united states coast guard

R 04 JUN 18

ALCGOFF 035/18
1. SEFP programs imbue senior leaders with strategic 
thinking and policy development skills needed to meet the 
challenges and opportunities presented in a rapidly 
evolving world. Most programs are approximately one year 
in duration. Students who attend War Colleges, NDU Eisenhower 
School for National Security and Resource Strategy, NDU College
of Information and Cyberspace, International Combating Terrorism
Fellowship Program, Inter American Defense College, Joint Advanced 
Warfighting School, and MIT programs earn a master's degree. 
Fellows do not earn a degree, but will have an autonomous 
schedule with daily opportunities to interact with respected 
government and industry leaders. Fellows are expected to 
add to public policy discourse by contributing to ongoing
research studies authoring articles, and furthering the 
Coast Guard's external outreach efforts. All members 
interested in these programs are encouraged to visit the 
CG-0923, Office of External Outreach and Heritage Senior 
Education and Fellowship Program portal page: 
2. Ref A outlines the general AY19 SEFP Phase I and II 
guidelines along with eligibility criteria and is 
available on CG Portal in the OPM Reference Library. This 
message supplements the guidance in Ref A with specific 
program criteria and SEFP application procedures. All 
references and additional information pertaining to the 
SEFP can be found in the OPM Reference Library in the AY19
SEFP folder at
3. The Senior Command Screening Panel (SCSP) will be held 
prior to the SEFP.
   A. Officers who are screened during SCSP for a command 
position may also compete for Senior Education and
Fellowship Programs. PSC-OPM will engage directly with 
those selected for both and work to balance 
Service needs with member desires in making a final 
assignment recommendation.
   B. Primary and alternate SEFP candidates will be 
notified of their selection via the SEFP results ALCGPSC 
message shortly after the panel concludes.
      1. Primary SEFP candidates will be listed on the 
results message by program in alphabetical vice 
precedence order.
      2. Should the need to use an alternate arise, PSC-
OPM will use the panel's program specific criteria to 
fill the need from the alternate list.
4. The SEFP Phase II will convene on 04 SEP 2018. There 
is no limit to the number of programs officers may apply 
for, provided all eligibility criteria are met. Officers 
should carefully consider the programs to which they are 
applying since they can only be selected for those listed 
on their resume.
   A. SEFP Phase II collectively describes the following 
War College, Masters Degree, and Fellowship programs. The
number of TABS for each program will be released SEPCOR:
Air War College                                  
Army War College                                 
Brookings Institution                         
Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)
College of Information and Cyberspace, NDU (CIC)     
Eisenhower School, NDU
Eisenhower School (Acquisitions), NDU        
Harvard National Security Fellow                 
Hoover Institution                               
Inter-American Defense College, NDU (IADC)
International Counterterrorism Fellowship Program (ICTF)        
Joint Advanced Warfighting School (JAWS)         
Marine Corps War College                         
MIT Sloan Fellowship                             
MIT System Design and Management (SDM)                 
National War College                   
Naval War College                      
Center for Strategic Intelligence Research, NIU (CSIR)      
RAND Military Fellowship                         
The Fletcher School, Tufts University
   B. All officers interested in being considered at the 
SEFP must submit a DA application by 22 JUN 2018. 
Officers must use the "My Panel Submissions" under the 
"Tasks" menu in Direct Access (NOT PCS e-Resume) in order 
to apply to the SEFP panels. Officers can apply to both 
SCSP and SEFP if eligible. There is no need to prioritize 
between SEFP and SCSP in the application panel, however 
applicants must rank order desired SEFP program(s)
(e.g. 1. CSIS, 2. NWC, 3. MIT-Sloan) since nominations 
are directly connected to member prioritization.
5. Specific directions on how to apply to screen for 
the AY19 SEFP are provided on the CG Portal in the OPM Reference 
Library in the AY19 Senior Education Fellowship Panel Folder at and labeled "SEFP and SCSP DIRECT
ACCESS Tutorial". In addition to the instructions listed in 
the OPM Reference Library, the following step by step 
instructions are provided below. 
   A. Log in to Direct Access
   B. In the "EMPLOYEE" box, click "Tasks"
   C. Select "My Panel Submissions" 
   D. Select "Advanced Training" from the "Panel Source" 
drop down menu and click "Go". 
