united states coast guard

12 SEP 17

UNCLAS //N01040//
ALCGRSV 043/17
A. Reserve Policy Manual, COMDTINST M1001.28 (series)
B. Title 10 U.S.C. §1176(b)
1. IAW REF A, enlisted reservists in paygrades E-3 and above who will
reach or exceed their professional growth point (PGP) by 1 October 2017
will be transferred to the Standby Reserve, Inactive Status List (ISL),
discharged or retired from the Coast Guard on 30 September 2018.
2. The list of personnel who meet the 2018 R-HYT criteria has been
posted to the CG PSC-RPM R-HYT website:
This list should be checked frequently as it will be
updated regularly.
   a. Members who believe they have been incorrectly identified as a
2018 R-HYT candidate shall have their commands immediately notify
Coast Guard Personnel Service Center, Reserve Personnel Management
(CG PSC-RPM) via email at: The email template
is available on the R-HYT webpage at:
   b. Commands shall review the records of all Reserve enlisted
personnel assigned to their units to determine if any assigned members
should have been identified as a 2018 R-HYT candidate, but were not
listed. Commands shall notify CG PSC-RPM of any discrepancies via email
using the prescribed template no later than 31 January 2018.
   c. 2018 R-HYT candidates with open Physical Disability Evaluation
System (PDES) cases will remain in their assigned Reserve Component
Category (RCC) until their medical board have been adjudicated by CG
PSC-PSD. Commands shall notify CG PSC-RPM via email no later than
31 January 2018 of all R-HYT candidates with an open PDES case or pending
medical board.
3. Total Time in Service (TIS) will be used to determine candidacy for
2018 R-HYT. TIS is a member’s total military service time (Active and
Reserve Components). CG PSC-RPM will determine R-HYT candidacy using
Pay Base Date (PBD) data in Direct Access.
4. Existing waivers for 30 years TIS or 60 years of age that extend past
30 September 2018 remain in effect. Members with approved waivers are
excluded from the 2018 R-HYT candidate list and will be processed for
retirement or separation as dictated in their waivers.
5. R-HYT candidates with more than 18 years of qualified service toward
a non-regular (Reserve) retirement as of 1 October 2018 will be
separated on a date determined IAW REFs A and B.
6. 2018 R-HYT candidates advanced to the next higher pay grade on or
before 1 May 2018 will be removed from the candidate list unless they
meet or exceed the 2018 R-HYT PGP for the new pay grade.
7. Reservists who meet or exceed their PGP between 1 October 2017
and 30 September 2018 but are scheduled for retirement or separation by
another administrative process before 30 September 2018 will be retired
or separated on the earlier date.
8. R-HYT Separation and Retirement process:
   a. IAW REF A, members who will reach or exceed their PGP by 30
September 2018 shall be retired, transferred to the ISL, or separated by
1 October 2018, or sooner.
   b. R-HYT candidates who do not submit a 2018 R-HYT PGP waiver and are
retirement eligible must submit a Reserve Retirement Transfer Request
(CG-2055A) to CG PSC-RPM NLT 1 February 2018 for a 1 October 2018 or earlier
retirement. Failure to submit a CG-2055A will result in the member being
transferred to the ISL.
9. R-HYT candidates may submit a waiver request to serve beyond their
PGP. The length of waiver will be determined by the needs of the Service.
Submission of a waiver request does NOT guarantee approval.
   a. R-HYT PGP waiver requests shall be submitted in standard CG memo
format through the member’s chain of command to CG PSC-RPM NLT 31
January 2018. Waiver memos shall not exceed two pages in length,
including the command endorsement. Completed R-HYT PGP waiver requests
will only be accepted via email and shall be sent, with all applicable
endorsements, to:
   b. Members granted an R-HYT PGP waiver will be separated, transferred
to the ISL, or retired at the conclusion of their approved waiver period.
   c. R-HYT PGP waivers will be only approved to fill an immediate
critical skill or Service need.
   d. R-HYT candidates with an open PDES case may submit a waiver
request, if desired. However, the waiver request shall be held in
abeyance pending the adjudication of the PDES case. Following
adjudication, the waiver requests will be assessed for candidates who
are found fit for duty.
10. 2018 R-HYT timeline:
   a. 1 October 2017: Candidates announced and PGP waiver request
submission period begins.
   b. 31 January 2018: PGP waiver request submission period ends.
   c. 1 February 2018: Deadline for voluntary retirement requests for
retirement eligible 2018 R-HYT candidates.
   d. OOA March 2018: PGP waiver panel.
   e. OOA May 2018: PGP Waiver notifications commence.
   f. 30 September 2018: transfer to the ISL, discharge or retirement
date for 2018 R-HYT candidates.
   g. 1 October 2018: Effective date of 2018 R-HYT PGP waivers.
11. CG PSC-RPM-2 will make every effort to minimize unanticipated
vacancies that result from R-HYT. Positions currently filled by 2017 R-
HYT candidates will be shopped in Assignment Year 2018 (AY18) to
minimize potential gaps.
12. Additional 2018 R-HYT information, templates and FAQs are located on
the CG PSC-RPM website:
Questions not answered by the FAQs should be directed to the following
CG PSC-RPM e-mail address: ARL-SMB-CGPSC-RPM-R-HYT(at)
13. CG PSC-RPM POC: CWO3 B. A. Cooper, (703)872-6512.
14. CAPT Rob Hanley, Chief, CG PSC-RPM, sends.
15. Internet release authorized.