG-CVC-1)
148 LCDR  Holveck, Laura K.          LDC LEADERSHIP & ORG PERF
149 LCDR  Hopkins, Jason A.          COMMANDANT (CG-MLE-4)
150 LCDR  Hudson, Nathan R.          FORCECOM (PTC-A)
151 LCDR  Huelsman, Daniel J.        D1 INTELLIGENCE BR (DRI)
152 LCDR  Hunley, Donald E.          FORCECOM (FC-BITP)
153 LCDR  Hunt, Justin C.            COMMANDANT (CG-411)
154 LCDR  Hunt, Michael J.           PACAREA (37)
155 LCDR  Hurst, Ian T.              AIRSTA KODIAK
156 LCDR  Jackson Jr, Raymond D.     MSST LA/LB COMMAND STAFF
157 LCDR  James, Beau J.             D17 C4IT DIV (DT)
158 LCDR  Jarboe, Nicolas A.         D14 WATERWAYS MGMT BR
159 LCDR  Johnson, David F.          COMMANDANT (CG-771)
160 LCDR  Johnson, Nathaniel K.      UNIV OF CONNECTICUT
161 LCDR  Johnson, Will D.           COMMANDANT (CG-7113)
162 LCDR  Jorgensen, Mark C.         DD-SFLC OAKLAND
163 LCDR  Kammeter, Kevin L.         DDE-OMB WASHINGTON DC
164 LCDR  Karnath, Michael A.        SEC LA/LB INSPECTIONS DIV
165 LCDR  Kawamoto, Darain S.        DDE-MIDET SINGAPORE
166 LCDR  Kawamoto, Hannah K.        TC PET SUPPLY & ADMIN TRNG
167 LCDR  Keeney, Matthew M.         DDE-NAS PENSACOLA
168 LCDR  Kennedy, Margaret D.       COMMANDANT (CG-7513)
169 LCDR  Kenshalo, James R.         AIRSTA KODIAK - ALPAT
170 LCDR  Kerns, Corey M.            DD-SEDA RIO
171 LCDR  Kessler, David M.          D8 OPERATIONAL PLNG BR (DXO)
172 LCDR  Knoll, Gregory J.          D14 LEGAL STAFF (DL)
173 LCDR  Koehler, Zachary A.        AIRSTA KODIAK CORDOVA DEPL
174 LCDR  Kotowski, William J.       DDE-LANT-5 JTF-E
175 LCDR  Kulzer, Timothy J.         LANTAREA (512)
176 LCDR  Kurczewski, Kevin M.       AIRSTA/SFO PORT ANG OPS DEPT
177 LCDR  Kusek, Joseph W.           OSC LOGISTICS SYSTEMS BR
178 LCDR  Kuzak, Richard E.          ALC BUSINESS OPS DIV (BOD)
179 LCDR  Labert, Mark E.            LANTAREA (515) DET ALAMEDA
180 LCDR  Lalor, Michael W.          SEC MARYLAND-NCR CP/RDNS
181 LCDR  Lamb, Ryan B.              COMMANDANT (CG-771)
182 LCDR  Lampe, Ryan L.             DDE-NAVAL AIR SYS PATUXENT
183 LCDR  Lane, Jon D.               D11 INSP & INVEST BR (DPI)
184 LCDR  Lavin, Kara M.             DD-COMMANDANT (CG-1B4)
185 LCDR  Law, Herbert C.            SEC NOLA CMD CENTER
186 LCDR  Lee, Amanda M.             DD-LSC-TRIAL SVCS BR (NORF)
187 LCDR  Leibowitz, Sonya L.        SMTC LOGISTICS DIVISION
188 LCDR  Leshnover, June E.         COMMANDANT (CG-7512)
189 LCDR  Lim, Almerick C.           NCR AIR DEFENSE FACILITY
190 LCDR  Lincoln, Douglas R.        COMMANDANT (CG-CPE-1)
191 LCDR  Link, Brandon M.           COMMANDANT (CG-FAC-2)
192 LCDR  Loughran, Lori A.          D7 INCIDENT MGMT BR (DRM)
193 LCDR  Lunasin, Michael C.        C4IT-C3CEN-PLD-CMD-ISD
194 LCDR  Lyons, Ezekiel J.          ACTIVITIES FAR EAST
195 LCDR  Mach, Richard A.           SEC LA/LB CP/RDNS STF
