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R 161306 FEB 18
ALCOAST 065/18
1. I am pleased to announce the recipients of the 2017 Naval Engineering
Awards in recognition of their outstanding contributions to the Coast Guard
Naval Engineering program. As in years past, the quality of candidates was
impressive and highlighted how the Naval Engineering workforce is vital to
the Coast Guard’s ability to conduct surface operations. Leadership, technical
proficiency, initiative, supporting operational readiness, and professional
development of Naval Engineers were all clearly evident in submissions.
   a. RICHARD D. POORE AWARD – Mrs. Anne Gooch, Deputy Product Line Manager,
SFLC-Icebreaker and Buoy & Construction Tender Product Line. As Deputy
Product Line Manager, Mrs. Gooch was responsible for engineering and
logistics for 115 cutters and barges, operating in 62 ports across five
time zones. She supervised the successful execution of over 600 depot
maintenance projects valued at $225M, and led a herculean mission support
effort to sustain icebreaking operations during the worst ice season on
U.S. waters in 36 years, ensuring the flow of $1B of U.S. commerce. She led
the enrollment of the IBCT fleet into the Electronic Asset Logbook system,
giving operational commanders complete visibility of the readiness of cutters
performing ATON & domestic ice breaking missions, while sustaining the aging
IBCT cutter fleet above operational availability targets. She also
spearheaded the integration of WTGB and WLB cutter fleets into the mission
support business model, updating hundreds of maintenance and parts requirements
and ensuring the success of the six depot maintenance availabilities that
launched the CG Yard’s In-Service Vessel Sustainment program.
   b. PERRY AWARD - LCDR Jonathan Cox, Program Depot Maintenance Branch
Chief, SFLC-Icebreaker and Buoy & Construction Tender Product Line. LCDR
Cox demonstrated exceptional naval engineering acumen, planning expertise,
and leadership to execute 98 projects and major repairs totaling over $75M on
the Coast Guard’s oldest fleet, with an average age of 52 years. He
spearheaded 41 abatement projects totaling $4.1M, removing hazardous lead and
asbestos from cutters and barges. He worked closely with operational
commanders to adjust performance periods for older cutters, implementing a
policy change to increase scheduled maintenance days for assets as they age.
His leadership facilitated an effort to provide operational commanders with a
realistic performance period for large-scale depot maintenance by
aggressively employing hull side scans to identify immediate and long term
repairs. He worked tirelessly to help operational commanders prioritize
contract schedules that aligned with operational needs. LCDR Cox advanced
professional development opportunities for fellow engineers pursuing project
management professional, six sigma, and advanced education classes.
   c. STABILE AWARD – MKCS Matthew Kennedy, CGC SHERMAN. While serving as
Main Propulsion Division Senior Chief, MKCS Kennedy kept the 49-year-old
cutter operating safely during two high visibility counter-drug patrols,
losing zero operational days over 183 underway days. MKCS Kennedy responded
to significant engineering events including a main gas turbine fire and
underway repairs to the main diesel engines, generators, boilers, evaporator,
and oily water separator, directly contributing to SHERMAN’s successful
patrols. During the 2016 Tailored Ship’s Training Availability, he rallied
the Engineering Training Team, which scored 99% and earned the coveted
Battle “E”. He demonstrated exceptional leadership when he prepared the
Engineering Department for operations after a prolonged inport by running
207 Basic Engineering Casualty Control Exercises and qualifying over 50
watch standers. He prudently managed over $3M in inventory and oversaw the
expenditure of over $90K during FY17. MKCS Kennedy also served as the Senior
Enlisted Advisor for a crew of 160. As an astute, involved leader, MKCS
Kennedy fostered a command climate that led to 36 advancements, 34
reenlistments, four tour extensions, A-school orders for 29 sailors, and 56
awards earned by E-6 and below crewmembers.
