Coast Guards seeks public input for plan to move Lake of the Woods buoys

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July 24, 2017
U.S. Coast Guard 9th District Great Lakes
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Coast Guards seeks public input for plan to move Lake of the Woods buoys 

report marine casualty

report marine casualty

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CLEVELAND — The U.S. Coast Guard is seeking public feedback on a proposal to relocate aids to navigation buoys in the passage between Flag Island and Passage Island on Lake of the Woods.

The U. S. Coast Guard plans to relocate the buoys from the north side of Flag Island Reef to the south and southwest side of Flag Island Reef into U. S. waters. Within the passage of Flag Island and Passage Island along the northwest angle section is a submerged rock known as “Million Dollar Rock.” There have been eight reports of vessels striking the submerged rock since May 2017.

A channel would be established using red nun buoys and green can buoys between Flag Island and Flag Island Reef. The rock and shallow area northwest of the top of Flag Island showing one foot of water will be marked with an isolated danger lighted buoy, which is black with a red stripe. The light will be white with a characteristic of Fl W(2) 5s. Any comments about the aids to navigation system can be forwarded to Sector Sault Ste. Marie.

It's important to notify the Coast Guard of accidents, also known as marine casualties. Notification of groundings provides vital information, which allows the Coast Guard to improve vessel and navigational safety in remote waterways. 

U.S. flagged commercial vessels carrying passengers for hire are required by regulation to report marine casualties, such as, groundings and injuries in accordance with 46 Code of Federal Regulations Part 4. Recreational vessels are asked to report casualties to the appropriate local and state boating safety officials per local and state law.

Information regarding marine casualty reporting requirements, aids to navigation issues, or general inquiries for Northern Minnesota waterways, please contact Sector Sault Ste. Marie at (906) 635-3236.