united states coast guard

04 DEC 2017

UNCLAS //N02620//
ALCGPSC 141/17
A. ALCOAST 345/17
1.  As announced in reference (a), there will be no field
access to DA from 20 Dec 2017 through 31 Dec 2017.
Commands/SPOs will not have access to view data nor enter
any pay and/or personnel actions during this period.
System availability will be restored for all users on 1
Jan 2018.
2.  Transactions with an effective, start, or end date
between 20 Dec 2017 and 31 Dec 2017 for accessions,
separations, PCS, and reserve orders should be avoided.
If unavoidable, the transactions will need to be entered
after system availability has been restored and a trouble
ticket must to be submitted to PPC to have data corrected
in DA.
3.  All E6 and E8 evaluations shall be entered and
finalized by COB 19 Dec 2017.
4.  All leave with a start or end date through 31 Dec
2017 shall be approved by COB 19 Dec 2017.
5.  Promotions and advancements with effective date of 1
Jan 2018 will be processed as normal and members should
expect their 15 Jan 2018 pay to reflect entitlements
earned in their new pay grades.
6.  Actions for a decedent affairs case shall be
processed as normal.  SPOs shall contact PPC Customer
Care immediately to have the transaction entered in DA.
7.  Direct inquiries to PPC Customer Care Branch (CCB) at
785-339-2200/toll free 1-866-772-8724, via e-mail to ppc- or by completing a trouble
ticket at
8.  Released by:  RDML M. T. Bell, Jr., Commander, CG
Personnel Service Center. The Service Center for our Most
Important Resources – Our People.
9.  Internet release authorized.