united states coast guard

R 19 JAN 18

ALCGENL 003/18
A. Enlisted Accessions, Evaluations, and Advancements, COMDTINST M1000.2
B. COMCOGARD FORCECOM Norfolk VA 060842 JAN 17 ACN 004/17
C. Coast Guard Weight and Body Fat Standards Program Manual, COMDTINST M1020.8
1. The following personnel may be advanced to the rating/paygrade indicated
effective 1 February 2018 provided the requirements of Refs A through C are
Rank     Name                      DEPTID               SPOID 
BM1      Jason McNally             000163               042599    
BM1      Kyle Gaub                 000195               042191
BM2      Christopher Weiss         000464               002420
BM2      Michael Scarbrough        000158               042599
BM2      Leah Zieber               006363               006420
BM2      Harrison Rabalais         000762               042632
BM2      Chelsea Lombardo          006249               045431
BM2      Joshua Rathmann           000519               042898
BM2      Sean-Paul Cavalier        002179               006420
BM2      Joshua Kramer             000315               042822
BM2      Alanah Batchelder         000649               038079
CSCS     Anthony Ciurlino          042019               002371
CSCS     Steven Williams           042906               042898
CSC      Mason Champlin            008191               042191
CSC      Jordan Loeven             046606               046604
CS1      Nathan Sikes              000552               041675
CS1      Charles Sanders           000140               038079
CS1      David Gammon              007787               038079
EM2      Andrew Cote               007199               041675
EM2      Shelby Kenner             007498               041675
ET1      Joshua Rustemeyer         044218               042898
ET2      Leon Wilson               000620               042256
ET2      Andrew Isleib             045423               045431
ET2      Laurence Jones            044191               041675
ET2      Brandon Miller            044444               046604
GM2      Tyler Mace                008847               046604
GM2      Zachary Morand            008846               038079
HSCS     Dean Patterson            008630               042599
HS2      Benjamyn Potvin           042909               042898
IS1      Cameron Sheets            009018               007895
IS1      Devin McDonald            006756               042822
MECS     Dusty Miller              000712               042822
MEC      Daniel Brooks             000620               042256
ME1      Michael Walden            038438               041675
ME1      Martin Diaz               007727               042311
ME2      William West              000543               007752
ME2      Brandon Lambert           000543               007752
MKC      Scott Rodgers             000511               042898
MKC      Joel McCarthy             000791               041675
MK1      Philip Hanaburgh          006817               042030
MK1      Gordon Bollenbacher       000088               046604
MK1      Thomas Hamil              000298               045431
MK2      Robert Wilkes             000389               042632
MK2      Sean Sullivan             006409               045431
MK2      Francis Maggio            000089               046604
MK2      Nicholas Vratsenes        000007               045431
MK2      Austin Higgs              006372               008282
MK2      Anthony Bryant            000043               038079
MK2      Christian Lejuez          000003               046604
MK2      Kevin Miller              000006               042822
MK2      Lauren Leonard            000093               045431
MK2      Kendell Venable           000092               042030
MK2      Justin Drouin             000388               045431
MK2      Joseph Mendiola           000396               042256
MSTC     Joshua Scruggs            007302               042822
OS1      Colin MacDonald           007530               046604
OS1      Matthew Bonneau           007491               041675
SK1      Jesus Angeles             000508               038079
SK1      Leeland Steward           000016               044374
SK2      Graham Gentry             042254               042256
SK2      Emily Greenhouse          000398               038079
SK2      Angelina Sanders          000096               045431
SK2      Logan Stiles              002679               006420
SK2      Allen Pierce              002331               042822
SK2      Kara Goodman              042021               042030
SK2      Christina Davis           007383               041675
YNCM     Dennis Tompkins           007986               042822
YNCS     David Chenlo              010731               042599
YNC      Peter Aragoni             008074               041675
YN2      Hector Martinez           007283               045431
2. The Commanding Officer's recommendation for advancement must be maintained
for the period from recommendation to advancement.  In addition, E-7, E-8, and
E-9 candidates must not have a “Not Recommended” on an enlisted evaluation for
24 months prior to the terminal eligibility date and for the entire period to
the effective date of advancement.  Personnel failing to maintain the CO's
recommendation for this period shall be invalidated from the Servicewide
Exam(s)(SWE) in which they participated. Personnel who have been invalidated
must be recommended and qualify again through a new SWE competition.
3. Commanding Officers shall determine if pre-advancement eligibility
requirements have or have not been met. Per Ref B, EPME EPQ standard CG-EPME
(May/2017) must have been completed nlt 01 December 2017 and validated prior
to the effective date of advancement. If appropriate, a CO shall withhold or
cancel the advancement of ineligible personnel per Article 3.A.19.b, 3.A.19.c,
or 3.A.25.f of Ref A. When advancement is to be withheld or cancelled, the CO
shall advise PPC (ADV) by e-mail via AOIX at CMD-SMD-CG-PPC with CG PSC as
information addressee at CMD-SMD-CG-PSC. Please note C2OIX does not transfer
to AOIX. We continue to receive late notifications of lack of compliance with
Ref C. It is imperative the request be sent prior to the effective date of
4. Per Article 3.A.5 of Ref A, members must have successfully completed the
Chief Petty Officer Academy (CPOACAD) prior to advancement to Chief Petty
Officer. Members must have successfully completed the Senior Enlisted
Leadership Course (SELC) prior to advancement to Master Chief Petty Officer.
COMDT (CG-12C) is the Program Manager for the enlisted leadership continuum
and the single point of contact for all requests for CPOACAD and SELC waivers
from advancement policy.
5. Per Article 3.A.10 of Ref A, personnel in certain ratings must meet
security clearance requirements for advancement.
6. Commanding Officers shall ensure personnel advancing to pay grades E-7 thru
E-9 obligate required service prior to advancement per Article 3.A.19.d of Ref
7. Per Article 3.A.13.d of Ref A, personnel who have been selected for
promotion to CWO or above the cutoff on the CWO list are ineligible for
advancement to CPO, SCPO, or MCPO unless the individual concerned has notified
Commander (CG PSC-OPM and CG PSC-EPM) of their intention to decline
appointment to CWO.
8. The rank order number for each individual identified for advancement in the
EPAA is no longer indicated. The original rank order number may be found at
the Pay and Personnel Center CG Portal site
s%20Branch.aspx but is subject to change. This EPAA, to include unit
designations, will be available on PPC's CG Portal site.
9. CAPT C. E. Fosse, Chief, Enlisted Personnel Management, CG Personnel
Service Center, sends.
10. Internet release authorized.