   d. LUCAS PLAQUE (AFLOAT) - CGC SHERMAN (WHEC 720) Engineering
Department. During this period, SHERMAN’s engineers executed a strenuous
maintenance schedule that included the completion of a $2.4 million dockside
availability and the correction of 50 major discrepancies. These efforts
supported three successful operational patrols spanning nearly 200 days away
from homeport, with zero lost operational days. The patrols were highlighted
by the successful interdiction 7,561 kg of cocaine worth $249 million, two
Search and Rescue cases, and maritime-related community outreach to seven
native Alaskan communities. When gas turbine exhaust lagging caught fire
during a patrol shakedown, SHERMAN engineers effected repairs and restored
systems within three days. SHERMAN's engineers avoided a $200k, 23-day
extension by successfully renewing damaged seals on the Main Gas Turbine N3
gearbox tower shaft. The department also revamped their DC basic
qualification program with updated tests, hands on training, and an
innovative 21-day program to help newly reported crewmembers qualify,
reducing the average time to achieve basic DCWQS qualification by 32 days.
2. This year's winners were selected from an impressive pool of nomination
packages, proudly submitted in recognition of superior Naval Engineering
efforts. Thanks to all who expended the extra energy to highlight their
achievements. The candidate pool included the following exceptional
submittals (in alphabetical order):
   a. Poore Award
      (1)  Mr. Allen Harker – Project Resident Office Lockport
      (2)  CDR Tom Lowry – Sector Key West
      (3)  LCDR Jeremy Yandell – CGC STRATTON
   b. Perry Award
      (1)  LCDR Paul Alexander – CGC SENECA
      (2)  LCDR Herbert Boggs – CGC HAMILTON
      (3)  LT Pat Burnett – CGC SHERMAN
      (4)  LT Tim Hurst – CGC TAMPA
      (5)  LCDR Amy Lockwood – CGC WAESCHE
      (6)  LCDR John Potterton – SFLC-Long Range Enforcer Product Line
      (7)  LT Timothy Owens – Project Resident Office Gulf Coast
      (8)  Mr. John Williams – Project Resident Office Lockport
   c. Stabile Award
      (1)  CWO Robert Barnard
      (2)  CWO Richard Baynor
      (3)  EMC Marcus Benally
      (4)  Mr. James Blueford
      (5)  MKC Ryan Brannon
      (6)  MKC Andrew Carvalho
      (7)  CWO Seth Endter
      (8)  EMC Walter Evans
      (9)  CWO Brad Jopling
      (10) MKCS Joshua McKenzie
      (11) CWO Josh Meese
      (12) EMC Justin Patrick
      (13) CWO James Petrik
      (14) CWO Bryan Ralston
      (15) CWO Nathan Reese
      (16) CWO William Sanowski
   d. Lucas Plaque - Ashore. Coast Guard Yard recognized as winner in Ref A.
      (1)  Industrial Production Facility Ketchikan
      (2)  Legacy Support and Sustainment Unit
      (3)  Maintenance Augmentation Team St. Petersburg
      (4)  Naval Engineering Department Alameda
      (5)  Naval Engineering Department Miami
      (6)  Project Resident Officer Lockport
      (7)  SFLC-Industrial Operations Division
      (8)  SFLC-Long Range Enforcer Product Line
      (9)  SFLC-Patrol Boat Product Line
      (10) Sector Field Office Galveston
   e. Lucas Plaque - Afloat
      (1)  CGC ACTIVE (WMEC 618)
      (2)  CGC ALERT (WMEC 630)
      (3)  CGC CAMPBELL (WMEC 909)
      (4)  CGC DECISIVE (WMEC 629)
      (5)  CGC DEPENDABLE (WMEC 626)
      (6)  CGC ELM (WLB 204)
      (7)  CGC LEGARE (WMEC 912)
      (8)  CGC POLAR STAR (WAGB 10)
      (9)  CGC RELIANCE (WMEC 615)
      (10) CGC SENECA (WMEC 906)
      (11) CGC TAHOMA (WMEC 908)
      (12) CGC TAMPA (WMEC 902)
      (13) CGC WAESCHE (WMSL 751)
3. Questions regarding the Naval Engineering Awards may be directed to LCDR Lucas Marino,
COMDT (CG-452) at 202-475-5719 or via email at
4. RDML M. W. Bouboulis, Assistant Commandant for Engineering and Logistics, sends.
5. Internet release authorized.