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20 JUN 18

ALCGPSC 077/18
1. The International Military Community Executives Association (IMCEA) will again be
presenting MWR awards and scholarships in 2018. IMCEA awards offer commands a unique
opportunity to recognize exceptional members of the command performing MWR duties through
the awards program of this international organization. Nominees for MWR awards may perform
MWR duties as a collateral assignment and may be appropriated or nonappropriated funded
individuals. The following are the award category criteria and format for submission:
     a. Irv Rubenstein Memorial Award: Designed to recognize exceptional achievement of an
MWR manager with less than two years of managerial experience.  Winners of this award
display exceptional coaching, mentoring, leadership and management skills, achieve particularly
outstanding performance results in their programs, and possess great potential for continued
success in military MWR.  The award provides an incentive for young managers to aspire to
great achievement in military MWR/Services early in their careers.  Each Service has an award
     b. Roy C. Olson Award: Presented each year to an MWR professional who exemplifies the
high quality of standards set by the awards namesake while serving in the MWR programs of the
Marine Corps and the Navy. The award winner is selected from nominees of all five Services
based on outstanding contributions to MWR, demonstrated leadership, professionalism,
dedication, innovative skills, and genuine caring.
     c. MWR Leadership Award:  This award is designed to recognize senior officials who have
consistently demonstrated exceptional leadership skills and who make particularly significant
contributions to the betterment of MWR programs.
     d. IMCEA Hall of Fame: Presented each year to an IMCEA member. Inductees have achieved
major successes within the military MWR profession through consistent exemplary leadership,
innovation, creativity, dedication, caring, and resourcefulness. They are proven leaders in their
field and their contributions to Service personnel and their families worldwide are unmatched by
their peers.
     e. IMCEA and Paul Reece Founders Award: Presented annually to those individuals who
have been active in establishing IMCEA chapters and who have been responsible for IMCEA
membership recruitment.
     f.  Robert W. Brunsman Memorial Scholarship: Open to all IMCEA MWR/Services
Professional Members in good standing who are currently enrolled in a higher learning
institution, whether in-class or on-line.
     g.  Roy C and Dorothy Jean Olson Memorial Scholarship: Open to family members of current
IMCEA Professional Members who are graduating from high school and continuing their
education, or who are already enrolled in college.
2. This year’s award submissions are required electronically. A copy of the nomination form may
be obtained at the IMCEA web site: Submit electronic nominations to CSC no
later than 22 June 2018. Your email date will document receipt date. Email nominations must
include command approval.
3. Those individuals meeting the criteria for the IMCEA scholarships may obtain scholarship
application information at the IMCEA web site and forward completed applications to the
address provided.
4. Should you have any questions about these awards, please call Mr. Matt Perciak, MWR
Director, at 757-842-4903.
5. Released by: CAPT G. T. Prestidge, Commander, CG Personnel Service
Center. The Service Center for Our Most Important Resource – Our
6. Internet release authorized.