united states coast guard

R 02 AUG 17

ALCGENL 111/17
A. CG PSC Memo 1430 of 15 Dec 2016
B. Enlisted Accessions, Evaluations, and Advancements, COMDTINST M1000.2(series)
1. Advancement cuts are based on forecasted losses and position reductions during a specific period of eligibility, and are designed primarily for assignment officer planning purposes. As new information impacting the enlisted workforce becomes available, the need to revise these cut numbers will be examined and published quarterly.
2. The information below provides the cutoff number (ADV sequence) and the name of the member at the cutoff position for the respective rate from the November 2016 SWE.
Exam   ADV  Name                   Exam   ADV  Name
Rate   Seq.                        Rate   Seq.
AET1   23   Jonathan Harper        AMT1   43   Sean Traviglia
AET2   35   Jason Frayne           AMT2   64   Keven Hair
AST1   10   John Brennan           BM1   103   Jeremy Mulkusky
AST2   12   Kevin Peach            BM2   149   Christopher Page
CS1    36   Mark Denton            DC1    27   Sean Dawson
CS2    34   Tamara Miller          DC2    50   Daniel ONeill
DV1     3   Ryan Miller            EM1    38   Cody Dawson
                                   EM2    66   Kelly Yost
ET1    28   Matthew Stuart         GM1    16   Steven Glenn
ET2    59   Dalton Dunham          GM2    22   Jonathan Tromp
HS1    23   Elizabeth Little       IS1    29   Andrew Ball
HS2    32   Kimberly Baker         IS2    24   Angela Robinson
IT1    35   Jason Mansfield        ME1    30   James Grant
IT2    65   Silas Hazel            ME2    36   Blake Werner
MK1   101   Andrew Spence          MST1   33   Griffin Terpstra
MK2   154   Zachary Hood           MST2   39   Adam Plourde
OS1    45   Paul Schmidt           PA1     1   Patrick Kelley
OS2    82   Matthew Bitinas        PA2     0
SK1    36   Casey Rude             YN1    39   Christopher Harper
SK2    65   Arthur Armistad        YN2    49   Anthony Flores

3. All ratings identified in Ref A are listed. Original rank order number may be found at the Pay and Personnel Center CG Portal site and is subject to change. 
4. Members who appear at or above the cutoff on a SWE eligibility list are assured to advancement if they remain eligible. However, these members are considered not eligible for further SWE competition until they advance off this SWE eligibility list. Personnel placing below the cutoffs are highly encouraged to participate in the upcoming SWE competition providing they remain eligible to compete.
5. Per Ref B, the Commanding Officer's recommendation for advancement is valid only for a specific competition and must be renewed for each succeeding competition. The CO's recommendation for advancement must be maintained for the period from recommendation to advancement. Members failing to maintain the CO's recommendation for this period shall be invalidated from the SWE(s) in which they participated. Members who have been invalidated must be recommended and qualify again through a new SWE competition.
6. CAPT C. E. Fosse, Chief, Enlisted Personnel Management, CG Personnel
Service Center, sends.
7. Internet release authorized.