ALCOAST 084/18 - MAR 2018 USCGA ECLIPSE 2018

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R 011343 MAR 18
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ALCOAST 084/18
A. Commandant's Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan 2015-2018
B. USCGA Strategic Plan 2018-2023
1. Per REF A, the Coast Guard's strength resides in its people and the different
perspectives, talents and abilities they bring to the service. Culturally competent
leaders are needed to address the globally complex mission support and response
challenges of the 21st century. Per REF B, the Coast Guard Academy prioritizes the
development of culturally competent leaders necessary to develop an officer corps
and workforce capable of thriving in a dynamic global environment. In support of
REF A and REF B, the Eclipse 2018 will be held at the Coast Guard Academy during the
week of 4-7 April, 2018.
2. Eclipse is part of a cadet-run tradition established by the Coast Guard Academy
Genesis Council in the 1970's with a strong focus on diversity, inclusion, and
mentorship. During this week, the Coast Guard Academy invites the greater Coast
Guard community, local community members, and experts in diversity from across the
nation to participate in mentoring and inspiring cadets to excel and prepare for
lasting careers as inclusive Coast Guard officers. The week will begin Wednesday,
April 4th with Take Back the Night. On Friday, April 6th, traditional classes will
be suspended so that the entire Academy community can hear from motivational speakers
and participate in a series of Diversity and Inclusion Workshops. Saturday morning
will feature professional development mentoring opportunities and more. The week is
anchored by the Saturday Evening Eclipse Awards Dinner, honoring champions of
Inclusion and Diversity.
3. This year's theme is "Embracing a Community of Respect." The Friday morning
keynote speaker is VADM Manson Brown, USCG (ret). Commandant Admiral Paul Zukunft
will be the closing keynote speaker for the Eclipse Awards Dinner. Other events include
the Athletics keynote speaker, Kenneth Miles, Assistant Vice Chancellor of Louisiana
State University, a Flag Officer panel, Officer Professional Development Panel,
Cadet-Affinity Council led workshops, Culture Fair, Regimental Review, Cadet Talent
Show, Officer Speed Mentoring, a Museum Exhibit, Take our Stand: The Evolution of
Jim Crow and the Modern Military, the Asian Pacific American Council's National
Affinity Council Networking and more. Coast Guard and community members are invited
to participate in all Eclipse events. Pre-registration is required. For the full
schedule and to register for events please go to the following link: Registration will open 23 Feb 18 and close 29 March 2018.
4. The greater Coast Guard community is encouraged to submit nominations for the
ECLIPSE awards. Nominations should be written as a narrative no longer than one page
and clearly state the award the person is being nominated for. The following
criteria should be used to evaluate potential nominees. Please submit nominations
to: by Friday, 02 MAR 2018. A list of past awardees is also included.
   a. The Manson K. Brown Genesis Award is presented to a Coast Guard Academy cadet
or Alumni whose forethought and commitment has fostered a community of inclusion by
establishing traditions and practices which promote comprehension of and appreciation
for diversity. Steadfast in the pursuit to create an inclusive space for
underrepresented minority cadets while also enlighten his peers, this motivated
leader has made sustainable contributions to the Corps of Cadets in an effort to
promote an environment free from bias and discrimination.
 Past recipients:
 2012: VADM Manson K. Brown
 2013: Dr. Hallie Gregory
 2014: 1/c Andre Jones-Butler
 2015: LCDR Marcus Canady
 2016:  LCDR Hoon Park
 2017: LT Dan Han
   b. The Merle Smith Pioneer Award is presented to a member of the Coast Guard
Academy community who has accomplished groundbreaking firsts at the Academy. This
person has served as a beacon of inspiration among his peers to strive for the
unimaginable and forge new paths of greatness through an exceptional determination
to succeed. This award is a marker of the honor and courage required to lead, chart
unfamiliar territory and reach heightened levels of achievement in the face of
adversity and uncertainty.
 Past recipients:
 2012: Mr. Merle Smith
 2013: CAPT Steve Baynes
 2014: CDR Darell Singleterry
 2015: RADM Sandra Stosz
 2016: LT Kimberly Young-McLear
 2017: Dr. Janet McLeavy
   c. The JoAnn Miller Community presented is given to a member of the Academy or
greater New London community who has worked as an active liaison between the Academy
and the City of New London, building a bridge between the two entities. The efforts of
this recipient have made significant, lasting contributions to the Academy, the
cadets, and the New London community.
 Past recipients:
 2012: Ms. JoAnn Miller
 2013: Mr. Louis Allen
 2014: CDR Erica Mohr
 2015: Dr. Robert Newton
 2016: LT Takana Skelton
 2017: State Representative Chris Soto
   d. The Frances Neal Humanitarian Award is presented to a cadet, alumni, staff, or
faculty member who goes above and beyond to provide support for cadets and the entire
Academy through facilitation of an environment rich in community and comfort. This
pivotal figure demonstrates an incessant passion for the well-being of cadets and
instinctively strives to empower cadets mentally, emotionally, and/or academically. The
actions of this award recipient transform the Academy into an inclusive community where
all cadets can grow, be nurtured, supported, mentored and challenged to be dynamic
leaders of character.
 Past recipients:
 2012: Ms. Frances Neal
 2013: Ms. Erin Mitchell
 2014: LCDR Royce James
 2015: LT Claire Davenport
 2016: Mr. Dan Pinch
 2017: CDR Mark Harris (ret)
   e. The Joseph M. Vojvodich Award is presented to a Coast Guard member who has
fostered a community of inclusion by mentoring historically underrepresented cadets at
USCGA. This inspirational leader shows evidence of sustained commitment to mentoring
hat resulted in career development of 3 or more mentees and has supported the growth
of each mentee's academic career as well as providing opportunities to experience
operational Coast Guard events that move mentees toward establishing independence in
their Coast Guard career. This recipient helps mentees develop and sustain a network of
professional colleagues who can offer advice, training, and help. The mentoring efforts
of this individual led directly to attracting and retaining a diverse Coast Guard
workforce, dedication of service to the Academy, and have helped foster an inclusive
environment for all to appreciate.
 Past recipients:
 2017:  RADM Joseph M. Vojvodich
   f. This year a new Eclipse Award will be commissioned to honor the late Dr. Hallie
Gregory for his distinguished work exemplifying the Academy's athletic, intramural, and
physical education tenants of teambuilding, teamwork, honesty, fairness, dignity,
civility, and respect. It will be presented to Dr. Gregory's family during the Eclipse
Awards Ceremony. If you are interested in contributing to a digital memory book on
Dr. Gregory's life and contributions, please send your best stories, photos, videos, and
thoughts to; or for larger files.
4. Commanding officers are highly encouraged to promote award submissions and attendance
at Eclipse Week. Permissive orders are authorized.
5. Questions regarding Eclipse Week should be referred to the Eclipse Incident Commander
via email: LCDR Hoon Park, or 860-701-8360.
6. VADM Sandra L. Stosz, Deputy Commandant for Mission Support, sends.
7. Internet release authorized.