196 LCDR  Macinnes, Colin B.         CGRC OPERATIONS DIVISION
197 LCDR  Mangum, Jonathan M.        LANTAREA (532)
198 LCDR  Manuel, Ezra L.            SEC NORTH BEND LOGISTICS 
199 LCDR  Marlin, Krissy A.          SEC LOWER MISS PREVENTION
200 LCDR  Marquez, Ronaydee M.       D5 INSP & INVEST BR (DPI)
201 LCDR  Marshall, Patrick A.       D13 INCIDENT MGMT BR (DRM)
202 LCDR  Maye, Gregg J.             SEC HONOLULU INCIDENT MGT
203 LCDR  Mazel, James J.            AIRSTA SAVANNAH
204 LCDR  Mccampbell, Cameron A.     COMMANDANT (CG-211)
205 LCDR  Mccullough, Steven J.      NATIONAL COMMAND CENTER
206 LCDR  Mcdonald, Kevin J.         COMMANDANT (CG-FAC-2)
207 LCDR  McElroy, Amy D.            SEC PUGET SND INSPECTIONS 
208 LCDR  Mcghee, William T.         SEC HONOLULU ENFORCEMENT
209 LCDR  McGrail, Reyna E.          CGC DECISIVE HOMEPORT SHIFT
210 LCDR  Mckinney, Clay D.          DDE-WHITE HOUSE WASHINGTON
211 LCDR  McNeer, Stacy L.           D8 ENFORCEMENT BR (DRE)
212 LCDR  McQuillen, Kevin J.        SEC LA/LB INTEL STAFF
213 LCDR  McWilliams, John M.        HITRON
214 LCDR  Medick, Christian T.       D1 OPERATIONAL PLNG BR (DXO)
215 LCDR  Meik, Christopher D.       CG MFPU BANGOR
216 LCDR  Michalczak, Jason A.       FORCECOM WEAPONS SYSTEMS
217 LCDR  Middleton, Bradley W.      COMMANDANT (CG-85)
218 LCDR  Middleton, David A.        BASE ALAM COMPTR & OPS
219 LCDR  Millard, Brooke A.         CGC EAGLE
220 LCDR  Millard, Jesse M.          APO SHARED SERVICES DIVISION
221 LCDR  Miller, Jonathan D.        COMMANDANT (CG-9311)
222 LCDR  Millson, Kenneth R.        TC PET ELEC & INFO TRNG DIV
223 LCDR  Moe, Todd C.               DD - MIFC PAC
224 LCDR  Montalvo, Francisco L.     COMMANDANT (CG-7311)
225 LCDR  Moore, Chad A.             COMMANDANT (CG-441)
226 LCDR  Morefield, Michael C.      C4IT-BOD-LCB-OL-NORFOLK
227 LCDR  Moretti, Kathryn A.        NAVAL WAR COLLEGE
228 LCDR  Morgan, Benjamin P.        SEC NOLA WTRWAYS MGT DIV
229 LCDR  Motion, Lewis H.           COMMANDANT (CG-85)
230 LCDR  Mouritsen, Gregory N.      DDE-NASOC CORPUS CHRISTI
231 LCDR  Moyers, Kelly J.           BASE NCR PERS SUPPORT 
232 LCDR  Mundy, Zachary M.          AIRSTA MIAMI
233 LCDR  Murphy, Gary C.            COMMANDANT (CG-LCL)
234 LCDR  Myers, Steven M.           COMMANDANT (CG-9335)
235 LCDR  Nabach, William A.         COMMANDANT (CG-OES-2)
236 LCDR  Nassar, Samuel R.          CG R&D CEN-C4ISR BRANCH
237 LCDR  Natteal, Brandon J.        SEC CORPUS CHR LOGISTICS 
238 LCDR  Neeley, Kristine B.        SEC UPPER MISS WTRWAYS MGT
239 LCDR  Nelson, Joshua B.          PURDUE UNIVERSITY
240 LCDR  Newell, Michael D.         D17 WATERWAYS MGMT BR (DPW)
241 LCDR  Nolan, Kellee M.           CGC MAPLE
242 LCDR  Novak, Charles S.          C4IT-C3CEN-CTD-C2SYS-PROJ
