united states coast guard

R 021556 NOV 17
UNCLAS //N01752//
ALCOAST 329/17
1.  We are pleased to announce CG SUPRT is fully operational and ready
to assist Coast Guard personnel and eligible family members.  CG SUPRT
will focus on prevention and resiliency to ensure Coast Guard personnel
maintain a high level of readiness.  CG SUPRT will also provide various
resources to include newsletters and webinars that will focus on various
work-life topics.  
2.  CG SUPRT is available 24/7/365 and can be reached by phone at 1-855-
CGSUPRT (1-855-247-8778) or by logging onto  Coast Guard
personnel and their eligible family members are encouraged to register for
their own personal account on the CG SUPRT website by clicking on the “MY
CG SUPRT” tab, located in the top right hand corner to register and create
an account.  A password is required to register – send an email to
CGSUPRT@ESPYR.COM for the password.  “MY CG SUPRT” allows users to request
services, track requests, and gain access to newsletters and other CG SUPRT
proprietary information. 
3.  Preventive Services:  Prevention is a core component of the CG SUPRT
program.  CG SUPRT provides preventive services via health coaching,
financial consultation and coaching, leadership consultations, monthly
webinar trainings and newsletters.
4.  Leadership and Management Consultations:  CG SUPRT provides unlimited
telephonic leadership and management consultations and provides support for
building morale and improving workplace climate.  Through these telephonic
consults, leaders can speak with a licensed mental health professional
regarding current issues or concerns within their team as well as gain
guidance on preventing future disruptions and difficulties in the workplace.
5.  Non-Medical Counseling:  Non-medical counseling is provided by licensed
mental health providers via face to face, telephone or video to assist Coast
Guard personnel and their family members.
6.  Additional work-life resources include:
    A. Military specific resources:  Deployment support, family support for
active duty and reserve personnel, information on housing and military benefits;
    B. Family and care giving resources:  Information on parenting and childcare,
pet care, college coaching, education assistance, special needs assistance,
adoption assistance, and eldercare assistance;
    C. Daily living and convenience resources:  Information on home repair
specialists and housing locators; resume writing and career planning support;
    D. Legal:  Consultation provided by attorneys and/or mediators in person or
over the phone, and simple will preparation;
    E. Financial:  Financial consultation and coaching regarding debt matters,
investment options, money management, tax preparation and consultation on
retirement services. 
    F. Identity theft resolution:  Comprehensive assistance to help fraud victims
recover their identity.
7.  The Office of Work-Life POC is Ms. Adrienne Wright-Williams, the EAP Manager, or 202-475-5157. The Health, Safety, and
Work-Life Service Center POC is CAPT Jerald Mahlau-Heinert, or 757-628-4795.
8.  RADM Erica G. Schwartz, Director of Health, Safety, and Work-Life, sends.
9.  Internet release authorized.