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R 061356 OCT 17
ACN 114/17
A. Civilian Awards Manual, COMDTINST M12451.1 (series)
1. I am pleased to announce the new Civilian Service
Commendation Medal and Certificate.  This award replaces
the Commander's Award for Civilian Service and the
Commander’s Award for Sustained Excellence in the Federal
Service Awards.  This new Coast Guard honorary award
gives supervisors the opportunity to recognize individuals
or groups for their commendable service, achievements and
contributions to the Coast Guard.  It was established as
a means to recognize notable civilian performance at the
equivalent level of the Coast Guard Commendation Medal (CGCM)
awarded to military personnel for similar achievements. 
The recipient must personify the most honorable traditions
of service in support of the Coast Guard and nation.  While
REF (A) is being updated, this ALCOAST provides the policy
for the eligibility, nomination criteria, and documentation
associated with the Civilian Service Commendation Medal. The
updated policy for eligibility will be released in the next
revision of REF (A), which will be released within the next
2. Civilian employees at all grade levels are eligible to be
nominated for this award.  To merit this award, the acts or
services must be accomplished or performed in a manner above
that normally expected and sufficient to distinguish the
individual above others of comparable grade performing similar
services, meeting one or more of the following criteria:
   a. Supervisory or non-supervisory duties performed in an
outstanding manner, setting an example of achievement for
others to follow.
   b. Demonstrated initiative and skill in devising new or
improved equipment, work methods, and procedures, or for
inventions that result in considerable savings in manpower,
time, space, materials, or other items of expense, or improved
safety, or health of the work force.
   c. Demonstrated leadership in performing duties that
resulted in improved productivity of the command, including
customer focus and commitment to achieving excellence.
   d. Demonstrated courage or competence in an emergency
while performing assigned duties resulting in benefit to the
Federal Government.
   e. Employees who have established a pattern of excellence
as recognized through the previous receipt of one or more
honorary or monetary performance awards can be considered for
this award.  Retirement, separation, or long period of service
alone will not constitute a sufficient basis for conferring
this award. 
   f. Acts of valor or heroism, on or off duty. 
3. Employees approved to receive this award will be presented
a Civilian Service Commendation Medal and lapel pin in a
presentation case and a Civilian Service Commendation Medal
Certificate, Form CG-5061. Each Command is responsible for
ordering the medals and certificates judiciously and to refrain
from over ordering to ensure adequate stock is available for
all Commands. The medal sets and certificates are available for
requisition from the Surface Forces Logistics Center (SFLC)
through MILSTRIP using the following information:
   a. Civilian Service Commendation Medal Set’s unit of issue
is a set “SE” and National Stock Number (NSN) 8455-01-661-2802. 
   b. Civilian Service Commendation Medal certificate’s unit of
issue is a package of ten certificates “PG” and Activity Control
Number (ACN) 7530-01-GF9-0013. 
4. Nominations should be prepared by the nominating supervisor
and routed through the chain of command to the approving official
(Designated O-6/GS-15 or above) and/or additional local level
award procedures.  A nomination will include a Coast Guard Award
Recommendation, Form CG-1650, a narrative, and draft citation. 
   a. The Coast Guard Award Recommendation, Form CG-1650 will be
routed through the chain and endorsed.  The nominating supervisor
will sign block 18 as the originator of the nomination.  Each
level in the chain will endorse the nomination in block 19. Block 20
should only be used by the approving official and will not be used
for additional endorsements.  If additional endorsement blocks are
need, a new Coast Guard Award Recommendation, Form CG-1650 will be
prepared and included with the original.
   b. The narrative justifies the award and clearly shows the
criteria for the award has been met, using specific facts and
examples, and will not exceed two (2) typed pages. 
   c. The proposed citation highlights significant achievements and
will accompany the nomination. Upon approval, the citation will be
printed on the Civilian Service Commendation Medal Certificate,
CG-5061.  The certificate will be prepared locally and signed by the
approving official. 
5. The awarding official will be responsible for the preparation
of the Civilian Service Commendation Medal Certificate, CG-5061. 
The name and duty station, with duty station below the name, will be
centered, evenly spaced between “United States Coast Guard” and “is
awarded the” in Times New Roman, bold, and no larger than 22 pitch.
The citation portion of the certificate will be justified with the
type even with the margins of the certificate title “Civilian
Service Commendation Medal” in Times New Roman, caps, bold, 11 or 12
pitch and no more than seven lines of text. A certificate template
and ordering/printing fact sheet is available at
/Honorary/ under References.
6. Nominations will be reviewed by the approving official for
procedural compliance and adequacy of documentation.  Upon approval
of the award, the approving or designated official will present the
certificate and medal set consistent with local command procedures.
7. Employees who receive subsequent awards will be presented a
certificate and a 5/16 inch gold star for each additional award. 
Should an employee receive a sixth award, a 5/16 inch silver star will
be presented and replace the gold stars on the ribbon portion of the
medal.  Only one medal set will be presented for the initial award. 
The stars are available through the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA)
using MILSTRIP requisition and are the same used for Coast Guard
military personal awards.  Gold Star unit of issue is each (EA) and
NSN 8455-00-141-0888.  The Silver Star unit of issue is each (EA) NSN
8455-00-141-0889. Commands are encouraged to order a sufficient supply
of the gold and silver stars.  For subsequent awards, “Gold Star
in lieu of a …” or “Silver Star in lieu of a…” must be included on the
certificate, as appropriate.  A “subsequent award” printing template
is available at
/Honorary/ under References. 
8. IAW 5 CFR 451.106(f), the Privacy Act of 1974, and OPM’s Guide to
Personnel Recordkeeping, documentation of awards, agency forms,
certificates, and official letters granted to civilian employees will
not be maintained in the employee’s eOPF.
9. The establishment of the CG Civilian Service Commendation Medal
will compliment our Human Capital Strategy and furthers the Coast
Guard’s efforts to honor and recognize civilian employees who are
truly exemplifying the Coast Guard’s core values of Honor, Respect,
and Devotion to Duty.
10. Released by RDML William G. Kelly, Assistant Commandant for
Human Resources.
11. Internet release authorized.