PHOTO RELEASE: Maritime Law Enforcement Academy conducts change of command ceremony

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Maritime Law Enforcement Academy conducts change of command ceremony


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CHARLESTON, S.C. — The Maritime Law Enforcement Academy (MLEA) conducted a change of command ceremony, Friday, at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Charleston.

During the ceremony, Capt. Timothy Haws transferred command of MLEA to Capt. Joseph Solomon.

Haws served as the commanding officer of MLEA since May 2015 and oversaw the successful training of over 7,000 law enforcement professionals and assessment of 599 law enforcement units through the services Comprehensive Law Enforcement Assessment of Readiness program.

The change of command ceremony marks a transfer of total responsibility and authority from one individual to another. It is a time-honored tradition, conducted before the assembled crew, as well as honored guests and dignitaries to formally demonstrate the continuity of the authority within a command.

“This change of command allows me to express my gratitude, pride and respect for the entire MLEA family and our partners,” said Haws. “We are fortunate. Our goal every day is to enable others with the skills and knowledge to protect our maritime communities and our nation. MLEA's work is challenging, rewarding and noble. I am excited that it will continue under the command of Capt. Solomon.”

Haws is transferring to the Coast Guard’s Force Readiness Command in Norfolk, VA, where he will hold the position of Chief of Force Readiness Command’s Assessment Division.

“I am humbled and excited to have the honor and privilege to be the next commanding officer of the Coast Guard's Maritime Law Enforcement Academy,” said Solomon. “I look forward to leading MLEA's team of professionals in providing our Coast Guard men and women with the finest training possible to best prepare them for our Maritime Law Enforcement and Security missions.”

Solomon comes to the MLEA from Sector Miami, Fla., where he held the position of deputy sector commander.

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