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R 161410 FEB 18
ALCOAST 068/18
A. Human Capital Strategy (HCS)
B. CG Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan
1. Background. In alignment with REFs (A) and (B), I am pleased to announce that the
office of Diversity and Inclusion (CG-12B) has contracted with RAND Corporation's
Homeland Security Operational Analysis Center (HOSAC) to conduct a holistic analysis
on women's retention in our service. This effort will help us better understand the many
variables that impact retention of women in our service. This message is to not only
announce this effort, but it is to serve as a call to action for leadership support
on this important study.
2. Action. Commanding Officers, Officers-in-Charge and Gold/Silver Badges shall
encourage and make every effort to support participation of enlisted and officer Active
Duty personnel in this study. The use of government vehicles to travel to designated
focus group locations is authorized. Additional information will be provided in separate
3. Participants. Participation is voluntary and highly encouraged. HSOAC will conduct
focus groups with enlisted and officer Active Duty women and men to learn about the
factors that each may consider when deciding to remain or separate from the Coast
Guard. Men will serve as a comparison to the findings from female focus groups. 
This comparison sample will help identify retention issues that are common to both
genders and those that are unique to women in the Coast Guard. The focus group
sessions will be roughly 90 minutes in length. Participants will be anonymous and
HSOAC will treat the information provided as confidential. Individual responses
provided will not be disclosed to anyone outside of the research team. Information
from the discussion will be summarized in aggregate form across all participants
before any reports or presentations are made and will not be attributed to specific
individuals. While locations for focus groups are limited by the study design, Active
Duty members are encouraged to participate if able to access a nearby location.
Active Duty members in the general vicinity of the focus group locations will receive
an email invitation with a link to RSVP. Alternatively, members can RSVP directly to
HOSAC at: with their name, rate, rank, specialty and desired
focus group location.
4. Dates and Locations. Focus groups will be held during the weeks listed below, with
specific dates and times to be announced once participant availability is determined.
Three of the ten locations will have separate focus groups for men; Portsmouth,
Alameda, and Washington, DC.
   A. March 5-8: Honolulu, Hawaii - Base Honolulu
   B. March 12-15: Miami, Florida - Base Miami Beach
   C. March 19-22: Seattle, Washington - Base Seattle
   D. April 2-5: Detroit, Michigan - Air Station Detroit 
   E. April 16-19: Houston, Texas - Sector Houston/Galveston
   F. April 23-26: Boston, Massachusetts - Base Boston
   G. April 30-May 3: Juneau, Alaska - Sector Juneau
   H. May 7-10: Portsmouth, Virginia - Base Portsmouth
   I. May 14-17: Alameda, California - Base Alameda
   J. May 21-24: Washington, DC - Coast Guard Headquarters
5. Findings and Next Steps. Findings from this study will be used to develop
recommendations regarding Coast Guard policies and practices to retain women and men
and inform future human capital investment decisions. Although the focus of the study
will concentrate on female retention, many of the areas studied are not gender specific
and recommendations are anticipated to benefit and improve the work environment for
all service members. The final report will be published in FY19.
6. Consistent with the Commandant’s guiding principle of “Duty to People,” this study
is part of the ongoing effort to recruit, develop and retain a workforce that reflects
the diverse fabric of the United States, and the beginning of a conversation specific
to the retention of active duty men and women in our workforce. Coast Guard members –
men and women – who are not able to participate in the RAND study are encouraged to
provide feedback through discussion with Leadership and Diversity Advisory Councils,
senior leaders, and through the COMDT (CG-12B) Leadership, Excellence and Diversity
(LEAD) Council “Best Practice or Issue” webpage at:
7. POC: Any questions or concerns about the study should be directed to COMDT (CG-12B),
at Additional information and updates will be provided at
8. VADM Sandra L. Stosz, Deputy Commandant for Mission Support, sends.
9. Internet release authorized.