united states coast guard

R 14 JUN 18 

ALCGOFF 049/18
A. PY19 Schedule of Officer Personnel Boards and Panels, PSCNOTE 
B. ALCGOFF 038/18
C. Guidance and Eligibility Criteria for Officer Personnel Boards 
and Panels, PSCINST 1410.1A
D. Officer Accessions, Evaluations, and Promotions, COMDTINST 
1. In accordance with Refs A and B, the Captain Selection Board 
convenes on 16 Jul 2018 to recommend 72 eligible officers for 
selection for promotion to the rank of captain. The stated 
opportunity of selection (OOS) for in-zone candidates is 60 
percent. The actual in-zone selection rate, which is determined 
after the board results are approved, factors both in-zone and 
above-zone candidates and therefore may be lower than the stated 
in-zone OOS. The following 160 in-zone and above-zone officers, 
listed alphabetically by last name, will be considered:
NO  RANK  NAME                        UNIT
1   CDR   Bailey, Gretchen M.       LANTAREA (00)
2   CDR   Balmaceda, Alain V.       CGC STEADFAST
3   CDR   Bannan, Agustus J.        PACAREA (53)
4   CDR   Barelli, Patrick T.       D17 ENFORCEMENT BR (DRE)
5   CDR   Barker, Matthew P.        D1 AUXILIARY BR (DPA)
6   CDR   Bas, Michelle C.          D11 LEGAL STAFF (DL)
7   CDR   Bastek, Ian A.            ATC MOBILE AVIATION OPS
8   CDR   Batchelder, Michael W.    SEC MARYLAND-NCR CMD CADRE
9   CDR   Bauman, Joshua D.         SFLC BUSINESS OPERATIONS
10  CDR   Beatty, Carolyn M.        D7 PREVENTION DIV (DP)
11  CDR   Bennett, Michael E.       DDE-USODR PORT AU PRINCE
12  CDR   Blair, Kenneth E.         SEC BUFFALO CMD CADRE
13  CDR   Bloyd, Amy L.             DDE DHS OCIO
14  CDR   Boda, Kenneth J.          COMMANDANT (CG-7513)
15  CDR   Boes, Christopher L.      MSU HOUMA
16  CDR   Booker, Elizabeth A.      DDE-USODR BRIDGETOWN
17  CDR   Bright Jr, Charles J.     SEC MARYLAND-NCR PREV
18  CDR   Brubaker, Roy R.          WMSL CREW BRAVO (WAESCHE)
19  CDR   Burdian, Joann F.         SEC PUGET SND RESPONSE 
20  CDR   Campen, Andrew T.         LANTAREA (62)
21  CDR   Casad, Scott S.           TRACEN YKTWN TRAINING
22  CDR   Cederholm, Christopher R. INCIDENT MGMT ASSIST TEAM
23  CDR   Cella, Anthony F.         COMMANDANT (CG-1B3)
24  CDR   Cintron Jr, Hector L.     SEC N NEW ENG CMD CADRE
25  CDR   Clare, Bradley            SEC MIAMI PREVENTION
26  CDR   Clark, Jeffrey S.         D9 RESOURCE MGMT STAFF
27  CDR   Cole, John R.             BASE BOSTON
28  CDR   Compher, Robert C.        SEC MOBILE PREVENTION
29  CDR   Cooper, Chad W.           PATFOR SWA BAHRAIN
30  CDR   Coulter, Nathan E.        AIRSTA TRAVERSE CITY
31  CDR   Coutu, Christopher F.     D17 LEGAL STAFF (DL)
32  CDR   Crigler, Phillip A.       COMMANDANT (CG-7512)
33  CDR   Culotta, Charles C.       CGCIS RESOURCES & ADMIN
34  CDR   Delrosso Jr, Francis J.   DDE-DEPT OF STATE DC
35  CDR   Denning, Seth J.          SFLC SMALL BOAT PRODUCT
36  CDR   Dewey, John T.            D14 LEGAL STAFF (DL)
37  CDR   Diaz, Jose E.             CGC THETIS
38  CDR   Donohue, Keith M.         DDE-IMO CURACAO
39  CDR   Drey, Eric D.             C27J ASSET PROJECT OFFICE