   E. When the search screen appears, enter the 
      1. AD/Res Ind: "Active Duty"
      2. Bus Unit: "Officer"
      3. Job Code: 000094 (all SEFP positions are listed 
as CDR)
   F. Click "Search"
   G. A list of Screening Panels will appear. Check the 
"Apply" box next to the panel(s) you wish to screen for.
   H. When you have selected all of the panels you wish 
to compete for, click "Submit"
   I. Rank each panel you wish to apply for. 
   J. For each panel you wish to apply for, Click "Edit" 
to enter comments and forward for endorsement. Any waiver 
request(s) must be addressed in the comments section. See 
paragraph 12 below for waiver requirements. Endorser 
procedures are included in the "SEFP and SCSP DIRECT
ACCESS Tutorial" in the AY19 SEFP folder located in 
the OPM Reference Library.
   K. Click "Save" to save comments and forward to the 
endorser. Note: Comments for both the member and the 
endorser are limited to 1325 characters.  
6. General SEFP eligibility:
The panel will consider tour complete O-5s not 
yet selected for O-6 and tour complete O-5 selects. 
Additionally, O-4s in zone for O-5 in PY19 who are tour 
complete AY19 or AY20 may also apply. Unless otherwise 
noted for a specific program, a command endorsement 
is not required for officers that are tour complete in 2019. 
7. War College eligibility:
Applicants to a JPME Phase II program (e.g. Eisenhower 
School for National Security, IADC, National, JAWS, Navy, 
Air, Marine, Army War College) must earn JPME I credit 
prior to May 2019. Links to all distance education JPME I 
programs can be found on the CG-0923, Office of External 
Outreach and Heritage Senior Education and Fellowship 
Program portal page: 
Officers without JPME I credit are encouraged to enroll 
now. Officers must be eligible for a TS/SCI clearance.
8. CSIR Fellowship eligibility:
   A. Targets officers with a Masters Degree, preferably 
in Intel or a related field, from a regionally accredited 
institution and at least one previous Intel tour. Candidate 
must possess strong knowledge of the Coast Guard and National
Intel Programs.
   B. Commanding Officer endorsements are required and 
must address the applicant research interests, ability to 
communicate, and potential value as an Intel professional.
   C.TS/SCI clearance required: candidate must have a 
favorably adjudicated singlescope background investigation 
completed within the past 5 years. Applicants must confirm 
with their Command Security Officer and certify compliance 
in their comments. Individual selected is subject to 
completion of a counterintelligence scope polygraph.
9. MIT-Sloan Fellowship eligibility:
   A. One selectee will be nominated to this rigorous 
12-month program which leads to either a Master of Science 
degree in Management or a Master of Business Administration 
degree at the Sloan School of Management, Massachusetts 
Institute of Technology.
   B. MIT Sloan Fellowship application requires a command 
endorsement that highlights a member's ability to excel in 
a highly demanding graduate level curriculum; ability to 
represent the Service to an international cohort of senior 
private/public sector leaders; and potential for follow-on 
assignment in the Service's most demanding resource management 
positions with regular interaction with senior military, 
Congressional, & Executive Branch staff.
   C. MIT requires a GRE or GMAT within the last five years 
for acceptance into this program. Test scores will not be 
required for the Coast Guard application; however, interested 
members must be prepared to complete an exam immediately following 
10. MIT SDM Program eligibility:
    A. Have a strong academic and technical background, 
preferably in but not limited to the acquisition field.
    B. Hold a masters in engineering, or an equivalent 
degree, and have three or more years of professional 
experience in a technical field including leadership 
experience or, hold a bachelors of science in engineering 
or a hard science (such as biology, chemistry or physics) 
and have 5 or more years of professional engineering 
experience, preferably combined with some graduate 
engineering education (
    C. Have experience in contributing to a product or 
system development initiative.
    D. In addition to the panel submission requirement 
detailed in paragraph 4, officers are required to have 
a command endorsement from their immediate command. 
Letters of recommendation will not be accepted.
    E. Standardized test scores (GRE or GMAT) within the 
last 5 years are recommended but not required at the time 
of application.
11. NDU College of Information and Cyberspace eligibility:
    A. Candidates must possess a strong academic and 
technical background in C4IT, with at least eight years 
of field and enterprise level experience in billets with 
the CG-C4I10 Officer Specialty Code. Questions concerning 
acceptable tours should be directed to the Sponsor in 
paragraph 19.F. Time spent in a post-graduate school or 
any other advanced education program does not apply 
towards the experience minimum.
