united states coast guard

R 150709 MAY 18
UNCLAS //N12900//
ALCOAST 179/18
1. Each day Federal employees throughout the U.S. Coast Guard work hard for the good of
the public we serve. In order to effectively achieve our mission, it is important that
Coast Guard employees’ feedback be heard. On 10 May 2018, the Office of Personnel
Management (OPM) released the 2018 Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey (FEVS) to all eligible
Department of Homeland Security (DHS) employees. We hope that every eligible Coast Guard
civilian employee takes the time to provide us with your valuable feedback so that we can
continue to make the Coast Guard a better place to work.
2. The FEVS will be a census, meaning that every eligible employee will receive an
invitation to participate in the survey. For purposes of the survey, eligible employees
include permanently employed, non-political, non-seasonal, full-time or part-time employees,
onboard with DHS/USCG as of October 2017.
3. Eligible Coast Guard civilian employees with a valid email address will receive an email
from and the subject line will read “The Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey:
Empowering Employees. Inspiring Change.” You will also receive reminders to take the survey
by 21 June 2018.
4. Based on previous FEVS results, Coast Guard leadership has implemented several
improvements over the past few years to include:
   a. A new system for performance-based awards that is more consistent and fair;
   b. Designated a team studying ways to increase retention;
   c. Implemented a team focused on improving new supervisor training;
   d. Leadership training and career development opportunities are now easier to
find and sign up for;
   e. Increased civilian recognition opportunities through awards such as the Civilian
Service Commendation Medal, and the “You Rock!” peer-to-peer recognition tool;
   f. An updated hiring process for civilians – and more improvements to come;
   g. A tool to help supervisors track their personnel actions (the FedHR Navigator Case
Management System);
   h. Timely retirement certificates for all retiring civilians;
   i. Improved focus on workforce communications through the Advisory Notices from Civilian
Human Resources (ANCHRS); and
   j. More Town Halls, for in-person communication about things that matter to our
dedicated workforce.
5. Everyone who participates in the 2018 FEVS and submits their survey responses (by
clicking on the submit button on the last page of the survey) will be invited to help us
“Inspire the Future, Modernize the FEVS” by participating in a pilot survey. This updated
version of the survey includes new questions, changes to some of the questions you’ve seen
before, and updated definitions. Your candid responses on this pilot survey will help OPM
to select the best topics and questions moving into future FEVS administrations. OPM has
also included a comment section on the pilot surveys only. Use the space to tell OPM what
you think of the revised and new questions and definitions or provide your ideas.
6. It is important that we have your input to support your workplace now and into the future.
Please participate in the 2018 FEVS and the follow up revised pilot survey. The survey is
open through 21 June 2018. Survey responses are anonymous and are submitted directly to OPM.
You are authorized 30 minutes work time to complete this survey. The first step to
improvement begins with your feedback.
7. Address questions to Ms. Brooke Lawson at (206) 220-6976, or at
8. RDML William G. Kelly, Assistant Commandant for Human Resources, sends.
9. Internet release authorized.