Coast Guard Responds to Florida Department of Transportation on Brickell Bridge

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Coast Guard responds to Florida Department of Transportation on Brickell Bridge


MIAMI - The Coast Guard Seventh District’s Chief of Prevention responded Friday to the Florida Department of Transportation’s request for a change to the existing regulation dictating the Miami’s Brickell Bridge operating schedule and curfews.


The complete letter is attached at the end of this release.


The existing regulation governing the bridge’s operating schedule can be found here 

“The Coast Guard will continue to work with all stakeholders as we collectively strike the balance of needs between those who use the bridge to cross over the Miami River, and those who use the waterway for commerce and boating traffic,” said Capt. L. Allen, chief of prevention for the Coast Guard’s Seventh District based in Miami, Fla. “While the comprehensive and collaborative efforts move forward in identifying ways to improve foot, bicycle and car traffic, it cannot be forgotten that the Miami River serves as an important commercial port for Caribbean nations, which depend on the goods and commodities flowing from its facilities.”


The Coast Guard regulates bridge openings as part of the mission to balance maritime and land-based transportation needs. The Brickell Bridge is owned and operated by the Florida Department of Transportation.