united states coast guard

27 NOV 2017

ALCGRSV 057/17
A. COMCOGARD PSC Washington DC 06 OCT 17/ALCGRSV 048/17
1. The results of the RSCSP announced in REF A have been approved.
The following officers, listed in alphabetical order, are among those
eligible for assignment as a commanding officer for AY18. Actual assignments
will be made by the Reserve senior officer assignment panels, which are
scheduled to convene 5 March 2018.
  a. O-6 Combatant Command
  NO    Rank           Name                    
   1 CAPT  Arnold, Michael K.
   2 CAPT (s) Bernstein, Eric S.
   3 CAPT  Catudal, Ronald J.
   4 CAPT  Dame, Leon D.
   5 CAPT (s) Deas, Geoffrey S.
   6 CAPT (s) Decker, Timothy W.
   7 CAPT  Fain, Stacie L.
   8 CAPT  Ferullo, Michael J.
   9 CAPT  Hill, Steven J.
   10 CAPT  Lafferty, Miriam L.
   11 CAPT  McCann, Matthew J.
   12 CAPT (s) Roberts, Richard A.
   13 CAPT (s) Schiro, Tabitha A.
   14 CAPT  Wadleigh, Matthew D.
  b. O-5 Port Security Unit Command
  NO    Rank           Name
   1 CDR (s)  Adams, Thomas E.
   2 CDR (s)  Albert, Rebecca L.
   3 CDR (s)  Anderson, Christopher R.
   4 CDR  Bisang, Robert A.
   5 CDR (s)  Chianella, Brett A.
   6 CDR  Duncan, Gregory A.
   7 CDR  Freymuth, Mark A.
   8 CDR  Hansen, Karl A.
   9 CDR  Jacob, John A.
   10 CDR  Kite, Neal P.
   11 CDR (s)  McGowan, Brandon P.
   12 CDR  Moser, Sara S.
   13 CDR  Mower, John B.
   14 CDR  O'Halloran, Christopher P.
   15 CDR (s)  Osborne, Kevin M.
   16 CDR (s)  Puzzini Jr., Frank A.
   17 CDR  Rhodes, John W.
   18 CDR  Richardson, Kevin L.
   19 CDR  Ruocco, Gennaro A.
   20 CDR  Stanley, Michael
   21   CDR (s)  Swan, Robyn A.
   22 CDR  Vaughn, Michael R.
   23 CDR (s)  VonStein, Michael A.
   24 CDR  Wallace, Aaron P.
   25 CDR  Wilcox, Charles E.
2. The Panel was charged with selecting those eligible candidates
it deemed fully-qualified to command. To meet service needs,
screening Panels always select more officers than the number of
available positions. Officers should understand that screening does not
guarantee assignment to command. As always, needs of the service will guide
actual assignments and officers screened may rotate into other important,
non-command billets where their experience will best serve the needs of the
Coast Guard.
3. The Panel consisted of the following members:
Name                                    Unit
RADM Francis S. Pelkowski, USCGR   CG-DCO
CAPT Joseph F. Hester, USCG    DDE-JTF-I
CAPT Andrew T. Grenier, USCGR           CGRU USPACOM
CAPT Franklin H. Schaefer, USCGR        PACAREA
CAPT Tiffany G. Danko, USCGR            D8 COMMAND CADRE
4. The precept which convened the RSCSP and charged the members with
their duties and the Commandant's Guidance to PY18 Officer Selection
Boards and Panels are available at the CG PSC-RPM internet
5. The proceedings of the selection Panel, including its
deliberations and criteria for selection, cannot be disclosed to any
person who was not a member of the Panel. If there are any questions
regarding the Panel process, please contact LCDR John Hughes, CG
PSC-RPM-1, at: Questions regarding career
guidance should be emailed to:
6. CAPT Rob Hanley, Chief, CG PSC-RPM, sends.
7. Internet release authorized.