united states coast guard

21 MAY 2018
UNCLAS //N01800//
ALCGRSV 017/18
A. ALCGRSV 006/16
B. Reserve Policy Manual, COMDTINST 1001.28 (series)
1. This message is an update to REF A and identifies updated policy
processes for requesting Reserve Early Retirement (early RET-1).
CG PPC validates creditable service towards early RET-1 and CG PSC-RPM
is the approver for early RET-1 transfers.
2. In accordance with REF B, members who qualify for a Reserve Early
Retirement must follow the processes listed below pertaining to their
current status:
   a. SELRES members: Retirement eligible reservists should complete
a Reserve Retirement Transfer Request, form CG-2055A, selecting both
RET-1 and RET-2 blocks, and submit it through their chain of command
for approval. The RET-2 block must have a requested retirement date
to prevent the possibility being placed into the ISL pending an approved
RET-1 request.  The command endorsed CG-2055A must be submitted to
CG PSC-RPM via 100 days before the
requested retirement date.  CG PSC-RPM will submit the CG-2055A to CG PPC
for validation of early retirement (RET-1) calculations.  Once RET-1
eligibility date has been verified by CG PPC, CG PSC-RPM will approve
an early retirement. 
   b. IRR/ISL/ASL members: Contact CG PSC-RPM-3 for assistance with
completing the CG-2055A form and determining an eligibility date to
receive Reserve Early Retirement pay via 
   c. Current RET-2 members: Submit a Trouble Ticket to CG PPC at with a completed CG-2055A requesting
early retirement calculations.  Those in a retired status who apply
later than their retirement eligibility date may be entitled to
retroactive pay, up to six years, as long the member was not in a
paid status (e.g. retired recall).
   d. Members with less than 20 years of Total Qualifying Years of
Service (TQS):  Contact the local Admin Office or RFRS staff for
assistance to determine a RET-2 eligibility date. 
5. Questions regarding this process may be addressed to CG PSC-RPM-1
Status Section at:
6. Internet release authorized.