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R 160936 MAR 18
UNCLAS //N01650//
ALCOAST 094/18
1.  We are pleased to announce the selection of ME2 David W. Holland of Coast Guard Tactical
Law Enforcement Team (TACLET) Pacific as the 2017 Enlisted Person of the Year - Active Duty
Component and ME2 Jeffrey P. Melitski of Coast Guard Sector New York as the 2017 Enlisted
Person of the Year - Reserve Component.
    A.  ME2 Holland serves as a Boarding Officer on Law Enforcement Detachment (LEDET) 103
assigned to TACLET Pacific.  During 2017, he completed three counter-drug deployments where he
was critical to the detection and seizure of 1,510 kilograms of cocaine valued at $45.8 million
and 18 cumulative years of incarceration for drug smugglers.  Demonstrating exceptional
technical acumen, he meticulously trained 25 Tactical Operators during 200 hours of high
quality instruction ultimately, ensuring TACLET Pacific maintained the highest operational
readiness posture.  An outstanding ambassador for our Service, he seamlessly integrated with
U.S. Air Force Para-Rescue, U.S. Navy SEAL Team 10, and Greek Coast Guard members in a
high-profile joint interoperability training exercise.  Due to his enduring impacts on
worldwide operations, the Special Operations/Low Intensity Conflict division of the National
Defense Industry Association selected him to receive the 2017 Superior Achievement award.
Out of his own volition, he coordinated a mass delivery of critical water and supplies while
responding to the 2017 California wildfires and provided emergency medical services for two
traumatic traffic accidents.
    B.  ME2 Melitski serves as a reservist with the Enforcement Division at Sector New York.
Following Hurricanes Harvey and Maria, he deployed to the Coast Guard’s Seventh and Eighth
District Command Centers as a Critical Resource Unit Specialist, mobilizing 1,300 personnel
and 2,000 resources throughout the affected areas.  During a harrowing request for an urgent
extraction of a late-term, high-risk pregnant patient, he leveraged his Emergency Medical
Technician training, gathered essential medical equipment, and deployed with the rescue
aircraft.  Once on scene, he stabilized the patient, helping to transport her and her unborn
child from hurricane-ravaged Borinquen, Puerto Rico to Miami, Florida.  In December 2017, he
displayed incredible courage by running into his neighbor’s burning house filled with smoke,
accounted for all the occupants, then extinguished the fire and ventilated the space.  He only
sought medical attention for himself after ensuring his elderly neighbor received care.  As a
dedicated community member, he volunteered 200 hours to philanthropic pursuits, including the
Policeman’s Benevolent Association Widows and Survivors Fund, Toys for Tots, and the Drug
Abuse Resistance Education program.  In his personal life, he serves as a Patrol Sergeant
with the Bernardsville Police Department in Bernardsville, NJ, and has 19 years of law
enforcement experience.
2.  Petty Officer Holland and Petty Officer Melitski are exceptional Coast Guardsmen who
embody our Core Values both on and off duty.  They will be recognized in a ceremony at
Training Center Cape May, NJ on 18 April 2018.
3.  The following individuals are also worthy of special recognition, having earned the
recognition of their commands and the respect of their fellow Coast Guard men and women as
2017 Enlisted Persons of the Year at the District level:
    A. MST1 John R. Joeckel, CG Sector Northern New England, Portland, ME
    B. AMT1 Jose A. Gutierrez, CG AIRSTA Atlantic City, NJ
    C. MK1 Michael T. Webb, CG STA Wrightsville Beach, NC
    D. MK2 Sean T. Fogarty, CG STA Mayport, Jacksonville, FL
    E. MST1 John A. Hendrix, CG Sector Charleston, SC
    F. BM2 Tracy L. Mannes, CG STA Galveston, TX
    G. MST1 Gregory A. Halter, CG Sector Maryland NCR, Baltimore, MD
    H. BM2 Jacob A. Whitsell, USCGC MOBILE BAY, Sturgeon Bay, WI
    I. BM1 Andrew M. Arnold, CG STA Marblehead, OH
    J. ME1 Glen M. Hyzak, CG Sector San Diego, CA
    K. EM2 Kelly N. Yost, CG ANT Puget Sound, Seattle, WA
    L. BM2 Timothy L. Porter, CG STA Yaquina Bay, Newport, OR
    M. PA2 Tara A. Molle, CGD Fourteen, Honolulu, HI
    N. ME1 Mark G. Camacho, CG STA Apra Harbor, Santa Rita, GU
    O. BM2 Lewis G. Semerling, CG Base Kodiak, AK
    P. MK3 Jamie J. Schroeder, CG STA Valdez, AK
4.  Thank you to the numerous commands that recognized our many high-performing enlisted
personnel for a job well done.
5.  ADM Paul F. Zukunft, Commandant, and MCPOCG Steven W. Cantrell, Master Chief Petty
Officer of the Coast Guard, send.
6.  Internet release authorized.