40  CDR   Driver, Mark M.           AIRSTA CLEARWATER
41  CDR   Dronen Jr, William A.     COMMANDANT (CG-441)
42  CDR   Dubay, David M.           PACAREA (094)
43  CDR   Dubay, Jerome E.          CGC VIGILANT
44  CDR   Eason, Timothy W.         AIRSTA SAVANNAH
45  CDR   Edwards, Damon C.         DDE-LANT-5 JTF-E
46  CDR   Eggert, Herbert H.        COMMANDANT (CG-1B4)
47  CDR   Eldridge, Jeffrey T.      COMMUNITY SERVICES COMMAND
48  CDR   Espinoyoung, Janet D.     SEC SAN JUAN PREVENTION
49  CDR   Fahey, Sean C.            DDE-NAVAL WAR COLLEGE NEW
50  CDR   Farnen, Matthew R.        ALC COMMAND
51  CDR   Fawcett, Paul A.          HSWL MED ADMIN DIV
52  CDR   Fazio, Salvatore J.       INTERDICTION COMMITTEE WASH
53  CDR   Felger, Sarah K.          PSC EPM-2
54  CDR   Fisher, Todd A.           NCR AIR DEFENSE FACILITY
55  CDR   Floyd, Kevin D.           SEC DETROIT CMD CADRE
56  CDR   Forgy, James G.           C3CEN
57  CDR   Fowles, Ted R.            COMMANDANT (CG-LPD)
58  CDR   Frantz, Paul E.           COMMANDANT (CG-7213)
59  CDR   Frawley, Michael E.       SEC SAN DIEGO LOGISTICS
60  CDR   Freeman, Gina L.          SEC JUNEAU CMD CADRE
61  CDR   Gesele, Michael R.        DDE-JIATF SOUTH KEY WEST FL
62  CDR   Giles, Tanya L.           MSU HUNTINGTON
63  CDR   Gilmore Jr, Felton L.     D8 AUXILIARY BR (DPA)
64  CDR   Good, Michael D.          TRACEN YKTWN FAC ENG
65  CDR   Govertsen, Hans C.        AIRSTA/SFO PORT ANGELES
66  CDR   Grant, Timothy J.         COMMANDANT (CG-FAC-1)
67  CDR   Guerrero, Charles M.      SECTOR NORTH BEND CMD
68  CDR   Hawkins, Charles W.       D13 ENFORCEMENT BR (DRE)
69  CDR   Herman, Scott C.          COMMANDANT (CG-LMI-P)
70  CDR   Hoerster, Linda M.        LANTAREA (33)
72  CDR   Holdridge, Toby L.        AIRSTA BORINQUEN
73  CDR   Hopkins, Brian P.         PACAREA (00)
74  CDR   Huberty, Christopher M.   AIRSTA SAN FRANCISCO
75  CDR   Ives, Austin R.           DDE-PENTAGON WASHINGTON
76  CDR   Jackson, Jack W.          SFLC INDUSTRIAL OPERATIONS
77  CDR   Jones, Daniel C.          DDE LANT-53 NORTHCOM CO
78  CDR   Judge, Warren D.          BASE ELIZABETH CITY
79  CDR   Katsenes, Andrea          BASE BOS PERS SUPPORT DPT
80  CDR   Katz, Sean R.             C4IT-TISCOM-PLD-EISI
81  CDR   Kavanaugh, Richard J.     COMMANDANT (CG-DCO-I-1)
82  CDR   Keel, Steven R.           COMMANDANT (CG-BSX-1)
83  CDR   Kerze, Timothy J.         COMMANDANT (CG-ODO-1)
84  CDR   King, Jared E.            HITRON
85  CDR   Kitchen, Cassie A.        CG LSC MJ & CMD ADV (OL)
86  CDR   Klinke, Scott A.          CG HEARING OFF (CG-094H)
87  CDR   Kostecki, Kenneth S.      SEC HAMPTON RD PREVENTION
88  CDR   Krause, Michael S.        PSC PSD FIELD SUPPORT BR
89  CDR   Kremer, Perry J.          TRACEN C MAY HEALTH SVCS
90  CDR   Lavier, Timothy R.        INTEL COORD CENTER
91  CDR   Leonardcho, Carolyn L.    DDE-DEF INST INT'L LEGAL
92  CDR   Leverich, Jacqueline M.   BASE ALAMEDA
93  CDR   Light, Andrew H.          TRACEN YKTWN INTEL TRNG
94  CDR   Littlejohn, Lexia M.      SEC KEY WEST CMD CADRE
95  CDR   Long, Chad A.             AIRSTA ATLANTIC CITY
