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R 271236 FEB 18
UNCLAS //N04000//
ALCOAST 075/18
A. Schedule of cut-off dates by Chief of the Contracting Offices (COCOs)
B. C4IT SC ALD Alert FY18-02: FY18 Funds Execution Guidance and Timeline
C. Standard Coast Guard Procurement Action Lead Times (PALT)
D. Procurement Request Cut-Off Date Waiver Memorandum Template
E. Procurement Request (PR) Cut-Off Dates for Fiscal Year (FY) 2018 - MEMORANDUM
F. USCG Acquisition Road Map (ARM)
1. The purpose of this ALCOAST is to notify all Coast Guard personnel of the cut-off dates
for submission of PRs for ALL FY18 requirements (Enterprise-wide). REFs (A) through (E) can
be found at the COMDT (CG-913) Document Library at: REF (A)
provides a listing of these cut-off dates by COCO and category of procurement type. REF (B)
provides previously released guidance from and for the C4IT Service Center and will
continue to supplement the requirements in this memo. Clarifying information may be
provided by individual COCO as deemed necessary.
2. All PR packages requiring a FY18 award shall be submitted to the designated procurement
professional through the appropriate electronic inbox (Contract Information Management
System (CIMS), Financial Procurement Desktop (FPD), Aviation Logistics Management Information
System (AMMIS), Naval and Electronics Supply Support System (NESS) or Fleet Logistics System
(FLS)) or other command specific procedures as soon as possible, but no later than the
deadlines listed in REF (A). These deadlines are required to ensure that mission execution is
balanced with good stewardship of taxpayer dollars. Requirements owners are reminded that all
PR package submissions shall be “complete” as defined in Paragraph 3., when submitted.
3. A complete procurement request package is defined as described below. For additional
guidance and templates, you are invited to use COMDT (CG-91)’s Acquisition Road Map (ARM),
REF (F) at the following website:,
(See the “Acquisition Planning” and “Purchase Request” sections). Approved Acquisition
Planning Forecast System (APFS) entry. The APFS database can be accessed at the following
link: APFS records are not required for the following:
   a. Any action under $150K - the Simplified Acquisition Threshold (SAT);
   b. Exercise of an option;
   c. Task/delivery orders and calls over the SAT placed against a single-award Blanket
Purchase Agreement (BPA), Basic Ordering Agreement (BOA), or Indefinite Delivery Vehicle (IDV);
   d. Interagency-assisted acquisitions (including MIPRs) where DHS is the requesting agency;
   e. Classified acquisitions;
   f. Modifications.
Directions for navigating APFS can be found at the following website: (Training videos are included
at the bottom of the page.) Additional guidance can be found using the APFS Quick Sheet for
Requirements Users at the following website:
Document%20Library/Requirements%20Users%20-%20APFS%20Quick%20Tip%20Sheet.docx. Approved
Acquisition Plans (AP) for requirements that exceed $150,000 per the below acquisition table
(for procurements over $10M, the AP should currently be in review). If the action involves
sensitive information, ensure additional required reviewers are involved. See Homeland
Security Acquisition Manual, HSAM 3004.470(b):
   ACQUISITION PLAN MATRIX:                            
   THRESHOLD                                           CONTRACT TYPE          TYPE OF AP
   All requirements greater than the             Firm Fixed Price           No written AP required but a
   (150K)up to $10M                                                                    Simplified Acquisition
                                                                                                 Threshold memorandum is
                                                                                                 required-see "Acquisition
                                                                                                 Planning" Memo Template" at
                                                                                                 the link below.
   All requirements greater than $10M           Firm Fixed Price            Streamlined
   other than Major Systems Acquisitions                                        
   All requirements greater than the              Other Than Firm              Streamlined
   Simplified Acquisition Threshold ($150K)    Fixed Price          
   other than designated Major System
   All Designated Major System Acquisitions     ALL                               Formal                      
4. Approved PR with appropriate funding authority. PR shall include:
   a. Treasury Accounting Symbol,
   b. Brief and accurate description of requirement,
   c. Required start and end dates,
   d. Points of contact,
   e. Office names and office codes,
   f. Appropriate accounting lines with funding amounts that match the Independent Government
Cost Estimate, and
   g. Case number if action is related to Foreign Military Sales.
5. Continuing Appropriations Act Memorandum. Include if your requirement is funded with FY18
appropriated funds in REF (F).
6. Completion of the Balanced Workforce Assessment Tool (if applicable). Provide recommendation
document that the tool generates.
7. Non-Inherently Governmental Functions Memo if Balanced Workforce Assessment Tool does not
apply (under $150K or exception).
8. Complete and accurate Requirements Document - Specifications, Statement of Work, Performance
Work Statement or Statement of Objectives (Options and Period of Performance should be
identified), found in REF (F).
