united states coast guard

15 MAR 18

ALCGENL 028/18
A. Military Assignments and Authorized Absences, COMDTINST M1000.8A,
Art. 1.E.2 and 1.E.7
1. This message solicits candidates and outlines the application process
for members interested in recruiting duty in AY19.
2. The job of a CG Production Recruiter is to recruit the best possible
applicants to fill the multi-mission and critical specialty needs of the
Coast Guard. Recruiters make daily decisions on how to bring in the
applicants most suitable to become a shipmate in our service. Their efforts
shape the next generation of Coast Guard men and women. They recruit for active
duty and reserve enlisted, and all non-Academy officer programs. Recruiters
visit schools, colleges, clubs, community centers, etc. to advertise Coast Guard
opportunities, identify prospects, and develop relationships. Recruiters often
engage parents and siblings to garner support for the applicant's decision.
Recruiters work irregular hours and perform travel to accomplish their mission.
In addition, recruiters conduct the screening, processing, and accession paperwork
corresponding to an enlistment or commissioning. Prospective recruiters should be
energetic, demonstrate infallible character and professionalism, and show a spirited
focus on building a workforce to support Coast Guard mission needs and the Coast
Guard's Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan. The selection, motivation, and
training of the recruiter work force is a top priority to meet the Coast Guard’s
human capital needs. Please visit to see Coast Guard Recruiting
in action.
3. Eligibility requirements: All active duty E6 and below who are tour complete in
AY19 and meet the minimum requirements outlined in Art. 1.E.2 and 1.E.7 of Ref A are
encouraged to apply.  In anticipation of a permanent change to previous special
assignment policy, members with folliculitis are now eligible to apply for recruiting
duty. Eligibility requirements and application instructions can be found on the
Special Assignments web site at:
4. Coast Guard Recruiting Command (CGRC) will conduct an informational webinar on
29 Mar 2018 1330 EST and 1700 EST. Participants will hear a brief recruiting
presentation and can ask questions of incumbent recruiters. To register for the
webinar, email (Subject: Recruiter Solicitation AY 19 Webinar) LT Kevin Dupont at by COB 23 Mar 2018.
5. Process/timeline:
A. NLT 13 April 2018: Complete application package and the e-panel
submission are due to EPM-1 at:
B. 16 April – 16 June 2018: CGRC interviews applicants.
C. 10 - 13 July 2018: Selection panel convenes.
D. OOA 01 August 2018: Panel results released and shopping list published. Selectees
will submit e-resume for recruiting assignments.
6. Notification regarding release from rate will be made by the Special Assignments
Officer after the panel results are published.
7. Research and timing are the primary elements that facilitate a smooth entry into
Special Assignments. Most questions can be answered via the information provided on
the Special Assignments web site. For additional information, contact
CWO4 Donald Wiley, Special Assignments Officer via email at:
8. Released by: LT W. Stewart, (202) 795-6584.
9. Internet release authorized.