96  CDR   Lovejoy, John H.          MSU PORT ARTHUR
97  CDR   Lynn, Kevin P.            PACAREA (35)
98  CDR   Mautte, Harry D.          BASE MIAMI BEACH
99  CDR   Mccabe, Alan B.           CGC SENECA
100 CDR   Mcgrath, Gabrielle G.     CGA CADET TRNG BRANCH
101 CDR   Meador, Randy F.          BASE ELIZABETH CITY
102 CDR   Medica, Michael L.        DDE-USDAO BOGOTA COLOMBIA
103 CDR   Meier, Brian A.           TRACEN PET CMD STAFF
104 CDR   Melanson, Darren F.       PACAREA (57)
105 CDR   Moore, Alan H.            COMMANDANT (CG-CVC-2)
106 CDR   Mullins, Ulysses S.       SEC HONOLULU CMD CADRE
107 CDR   Nagie Jr, Kenneth T.      DDE-PENTAGON WASHINGTON
108 CDR   Negron, Raymond           DDE-DCO-I LIBERIA
109 CDR   Norstrom, Douglas D.      BASE KOD C4IT DEPT (E)
110 CDR   Obermeier, David J.       COMMANDANT (CG-9325)
111 CDR   Parrales, Luis C.         SEC JCKSNVILLE CMD CADRE
112 CDR   Perciak, Luke A.          BASE MB C4IT DEPT (E)
113 CDR   Perry, Diane D.           EA STAFF (CG-4A)
114 CDR   Peters, Justin D.         SEC CHARLESTON RESPONSE
115 CDR   Phillips, Harper L.       AIRSTA NEW ORLEANS
116 CDR   Phillips, Tracy O.        MARINE SAFETY CENTER
117 CDR   Phy, Scott S.             AIRSTA CLEARWATER
118 CDR   Pierce, Frank A.          DD-SFLC NORFOLK
119 CDR   Pierre, Keith J.          SEC CORPUS CHR RESPONSE
120 CDR   Pitts, Shannon M.         C4IT-BOD
121 CDR   Ramassini, Steven E.      FORCECOM (TMS)
122 CDR   Raybon, Todd E.           COMMANDANT (CG-DCMS-81)
123 CDR   Reardon, John C.          COMMANDANT (CG-0921)
124 CDR   Rojas, Rodrigo G.         PACAREA (09)
125 CDR   Ropella, Keith M.         CGC HEALY
126 CDR   Rudick, Matthew A.        LANTAREA (35)
127 CDR   Russell, Jerrel W.        TRACEN YKTWN PREV TRNG
128 CDR   Russo, Rosario M.          DETACHED DUTY - DOL
129 CDR   Savage, Belinda C.        COMMANDANT (CG-2-SAX)
130 CDR   Schlegel, Clint B.        DDE-RCMP OTTAWA CANADA
131 CDR   Scott, Anita M.           D13 LEGAL STAFF (DL)
132 CDR   Sherry, David M.          CGA HUMANITIES DEPT
134 CDR   Simbulan, Michael J.      COMMANDANT (CG-ENG-1)
135 CDR   Sinclair, Jennifer L.     DEP COMDT FOR MISSION SPT
136 CDR   Small, Loring A.          APO CUTTER TRANSITION DIV
137 CDR   Smith, David V.           COMMANDANT (CG-252)
138 CDR   Smith, Derek L.           COMMANDANT (CG-93)
139 CDR   Smith, Eric A.            AIRSTA SITKA
140 CDR   Somma, Dan T.             SEC LAKE MICH CMD CADRE
141 CDR   Spievack, Bowen C.        TRACEN YKTWN COMMAND
142 CDR   Spitler, James W.         AIRSTA HOUSTON
143 CDR   Stark, Douglas K.         DDE-WHITE HOUSE WASHINGTON
144 CDR   Stone, John M.            CGC MACKINAW
145 CDR   tenBerge Jr, Romualdus M. D14 RESOURCE MGMT STAFF (DM)
146 CDR   Thomas, Gregory L.        NMC MARINER EVAL DIV
147 CDR   Thompson, Matthew A.      PSC OPM-1
148 CDR   Thompson, Solomon C.      D14 INCIDENT MGMT BR (DRM)
149 CDR   Tozzi, Gregory M.         CGC HARRIET LANE
150 CDR   Trexler, Terry A.         BASE MB NAVAL ENG DEPT (N)
151 CDR   Trocchio, Clinton A.      COMMANDANT (CG-0921)
152 CDR   Ullmer, Bryan J.          MIFC LANT