243 LCDR  Otani, David M.            SEC SAN JUAN WTRWAYS MGT
244 LCDR  Ott, Janna M.              LANTAREA (511)
245 LCDR  Owen, Daniel G.            NAVAL WAR COLLEGE
246 LCDR  Park, Hoon                 CGA CADET TRNG BRANCH
247 LCDR  Parker, Michael L.         TRACEN PET HEALTH SVCS BR
248 LCDR  Parker, Nicholas W.        COMMANDANT (CG-9322)
249 LCDR  Parsons, Gregory L.        DD-C4IT-FSD-CCB OAKLAND
250 LCDR  Pequignot, Thomas T.       SEC JCKSNVILLE CP/RDNS STF
251 LCDR  Perdue, Eric C.            DDE-USN COTEF NORFOLK VA
252 LCDR  Petersen, Luke R.          COMMANDANT (CG-0921)
253 LCDR  Peterson, John G.          SEC SAN JUAN INSPECTIONS DIV
254 LCDR  Piber, Mark A.             PACAREA (37)
255 LCDR  Pickard, Matthew A.        PACAREA (62)
256 LCDR  Pierno, Michael R.         D8 WATERWAYS MGMT BR (DPW)
257 LCDR  Pittman, Stephen W.        AIRSTA CORPUS CHRISTI
258 LCDR  Platt, Jeffrey R.          COMMANDANT (CG-MER-2)
259 LCDR  Plumley, Jason T.          DDE-DCO-I SOUTHCOM
260 LCDR  Plylar, Kevin L.           AIRSTA SACRAMENTO
261 LCDR  Preble, Clayton S.         D9 ENFORCEMENT BR (DRE)
262 LCDR  Preble, Kristen M.         D9 COMMAND CENTER (DRMC)
263 LCDR  Prebula, Dawn N.           D7 CONTINGENCY PLNG BR (DXC)
264 LCDR  Preston, Randy L.          INVESTIGATIONS NCOE
265 LCDR  Puzder, Keith D.           C4IT-ALD-FMB-FOS
266 LCDR  Ramirez, Jose L.           SEC MOBILE INSPECTIONS DIV
267 LCDR  Randall Jr, Miles R.       COMMANDANT (CG-452)
268 LCDR  Raybon, Felicia K.         COMMANDANT (CG-REG-2)
269 LCDR  Reed, Wayne E.             LANTAREA (511)
270 LCDR  Reinhold, Kent R.          DDE-RAYBURN HOUSE OFFICE 
271 LCDR  Rice, Jonathan P.          COMMANDANT (CG-DCO-I-2)
272 LCDR  Rigney, Christian P.       ATC MOB SHIP/HELO TRNG DIV
273 LCDR  Robinson, Helena H.        DDE-PENTAGON-OPNAV N2/N6
274 LCDR  Robuck, Chad J.            MARINE SAFETY CENTER
275 LCDR  Rockhold, Kenneth H.       COMMANDANT (CG-1132)
276 LCDR  Rodriguez, Julie L.        COMMANDANT (CG-127)
277 LCDR  Rodzewicz, Thomas C.       CGC DAUNTLESS HOMEPORT SHIFT
278 LCDR  Rommerdahl, Kjell C.       BASE BOS TEMP DUTY DIV (PX)
279 LCDR  Roper, Morgan H.           NAVCEN OPERATIONS DIV
280 LCDR  Rosario, Jose M.           SEC KEY WEST PREVENTION DEPT
281 LCDR  Roscoe, Elizabeth M.       D13 INTELLIGENCE BR (DRI)
282 LCDR  Rothberg, Rhett R.         COMMANDANT (CG-6811)
283 LCDR  Rowe, Matthew W.           SECCEN ADMIN & LOG SUPT BR
284 LCDR  Runyon, Eric S.            SEC SE NEW ENG INSPECTIONS 
285 LCDR  Salinas, Jaime             DD-DIRAUX WEST-ST LOUIS MO
286 LCDR  Schibler, Matthew A.       ALC MEDIUM RANGE SURV PL
287 LCDR  Schmidt, Brian C.          D5 INCIDENT MGMT BR (DRM)
288 LCDR  Schulman, Dana E.          BASE NCR C4IT DEPT (E)
289 LCDR  Scott, Gary R.             DDE-NAS PENSACOLA
