Coast Guard Port Security Unit returns home after 9-month deployment to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

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Nov. 14, 2017
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Coast Guard Port Security Unit returns home after 9-month deployment to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

Welcome Home PSU 305
The daughter of Petty Officer Second Class Bryan Shreaves cries on her father’s shoulder Sunday after he returned from a 9-month deployment in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. U.S. Coast Guard photo by Auxiliarist Trey Clifton

ALAMEDA, Calif. – Members from Coast Guard Port Security Unit 305 returned to Fort Eustis, Virginia, Sunday following a nine-month deployment to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, in support of Operation Freedom’s Sentinal.

During their deployment, unit operations focused on seaward security, including escorting marine traffic in and out of port as well as enforcing the Naval Defense Sea Area security zone around the base.

Unit personnel provided more than 30,000 hours of force protection. PSU personnel also worked with the Joint Detention Group, Naval Station Harbor Patrol Unit and the Marine Corps Security Force Company through operations and training.

PSU 305 members provided around-the-clock waterside and shoreside anti-terrorism and force protection defense security to Department of Defense assets and personnel in the Naval Defensive Sea Area of Guantanamo Bay. PSU 305 operated alongside Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force and Army service members conducting operations at Naval Station Guantanamo Bay and along adjoining waters. Additionally, personnel also supported operational activities, including administration, logistics, intelligence, communications, engineering and armory to support and sustain operations by ensuring all members were properly equipped, and boats, weapons and other equipment were mission ready.

Since their deployment in February, the unit conducted 26 advancements in rank, including two master chief petty officers and two chief petty officers. Additionally, three members were selected to attend Officer Candidate School; 21 members earned qualification insignias; 37 members earned professional qualifications; and 54 members received personal awards.

"I'm proud of the accomplishments of the crew of PSU 305 while deployed to Guantanamo Bay,” said Cmdr. Michael McCarthy, commanding officer of PSU 305. “This team of professionals not only was able to successfully execute the around-the-clock seaward security mission, but they were also able to create the time to improve themselves professionally and personally. I'm proud of every one of these Coast Guard men and women for their accomplishments; their families and friends should be proud as well."     

Comprised mostly of Coast Guard Reserve members, PSU 305 is one of eight PSUs in the Coast Guard. The unit was formally commissioned Aug. 19, 1995, at the Coast Guard Training Center in Yorktown, Virginia, and was later moved to Fort Eustis.

PSUs are deployable specialized forces assigned to the commander of the Coast Guard Pacific Area, and they provide the Coast Guard, Department of Homeland Security, DOD and interagencies operational and tactical commanders with equipped, trained and organized expeditionary forces who are ready to deploy anywhere in the world on short notice.

Since Sept. 11, 2001, PSU 305 conducted several operational deployments as a part of the Global War on Terror. Immediately following the attacks on the World Trade Center, the unit mobilized to New York harbor as a part of Operation Noble Eagle. The unit deployed three times to Guantanamo Bay, once to Rota, Spain, in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and once to Kuwait in support of Operations New Dawn and Enduring Freedom.