153 CDR   Valentine, James A.       COMMANDANT (CG-5RE)
154 CDR   Vancamp, Eva J.           COMMANDANT (CG-092)
155 CDR   Vogel, Paul G.            BASE CLEVELAND
156 CDR   Wike, Molly A.            SEC OHIO VAL CMD CADRE
157 CDR   Williams, Tarik L.        COMMANDANT (CG-0952)
158 CDR   Williams, Terence J.      COMMANDANT (CG-451)
159 CDR   Wong, Nicholas L.         SEC CHARLESTON CMD CADRE
160 CDR   Wright, Andrew J.         TISCOM
2. Selection boards are given a complete roster of eligible 
candidates. Above and in-zone officers are integrated so that the 
status of each candidate is not discernible.
3. Officers with approved voluntary retirement letters on file who 
have not been retired prior to the board convening will appear 
before the board. Approved voluntary retirement letters are 
provided to and viewed by the Captain Selection Board.
4. Officers desiring to submit communications to the board must 
follow the guidelines provided in para 10.d of Ref C and Article 
3.A.4.f of Ref D. Communications should be sent via email as a 
command endorsed, electronically signed memo to CDR Kristina Lewis 
at to arrive no later than the date the 
board convenes. Early submission of communications to the Board is 
encouraged to allow adequate time for correction should a 
submission contain unauthorized content.
5. Rating chains and administrative reviewers should expedite 
submission of OERs to ensure eligible officers have up-to-date 
performance records on file before the board convenes.
6. All officers being considered are highly encouraged to take 
steps to review their official record. Directions on how to obtain 
a copy of the Electronically Imaged-Personnel Data Record (EI-PDR) 
are listed on the PSC BOPS-MR website 
7. Officers are also encouraged to review the Commandant's 
Guidance to PY19 Selection Boards and Panels. This document will 
be provided to the selection board and clearly sets forth the 
Commandant's vision for selection to captain. Once published, this 
document will be available at the following link:  
8. In accordance with Article 3.A.4 of Ref D, selection boards 
have the option to recognize officers of particular merit and 
recommend reordering them to the top of the list of those officers 
selected for promotion. If the in-zone reordering tool is 
employed, the board may select up to ten percent of the total 
authorized to be recommended for promotion to captain.
9. In accordance with Article 6.B.14 of Ref D, selection boards, 
if directed by the Commandant, will be provided guidance on 
selecting officers possessing a particular officer specialty code 
to meet an existing or anticipated Service need. The number 
selected when specialty is considered a factor in selection may 
not exceed ten percent of the total authorized to be recommended 
for promotion to captain. 
10. Any officer who believes he or she is eligible to be 
considered for selection by this board and whose name does not 
appear on the above list should contact LCDR Ginny Nadolny at and CWO Jennifer Bell at
11. CAPT C. J. Glander, Chief, PSC-OPM, sends.
12. Internet release is authorized.