290 LCDR  Sheppard, David P.         OPBAT SUPPORT
291 LCDR  Shields, Brendan C.        CGCC-3 OPERATIONS DEPARTMENT
292 LCDR  Shumate, Jonathan D.       CGA LEGAL STAFF
293 LCDR  Shupe, Danielle M.         TRACEN YKTWN EMG & DIS
294 LCDR  Skowron, Heather D.        COMMANDANT (CG-452)
295 LCDR  Slivinski, Luke M.         CGC ALEX HALEY
296 LCDR  Smith, Jerry L.            CGC POLAR STAR
297 LCDR  Smith, Pablo V.            DDE-NAS PENSACOLA
298 LCDR  Smith, Scott R.            IMAT PLANNING DEPT
299 LCDR  Snyder, William M.         LDC LEADERSHIP & ORG PERF 
300 LCDR  Spector, Benjamin J.       CGC MOHAWK
301 LCDR  Staffelbach, Hans P.       DDE-CG 25 JTF-I
302 LCDR  Stal, Ian M.               DDE-NAS PENSACOLA
303 LCDR  Stanley, Charles B.        DDE LANT-53 NORTHCOM CO
304 LCDR  Stenson, Lee B.            FORCECOM (ESESN)
305 LCDR  Stiker, Donald S.          WMSL CREW HOTEL (KIMBALL)
306 LCDR  Stoeckler, Christopher S.  BASE KET PERS SUPPORT DEPT 
307 LCDR  Sullens, Jeffrey J.        COMMANDANT (CG-9313)
308 LCDR  Sullivan, Kevin J.         SEC ST PETE CP/RDNS STF
309 LCDR  Taquechel, Eric F.         LANTAREA (82)
310 LCDR  Thisse, Philip D.          UNIV OF MICHIGAN
311 LCDR  Thomas, Keith O.           DDE-WHITE HOUSE WASHINGTON
312 LCDR  Thompson, Chad R.          ACTIVITIES EUROPE
313 LCDR  Thompson, Stephen G.       SEC MARYLAND-NCR INSPECT
314 LCDR  Toczko, Jarod S.           SEC HOU/GAL INCIDENT MGT
315 LCDR  Toomey, Craig S.           SEC NOLA INSPECTIONS DIV
316 LCDR  Torrez, Miguel E.          D5 OPERATIONAL PLNG BR (DXO)
317 LCDR  Trevino, Roberto N.        NSFCC COMMAND STAFF
318 LCDR  Vaccaro, Shaun T.          COMMANDANT (CG-7213)
319 LCDR  Valente, Jorge L.          MSRT WEST CURRENT OPS DEPT
320 LCDR  Vanvelzen, Eric A.         DOL-42
321 LCDR  Vazquez, Pedro L.          DDE-USDAO SANTO DOMINGO
322 LCDR  Walter, Brett R.           ALC ESD ENG SUPPORT BR
323 LCDR  Walter, Matthew J.         COMMANDANT (CG-NAV-2)
324 LCDR  Walton, Benjamin M.        AIRSTA/SFO PORT ANGELES
325 LCDR  Waters, Molly K.           CGC HOLLYHOCK
326 LCDR  Waters, Ryan A.            CG CRYPTOLOGIC UNIT TEXAS
327 LCDR  White, Neil A.             AIRSTA MIAMI
328 LCDR  Whiteside, Robert S.       SEC HOU/GAL ENFORCEMENT DIV
329 LCDR  Whittredge, Michael E.     CGCC-33-ESOB
330 LCDR  Wilk, Barbara              SEC HAMPTON RD WTRWAYS
331 LCDR  Williams, Jerred C.        AIRSTA KODIAK
332 LCDR  Willingham, James E.       COMMANDANT (CG-7111)
333 LCDR  Wilson, Charles K.         PRINCETON UNIVERSITY
334 LCDR  Wilson, Eric J.            COMMANDANT (CG-7113)
335 LCDR  Wright, Andrew W.          COMMANDANT (CG-843)
336 LCDR  Wright, Warren N.          D14 EXT AFFAIRS STAFF (DE)
337 LCDR  Wroblewski, Ben            CGA MANAGEMENT DEPT
338 LCDR  Yadrick, David J.          MIFC PAC INTEL OPS DIV