    B. The candidate's command endorsement must address 
the officer's ability and commitment to serve as a 
strategic leader for the C4IT community. Letters of 
recommendation will not be accepted.
12. Waivers of eligibility requirements: Officers who do 
not meet eligibility criteria outlined in this message 
should clearly request a waiver in the comments box and 
provide justification for the request. (Note: Waivers and 
endorsements will not be viewed by the panel and are only 
used to determine eligibility.) 
    A. General eligibility requirements for SEFP 
requiring waiver, such as rank or tour completion date 
should be addressed in the application for the member’s 
first ranked program. A command endorsement is required for 
those requesting a waiver for not being tour complete, with
the exception of those listed in paragraph 6, and should
address early rotation if selected for SEFP. Non-tour-complete
officers in command positions will not normally be granted
waivers to compete in the SEFP. 
    B. Programs that require a command endorsement must 
have an application endorsed by the chain of command 
within that specific panel. If a member is applying for 
multiple programs that require command endorsement, each 
panel must be forwarded for command endorsement within 
    C. Since Ref A and the above listed criteria cannot 
cover every possible situation concerning eligibility, 
PSC-OPM will consider waiver requests on a case-by-case 
basis while remaining consistent with the intent of the 
approved criteria. Those unable to connect to DA may 
communicate requests to screen via email to the OPM POC 
listed in paragraph 19, NLT 22 JUN 2018. Each member must 
follow up with an e-resume as soon as DA connectivity is 
13. PSC-OPM will release an initial candidate 
confirmation message on or about 17 JUL 2018 listing all 
members who have requested and are eligible to compete 
for SEFP selection.  This message will include candidates 
with approved waiver requests.  Prior to the convening of 
the panel, PSC-OPM will release an ALCGOFF message with 
the final list of officers to be considered.
14. Officers attending a Senior Education and Fellowship Program
incur a minimum active duty obligation of three months for each 
month of education in addition to any other obligated 
service the officer may have incurred.
15. Upon completion of the Senior Education and Fellowship
Program, officers should expect to be placed in career enhancing
billets that take full advantage of this experience. In addition 
to internal CG billets, this could result in high visibility 
assignments throughout the government including Department of State,
White House, Pentagon, DHS, Congressional Affairs, or 
DOD combatant commanders. Officers attending programs with a 
specific career track (Eisenhower Acquisition, MIT-SDM, NDU 
College of Information  and Cyberspace, CSIR, etc.), should 
expect to be assigned to a position that will make full use 
of the continued specialization.
16. All officers who anticipate being considered by the 
SEFP should act now to ensure their Employee Summary 
Sheet (ESS), contact information in Direct Access (DA), 
and Electronic Imaged Personnel Data Record (EIPDR- 
consisting of items such as OERs, record of professional 
development (CG-4082), and academic transcripts) are 
accurate and complete.
17. PSC-OPM-2 will conduct a SEFP webinar on 13 JUN at 1400 
EDT.  Officers who desire to participate in a webinar should
register by contacting LCDR Mary Brooks at the email below. 
Deadline to register for the webinar is 11 JUN.
18. For questions regarding the SEFP process or to 
request copies of the reference for those without access 
to the CG Portal, please contact the SEFP Coordinator listed
below. The Program Manager handles all coordination and 
management issues for selected officers before and during 
their programs. Questions regarding career implications and
follow-on assignments should be directed to Sponsors or 
PSC-OPM assignment officer.
19. Points of Contact:
    A. The PSC-OPM POC for SEFP coordination is LCDR Mary
Brooks, (202) 795-6459, Mary.D.Brooks(at) 
    B. The Senior Education and Fellowship Program Manager
is LCDR Daniel Cathell, (202) 372-4602, 
    C. The Sponsor for MIT Sloan is LCDR Corey 
Braddock, (202) 372-3558, Corey.A.Braddock(at)
    D. The Sponsor for CSIR is LT Mary Katherine Wheeler, 
(202)372-2727, MaryKatherine.N.Wheeler(at)
    E. The Sponsor for MIT SDM and Eisenhower School 
(Acquisitions)is LCDR Jonathan Sullivan, (202) 372-3197, 
    F. The Sponsor for NDU College of Information and 
Cyberspace is LCDR David Pipkorn, (202) 475-5751,
20. CAPT C. J. Glander, Chief, PSC-OPM, sends.
21. Internet Release Authorized.