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R 221456 AUG 17
UNCLAS //N01650//
ALCOAST 252/17
1. This ALCOAST is a solicitation regarding the FY 2018
Copernicus Award Submission. The Deputy Chief of Naval
Operations for Information Dominance in partnership with
the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association
(AFCEA) and the United States Naval Institute (USNI)
announces the request for nominations for the FY 2017
Copernicus Award (for duties performed in 2017). The
Copernicus Award was established to recognize individual
contributions to naval warfare in command, control,
communications, computers and intelligence (C4I), cyber
operations and information warfare. The award is sponsored
by the AFCEA and the USNI.
2. The combined efforts of the fleet and the shore
establishment have been notably successful in bringing the
maritime services smartly into the information age. Individual
sailors and civilian employees have played critical roles in
enabling a revolution in military and civil affairs based on
communications and information technologies. Our achievements
have been made through a set of common principles, and most
importantly, the actions and determination of individuals,
military, civilian, junior, and senior.
3. Award criteria and eligibility. FY 2018 nominees must have
made a specific, demonstrable contribution to the advancement
of C4I, cyber operations or information warfare. Contributions
can be technical in nature, but may also originate from doctrinal,
financial, organizational, or other dimensions of information
systems. The contribution should involve exceptional initiative,
leadership, and insight within the nominee's area of expertise.
All Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, and civil service personnel
are eligible for nomination. Up to 30 awardees will be selected.
Each nominating command is limited to two nominees. No contractor
or team (more than one person) nominations will be accepted.
4. Nominations and presentation. The awardees will be selected
through nominations from Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard
(including joint/NATO) commands, afloat and ashore. Nominations
must be on letterhead and submitted by scan/email. Nominations
for commanding officers or officers in charge must be signed by
their immediate superior in command. Flag endorsements and letters
of recommendation are neither required nor desired. The nomination
requirements and additional nomination package information, as
well as the most up-to-date POC information, can be found at:
5. Nominations due date. Coast Guard nominations are due to
COMDT (CG-6) NLT 01 October 2017 in order to submit to the joint
service selection board by 3 November 2017. Late nominations will
not be considered. The selection board will make its recommendations
for individual award selectees to AFCEA/USNI. AFCEA/USNI will make
final selections and OPNAV will announce the awardees via NAVADMIN
6. Award Ceremony. The annual Copernicus Award ceremony will be
held 6-8 February 2018 at the AFCEA West Conference in San Diego,
CA. Attire is Service Dress Blue (Navy and Coast Guard), Service
"A" (Marine Corps) and business attire for civilians. For more
information go to
7. Award Submission. Submit award nominations packages to Executive
Assistant COMDT (CG-6), CAPT Joseph J. Sundland, email at or LCDR Lisa Garcez email at The preferred submission method is in
portable document format (PDF).
8.  POCs are CAPT Joseph J. Sundland, Executive Assistant to
COMDT (CG-6) at(202) 475-3503 or LCDR Lisa L. Garcez (202) 475-3553.
9. RADM Kevin E. Lunday, Assistant Commandant for C4IT and Commander
CG Cyber, sends.
10. Internet release authorized.