2. Selection boards are given a complete roster of eligible 
candidates. Above-zone and in-zone officers are integrated so 
that the status of each candidate is not discernible.
3. Officers with approved voluntary retirement letters on file 
who have not been retired prior to the board convening will 
appear before the board. Approved voluntary retirement letters 
are provided to and viewed by the Commander Selection Board.
4. Officers desiring to submit communications to the board must 
follow the guidelines provided in para 10.d of Ref C and Article 
3.A.4.f of Ref D. Communications should be sent via email as a 
command endorsed, electronically signed memo to CDR Kristina 
Lewis at to arrive no later than the 
date the board convenes. Early submission of communications to 
the Board is encouraged to allow adequate time for correction 
should a submission contain unauthorized content.
5. Rating chains and administrative reviewers should expedite 
submission of OERs to ensure eligible officers have up-to-date 
performance records on file before the board convenes.
6. All officers being considered are highly encouraged to take 
steps to review their official record. Directions on how to 
obtain a copy of the Electronically Imaged-Personnel Data Record 
(EI-PDR) are listed on the PSC BOPS-MR website 
7. Officers are also encouraged to review the Commandant's 
Guidance to PY19 Selection Boards and Panels. This document will 
be provided to the selection board and clearly sets forth the 
Commandant's vision for selection to commander. Once published, 
this document will be available at the following link:
8. In accordance with Article 3.A.4.e of Ref D, selection boards 
have the option to recognize officers of particular merit and 
recommend reordering to the top of the list of those officers 
selected for promotion. If the reordering tool is employed, the 
board may select up to 7.5 percent of the total authorized to be 
recommended for promotion to commander.
9. In accordance with Article 6.B.14 of Ref D, selection boards, 
if directed by the Commandant, will be provided guidance on 
selecting officers possessing a particular officer specialty code 
to meet an existing or anticipated Service need. The number 
selected when specialty is considered a factor in selection may 
not exceed 7.5 percent of the total authorized to be recommended 
for promotion to commander.
10. Per Ref B, a Lieutenant Commander Continuation Board will 
commence upon the conclusion of the Commander Selection Board.
11. Any officer who believes that he or she is eligible to be 
considered for selection by this board and whose name does not 
appear on the above list should contact LCDR Ginny Nadolny at and CWO Jennifer Bell at
12. CAPT C. J. Glander, Chief, PSC-OPM, sends.
13. Internet release is authorized.