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13 APR 18

ALCGENL 046/18
A. ALCGENL 045/18, Enlisted Personnel Management Assignment Year
2019 Kick Off  
1. In accordance with reference (a), The Enlisted Personnel
Management (EPM) Division is soliciting for units interested in
receiving EPM’s Assignments and Career Development Presentation in
preparation for Assignment Year 2019.
2. Beginning in Spring 2018, EPM-2 Assignment Officers and
Assignment Coordinators are available to deliver personnel
management overview presentations and career counseling.
3. LT William Stewart is this season’s Roadshow
Coordinator. Commands desiring to fund an onsite EPM presentation
or requesting a unit VTC or webinar should submit an email request
to NLT 31MAY2018.
Requests should include the following information:
A. Command point of contact
B. Names of units expected to attend (if submitting a
consolidated request)
C. Estimated number of participants
D. Preferred and alternate dates for presentation
E. Preferred AO rating(s)
4. As we plan our visits, we will coordinate with PSC-OPM to maximize
the number of officers and enlisted members we reach in each
community while considering geographic, mission, and unit
5. Our presentation will cover a vast array of topics from
enlisted assignments, transfer requests, career progression,
separations, High Year Tenure and Senior Enlisted Continuation Board.
These presentations will cover information that will benefit all
enlisted personnel regardless of rating or tour completion date.
We encourage all interested commands to submit a request to host our team.
6. Units unable to receive an onsite Roadshow presentation have the
ability to participate in unit wide webinars or VTC.
Unit POCs and the EPM Roadshow Coordinator will determine which
communications medium is most appropriate based on each units'
communications capabilities. For rating specific webinars, Commands or
supervisors should reach out to the respective Assignment Officer to set-up
a date and time.   
A. Commands/members interested in attending a webinar or VTC or identifying
an onsite Roadshow in their area should access the CG Portal Roadshow calendar
located at
EPM2%20Webinar%20Calendar/calendar.aspx to view available dates.
B. Due to limited log-ins, commands with multiple members of a
specific rating are encouraged to collaborate and have members
attend the webinars together.
7. Roadshow Coordinator: LT W. Stewart, (202) 795-6584 or at
8. CDR S. K. Felger, Chief (acting), Enlisted Personnel Management
Division, Personnel Service Center sends.
9. Internet release is authorized.