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The U. S. Coast Guard's National Retiree Help Desk (CG NRHD) is administered and operated by volunteers who are available to assist members of the U. S. COAST GUARD MILITARY RETIREE COMMUNITY, including Coast Guard military retirees and their dependents, annuitants, survivors, and family members) with any issues. The volunteer virtual watch-standers are NOT authorities or subject matter experts in any area and only serve to help “connect” individuals with needed resources to expertly respond to their issues.

CG NRHD Contact Information:
Phone: (Toll Free) 1-833-224-6743 (1-833-2CG-NRHD) or 202-475-5381
G-Mail: nrhdesk@gmail.com

Issues concerning U. S. Coast Guard military pay/benefits are referred to the U. S. Coast Guard Pay & Personnel Center, Retiree & Annuitant Services (CG PPC-RAS).

CG PPC-RAS Contact Information:
Phone: 1-800-772-8724 (1-800-PPC-USCG)
E-Mail: ppc-dg-ras@uscg.mil

IMPORTANT NOTE: The U. S. Coast Guard's National Retiree Help Desk is NOT staffed, equipped, or resourced to provide assistance to members of the U. S. Army, Air Force, Navy, or Marine Corps (DoD) retiree community. 

PPC Customer Satisfaction Survey:

We continually monitor our processes in an ongoing attempt to Improve service. Anytime you receive service from us, you are invited to fill out our customer service survey at: http://www.dcms.uscg.mil/ppc/ccb/survey/

Note: In order to ensure the safety and security of your information our Customer Satisfaction Survey is only accessible from within the Coast Guard Data Network. If you would like to provide feedback on the service you received, but do not have access to the Coast Guard Data Network (via a Coast Guard Standard Workstation), please contact us by email to PPC-DG-M-Feedback@uscg.mil.

This is an update from the U. S. Coast Guard Pay & Personnel Center in Topeka, KS. We use this distribution list to keep our customers informed about the Direct Access HR system and matters pertaining to military retired pay and benefits. If you are no longer interested in receiving updates from PPC, please follow the link (at the end of this message) in the SUBSCRIBER SERVICES section to unsubscribe. Address any comments, concerns, or questions to richard.a.etheridge@uscg.mil.

Do not reply to this message. Replies to this address are not monitored. Contact PPC (ras) for assistance with Direct Access/Global Pay or other account issues.

Commanding Officer (RAS)
U. S. Coast Guard
Pay & Personnel Center
444 SE Quincy St
Topeka KS 66683-3591
Toll Free: 1-800-772-8724
Commercial: 785-339-3415
Fax: 785-339-3770
Email: ppc-dg-ras@uscg.mil