united states coast guard

R 28 FEB 2018

ALCGPSC 033/18
A. Screening for Overseas Duty, PSCINST 1300
B. ALCGPSC 002/18
1. Based on continuous review of reference (A), changes to
clarify and further streamline the overseas screening
process were needed. These changes include: designating
SMTC, TRACENs, and CG Academy as entry approval points for
single members; additional definition; removal of the CG-
3307 requirement; clarification of performance and weight
requirements; and add a country to an Entry Approval Point.
2. The following pen-and-ink changes to reference (A) are
effective immediately:
   a. Enclosure 1, “Bona Fide Resident. (per JTR) The
requirement to be command sponsored does not apply to a
non-foreign OCONUS PDS if the acquired dependents are bona
fide residents of the respective area. However, all bona
fide residents who become dependents shall be screened to
identify any special needs or other conditions.”
   b. Enclosure 2, paragraph 1.b., add, “A new screening is
not required for a member in receipt of fleet-up or one-
year extension orders, however, the member shall advise the
command of any condition/status changes since their last
   c. Enclosure 2, paragraph 3.b.(2)(g), delete.
   d. Enclosure 2, paragraph 3.b.(3)(d), delete “and CG-
   e. Enclosure 2, paragraph 3.b.(5)(a) and (g), change to
“Special Missions Training Center (SMTC)”.
   f. Enclosure 2, paragraph 3.c., Table 1, add to Base
Portsmouth row “Canada”.
   g. Enclosure 2, paragraph 3.c., Table 1, change to
“Special Missions Training Center (SMTC)”.
   h. Enclosure 2, paragraph 3.c., Table 1, add row
“TRACENs/CG Academy” and “All single-members to OCONUS
   i. Enclosure 2, paragraph 4.c. delete, replace with:
“Weight Standard. Member with a history of two or more
failed weigh-ins in the past 36 months or currently on
probation may be disqualified.”
   j. Enclosure 2, paragraph 4.d. delete, replace with:
“Performance. Member with an unsatisfactory conduct mark on
the evaluation report in the previous 36 months may be
   k. Enclosure 2, paragraph 5.a. and b., change to “SMTC”.
   j. Enclosure 2, paragraph 5.b., Table 3, delete row
“Complete form CG-3307.”
   k. Reference B remains in effect for AY18.
3. These changes will be reflected in future versions of
the CG-1300 (series) forms.
4. Standardized order notes, which are available on the
Overseas Screening Portal, are updated regularly to ensure
current JTR compliance. All SPOs shall utilize these notes.
5. Additional information is available on the Overseas
Screening Portal site to include webinars and interview
6. My point of contact is CG Personnel Service Center,
Business Operations Capabilities Branch (CG PSC-BOPS-C) at
7. Released by:  RDML M. T. Bell, Jr., Commander, CG
Personnel Service Center.  The Service Center for our Most
Important Resources – Our People.
8. Internet release authorized.