united states coast guard

R 03 JAN 2018

ALCGPSC 002/18
A. Screening for Overseas Duty, PSCINST 1300
1. Based on the continuing hurricane recovery efforts in
Puerto Rico (PR) and U.S. Virgin Islands (USVI), the
Overseas Screening process outlined in reference (a) is
modified for all members in receipt of AY18 orders to
units in the affected AORs.
2. All members shall follow the process in reference (a)
and use the CG-1300 (series) forms to request entry
approval with the following additions:
   a. Per reference (a), Base Miami Beach (BMB) Personnel
Support Department Head retains final Entry Approval.
   b. As reasonably possible, all involved parties shall
adhere to the timelines in reference (a); BMB will advise
units as needed.
   c. Receiving command and Entry Approval point SHALL be
included in the command interview and may also include a
departing/receiving location medical representative. 
This is an adjustment to Table 3 of reference (a).
   d. Departing command shall coordinate interview time
to ensure receiving unit and Entry Approval Point are
able to participate.
   e. BMB (p) and (m) Department Heads shall forward all
administrative and medical documentation to the
respective and appropriate receiving command POCs to
coordinate a final decision with particular attention on
available medical and Work Life services.
3. We recognize departing and receiving units may incur
an increased time commitment with this adjustment.  PSC,
BMB, District 7, Air Station Boriquen, and Sector San
Juan want to make certain members and their dependents
are being taken care of and ensure they fully understand
the conditions they are heading into. 
4. Upon receipt of entry approval and travel orders,
counseling on overseas travel entitlements is required to
be conducted for all personnel by the departing unit
Personnel and Administrative staff.  If the member or
counselor has questions that cannot be resolved locally,
the question shall be addressed to the Entry Approval
Point for determination.  By signing these PCS orders,
members confirm they have been properly counseled and
will comply with the PCS orders as written.
5. Additional information is available on the Overseas
Screening CG Portal site to include webinars and
interview questions:
6. My point of contact is CG Personnel Service Center,
Business Operations Capabilities Branch (CG PSC-BOPS-C)
7. Released by:  RDML M. T. Bell, Jr., Commander, CG
Personnel Service Center.  The Service Center for our
Most Important Resources – Our People.
8. Internet release authorized.