9. Comprehensive signed/dated Independent Government Cost Estimate (Options must be included),
found in REF (F).
10. Draft Market Research Report that includes a Source List. At the end of the report, include
the line: “I approve the market research report. The appropriate market research documentation
is included in the official contract file.” Include a signature line and date for the
contracting officer to provide approval, found in REF (F).
11. Information Technology Acquisition Review (ITAR). For information technology requirements
greater than $100K DHS CIO approval; for IT requirements greater than $2.5M (review and
approval should be in process now) or Coast Guard CIO approval for IT requirements less than
$2.5M but greater than $100K (refer to REF (F)).
12. Checklist for Sensitive Information - Homeland Security Acquisition Manual,
HSAM 3004.470(b) Appendix G. Required if the action involves sensitive information and a
streamlined or formal AP is not required. See Homeland Security Acquisition Manual,
HSAM 3004.470(b).
13. Complete DD Form 254, Contract Security Requirements, if applicable.
14. Appropriate Approved Justification for limiting competition, if applicable.
15. Contracting Officer's Representative (COR) Nomination (individual must be certified at the
appropriate level), Nomination must the information contained in the HSAM Appendix W template,
a copy of the nominated individual's current COR certification and FAC 043 FED-Ethics and
Procurement Integrity for the Acquisition Workforce Training course certificate of completion
in 2018.
16. Parts A and B and draft Determination of Best Procurement Approach for Interagency
Agreements (including MIPRs) (Refer to REF (F)).
17. SILC-Construction only – Completed NEPA documentation.
18. SILC-Construction only – Evidence of Project Development Submittal Submission to COMDT
(CG-43) (Cover Letter).
19. REF (C) is a list of standardized Coast Guard-wide Procurement Administrative Lead Times
(PALTs) for planning purposes. The PALT is average times for specified procurement types and
is considered to begin once a completed PR package is accepted by the Contracting Officer. As
shown in REF (C) the greater the value and complexity of the procurement, the longer the PALT.
These PALTs should be used as guidance. Actual PALTs for specific procurements will be
developed in collaboration with the procurement professional and the requirements owner/Program
20. Additional guidance regarding PR requirements is available by contacting the appropriate
COCO or designated contracting professional to assist you with planning for your requirements.
The following table lists the six Coast Guard COCOs and Deputy COCOs and their respective areas
of responsibility for your consideration. It is expected that most requirements owners know who
the COCO is for their respective area. If this is not the case, please contact the Deputy Head
of Contracting Activity, Eric Thaxton, or 202-475-3898.
   COCO and Deputy COCO           Contact Information                           Area of Responsibility
   Jennie Peterson / COCO                  All HQs Directorates,
                                                  202-475-3429                                  Commands and Units
   Andrew Carrington / Deputy                          
   David Burgess / COCO                      Aviation Logistics Center
   Tabitha Callon / Deputy 
   Mildred Figuereo / COCO           Surface Forces Logistics Center
   Thomas Fout / Deputy  
   Mia Grant / COCO                             Shore Infrastructure Logistics
                                               757-628-4105                          Logistics Center – Base Support
   Jeanie Thorne / Deputy                 Services
   Ross Woodson / COCO              Shore Infrastructure Logistics
                                                757-628-4164                              Center – Construction Computers
   Mark Snell / Deputy                         and Information Technology             
   Orie Davis / COCO                      Command, Control, Communications,           
                                                703-313-5452                             Computers and Information
                                                                                                Technology Service Center                                
21. COCOs will make every effort to process all complete and accurate PRs that are submitted
on/or before the deadlines in REF (A) unless there is insufficient time to do so per the PALTs
in REF (C). For example, a negotiated competitive, non-commercial procurement greater than
$1M could require six months to process so the completed PR should be received by the
procurement professionals well in advance of the deadlines stated in REF (A). In essence, the
deadlines in REF (A) do not allow for sufficient time to process the higher valued and more
complex procurements. Therefore, completed PRs should be submitted as soon as possible to
ensure they can be appropriately awarded before the end of the FY or the deadline set by the
CFO or Command for obligating funds, whichever comes first. PRs submitted after the deadlines
in REF (A) will be rejected by the COCO unless they have granted an exception. Any requests
for exceptions to the REF (A) deadlines must be submitted via written memorandum endorsed by
the Program Office Chief or equivalent and submitted to the COCO for acceptance prior to
submission. REF (D) provides a waiver request template which documents why the procurement was
not submitted prior to the deadline, and outlines steps taken to ensure timely submission of
procurement packages within the Program Office.
22. Mr. Mike Derrios, Head of Contracting Activity (HCA), sends.
23. Internet release authorized.