united states coast guard

R 081013 JUN 18
UNCLAS //N01710//
ALCOAST 222/18
1. Thanks to the generosity of the Coast Guard Foundation (CGF) and its Shipmate Fund,
Coast Guard units have acquired exercise, morale, and recreational equipment that greatly
improve the quality of life for Coast Guard personnel and their families.
2. This ALCOAST solicits requests for new Shipmate Fund items, which must be submitted
per the guidelines below. The Shipmate Fund continues to refresh annually versus biennially
to ensure the list stays current. Submissions must be made using the Excel spreadsheet
template found at the following web site: Units must
download the template and save the spreadsheet before filling it out. For each item, fill
out Columns B through H. Place the quantity in Column K.
   a. Any item(s) previously submitted for the Shipmate Fund must be re-submitted if the
unit still desires the item(s). The previous Shipmate Fund list will no longer be valid once
the list generated from this ALCOAST is approved.
   b. Requests are limited to items not categorized as critical to CG operations or support.
Shipmate funding is not an alternative funding source for required infrastructure, safety, or
mission-related equipment or material. Examples of items that have been denied funding
previously are professional development materials, Unaccompanied Personnel Housing furniture,
Government-owned housing items, construction projects, and office equipment. Requests should
focus on items to support the physical fitness, morale, and recreational needs of Coast Guard
commands. Items in support of Coast Guard Child Development Centers are also authorized.
   c. Requests must be limited to items of value between $250 and $25,000. Requests for
construction, services, and memberships will not be considered. Units requesting self-help
projects will be required to obtain approval by the appropriate facilities engineering staff
and /or Civil Engineering Unit prior to initiating the project. The maximum number of
requests an individual unit may submit is limited to two. Each request must contain a brief
(one sentence) description of the item(s) the unit intends to purchase.
   d. Requests for motorized MWR boats will not be entertained. Small human-powered craft
such as kayaks, paddleboats, etc., will be considered.
3. In order to align with the CGF's request to consolidate by District, designated MWR staff
at Bases Alameda, Boston, Cleveland, Honolulu, Kodiak, New Orleans, Miami Beach, Portsmouth
and Seattle will identify a POC to receive, consolidate, and prioritize requests from all
Coast Guard units in their geographic AORs, including, but not limited to Sectors, Districts,
Areas, and HQ units. MWR staffs will incorporate input from all interested units and
stakeholders to create a comprehensive, prioritized list for their geographic AOR. Where
appropriate, the use of representative, local review committees may be employed to prioritize
requests. Base Commanding Officers shall review their respective MWR staff’s prioritized list
and brief the recommendations to designated District and Area representatives prior to final
submission to the Community Services Command (CSC). After vetting by Districts and Areas, as
appropriate, these Bases shall send their geographic AOR’s prioritized list to the CSC, using
the template specified in Para. 2.a., by 31 July 2018. CSC will consolidate submissions and
forward to DCMS.
4. Units whose items are selected for funding will be notified by email or message. The CSC
point of contact is CWO Ray Eakes, email: Please contact CWO Eakes
at (757) 842-4929 with any questions. Units, commands, and other interested stakeholders are
not authorized to contact the CGF directly.
5. VADM Michael F. McAllister, Deputy Commandant for Mission Support, sends.
6. Internet release is authorized.