united states coast guard

R 151240 JUN 18
UNCLAS //N06010//
ALCOAST 229/18
1. In accordance with REF (A), a selection board convened in May 2018 to review nominations
for the Coast Guard (CG) 2017 Michael J. Cristy Health Care Facility (HCFOTY), Clinic Health
Services Technician (HSOTY), and Independent Duty Health Services Technician (IDHSOTY) of the
year awards.
2. HCFOTY - The winner of the 2017 HCFOTY is CG BASE New Orleans Clinic:
   a. CG BASE New Orleans clinic provided exceptional service to base personnel and its tenant
commands, as they performed a combined 6,272 medical and dental patient encounters. The clinic
provided substantial hurricane support to include personnel, resources, inbrief/outbrief
process development, and hazardous conditions reporting which served as templates for
hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria. The clinic provided more than 150 days of IDHS support to
CGCs BERTHOLF, WAESCHE, and OAK. Clinic staff volunteered numerous hours towards a wide array
of events to include color guard, military funeral honors, and a number of other events in the
New Orleans community.
   b. The following outstanding clinics were also nominated for this award and can take pride
in their significant accomplishments during 2017:
        CG AIRSTA Miami Health Services Clinic
        CG BASE Elizabeth City Stephen C. Pugh Memorial Clinic
        CG BASE Kodiak Rockmore-King Memorial Clinic
        CG TRACEN Cape May's Samuel J. Call Health Services Clinic
3. HSOTY - The winner of the 2017 HSOTY Award is HS2 Bonnie Baker, CG BASE Kodiak:
   a. HS2 Baker is being recognized for her outstanding work ethic and contributions to direct
patient care and mission readiness. HS2 Baker served as the senior outpatient department
corpsman where she supervised and mentored six HS3s in managing the day to day care and
readiness for the members of CG BASE Kodiak. HS2 Baker played a key role in developing and
executing a Quality Improvement Study to improve utilization of Air Station Kodiak's medical
flight program, resulting in doubling of medical flight travel in FY17 all while coming in at
$350K under the allotted budget. HS2 Baker expertly managed collateral duties to include being
the Base Mutual Assistance Representative, helping shipmates and families obtain loans and
grants, and serving as the Command Drug and Alcohol Representative, where she assisted
shipmates struggling with alcohol dependence.  
   b. The following HSs were also nominated by their commands for this award and can take
pride in their significant accomplishments during 2017:
        HS3 Matthew Kanz   CG BASE Boston
        HS3 Andrew Paiyaret   CG BASE Elizabeth City
4. IDHSOTY - The winner of the 2017 IDHSOTY Award is HS1 Andrew Alvarez - CG MSU Lake Charles:
   a. HS1 Alvarez is being recognized for demonstrating unprecedented response to the 2017
Hurricane response, exceptional support to the Sexual Assault and Prevention Response (SAPR)
program and incredible community outreach. HS1 Alvarez volunteered his time to the local
American Red Cross evacuation shelter after Hurricane Harvey where he quickly organized the
shelter's medical triage tent to allow volunteers to be able to provide care to more than
1,000 evacuees that arrived over a period of only a few short hours. HS1 Alvarez then
proceeded to volunteer for a 30 day deployment to Puerto Rico for response to the aftermath of
Hurricane Maria. HS1 Alvarez and his team oversaw medical care for more than 100 CG and
civilian residents, conducted welfare checks, and he also provided Critical Incident Stress
Management (CISM) services to CG members and their families.    
   b. HS1 Alvarez will be automatically nominated for the Lewis Seaman Award for Outstanding
Operational Support. This is an annual award for enlisted personnel presented by the
Association of Military Surgeons of the United States (AMSUS).
   c. The following IDHSs were also nominated by their commands for this award and can take
pride in their significant accomplishments during 2017:
 HS2 William Cantrell CG Sector Lower Mississippi River
 HS1 Melinda Cornwell CGC DAUNTLESS
 HS1 Matthew Cuevas CGC CAMPBELL
 HSC Sara Demers         CGC MUNRO
 HS1 Radoslaw Florczak CGC ACTIVE
 HS1 Edward Goff         CG Sector Sault Ste Marie (Duluth Detachment)
 HS1 Kristy Rasbeary MSST 91112 New Orleans
 HS2 Jason Rodriguez CGC DEPENDABLE
 HS1 Kenneth Slagle CGC SENECA
 HS1 Mya Thompson CGC ALEX HALEY
 HS1 Iredell Wyatt MSU Morgan City
5. All nominees are worthy of the recognition and support provided by their commands. I applaud
all the nominees for their accomplishments and their commanding officers and supervisors for
taking the time to submit well-deserved nominations. Successful mission execution demands the
very best. Mission support professionals must possess in-depth technical knowledge, strong
leadership skills, practical experience, and professional credentials to sustain our greatest
assets-our people. I encourage all leaders to recognize their high performing medical
professionals by nominating them next year for the 2018 Health Care Awards.
This year’s awardees demonstrated outstanding professionalism in carrying out their duties.
Bravo Zulu for a job very well done.
6. Scheduled award presentations for the 2017 winners will be coordinated by COMDT (CG-112).
7. POC: HSCM Michael Aviles COMDT (DCMS-81), 202-475-5174,
or LT Matthew Geraets COMDT (CG-1121), 202-475-5173, Email:
8. RADM Erica G. Schwartz, Director, Health, Safety, and Work-Life, sends.
9. Internet release authorized.