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R 171228 JUL 17
ALCOAST 221/17
1.  It is my distinct pleasure to announce the following recipients of the
2016 CEOY and NAF EOY Awards.
    a.  Mr. Adam F. Cole, CEOY (GS-14 or FWS-14 and above)
    b.  Mr. Richard G. Hare II, CEOY (GS-10 thru GS-13 or FWS-10 thru FWS-13 level)
    c.  Mr. Jann A. Blevins, CEOY (GS-9 or FWS-9 and below level)
    d.  Mr. Thomas E. Birch, NAF EOY (NF 4-5 level)
    e.  Ms. Amanda M. Pozzi, NAF EOY (NF 1–3, NA, NL, NS)
2.  Mr. Adam F. Cole, is a WS-3820-18, Structural Group Supervisor at the USCG
Yard responsible for the management and oversight of the Welding, Shipfitting,
Sheetmetal, and Woodworking Shops consisting of 95 civilian employees at the Coast
Guard’s only shipyard and largest industrial facility.  His leadership, technical
abilities, and tremendous dedication enabled him to transform the Structural Group
culture, focusing on Coast Guard’s core values. He instituted fair, repeatable
hiring practices, initiated “employee of the month” citations, drafted over $12K
in cash award recommendations, codified certification and performance standards for
promotion, and justified the procurement of new tools and heavy equipment purchases
for shop personnel. As a direct result of this improvement, labor cost reduced by
4% with an estimated $4.6M savings over the next two years. He initiated a Winter
Holiday gift drive that raised $4,050 and adopted four families with 12 children. 
His leadership and exceptional community service embodies the value of great service.  
3.  Mr. Richard Hare II, is a GS-343-12, Management and Program Analyst, at Coast
Guard Yard with duties as the Ship Superintendent responsible for the planning,
execution, and coordination of Coast Guard cutter repairs and renovations
performed by the 530 person, twelve trade production workforce. He managed the
cost, schedule, and performance of cutter renovation and repair projects while
reviewing and evaluating technical information including specifications, inspection
reports, estimates, drawings, and work procedures.  Mr. Hare II single-handedly
managed the 225’ WLB In-Service Vessel Sustainment (ISVS) Mid-life Maintenance
Availability (MMA) program beginning with the first hull, CGC OAK, and now
currently with the second hull, CGC WILLOW.  Each project includes $13 million
worth of work including industrial labor, material, and contracted services
completed over a fourteen month period.  His valuable ability to envision
potential problems before they occurred greatly reduced the amount of rework
saving the Coast Guard at least $6 million.  Additionally, serving in many
facets of the community he makes time to support local athletics as the
head coach of a youth baseball team.  Mr. Hare II leads by example and
exemplifies the Coast Guard’s core values of Honor, Respect, and Devotion
to Duty.
4.  Mr. Jann A. Blevins, WL-4201-09 is a Lead Painter is employed at the
Coast Guard Yard.  He holds a National Association for Corrosion Engineers
Level II certificate, and a Ship Structures Painting Council (SSPC) Airless
Spray certificate for marine surface applications on steel ships.  Mr. Blevins
is responsible for the removal and renewal of all paint coatings during cutter
depot maintenance availabilities.  This includes the paint system for the entire
underwater hull, freeboard, superstructure, mast, internal compartments, and all
decks.  He coordinated over 38,000 labor hours to blast and preserve all of the
exterior surfaces and many interior spaces of each ship.  Mr. Blevins was
essential to the successful $12M project completion onboard each 140 foot
icebreaking tug that extended the life of these vessels by 15 years, enabling
them to complete domestic icebreaking operations in the Northeast and Great Lakes. 
As a community service leader he coordinated charity drives for the paint shop,
led a two week drive for the entire Services Group of nearly 100 personnel, raised
$4,500 to purchase gifts and holiday meals for needy area families.  Mr. Blevins
is “legendary” throughout the shipyard as a person that is unequivocally
invested in the future of the Yard and our Coast Guard.
5.  Mr. Thomas Birch is a General Manager, NF-1101-04 at the Coast Guard Academy. 
As general manager he oversees the Coast Guard Exchange Main location, Cadet Store
at Chase Hall, Academy Tailor Shop and a satellite location New Haven, CT.  In
addition, he manages all concession businesses on the Academy campus that include
consumable vending, three barbershop concessions, a dry-cleaning concession, and
a fleet of washer/dryer facilities for cadets. Under Mr. Birch's leadership the
Coast Guard Academy Exchange had an outstanding yearin 2016 as annual sales for
2016 exceeded budget by 15% or $891,190.  Net Profit increased 30% over budget,
an extra $217,611.  In addition, expenses were under budget, gross margin dollars
increased and inventory shrink on sales of $6.4M was a low $2,630.  Mr. Birch has
a strong alliance with the MWR partners on base, supporting all MWR and CDC holiday
events.  His unwavering commitment, positive attitude and selfless service are
characteristic of the guiding principles that symbolize the Coast Guard core values.  
6.  Ms. Amanda M. Pozzi, NF-0188-03, serves as Youth Services Director for the
Petaluma Morale, Well-Being & Recreation's Boys and Girls Club of America. Her
responsibilities include financial oversight, administrative duties and
programming and training of staff for the youth services branch. Ms. Pozzi was
instrumental in providing a safe, enjoyable, and educational program for nearly
8,000 youth throughout the Petaluma community. Her diligent planning efforts and
outstanding relationship with Boys and Girls Club of America resulted in winning
a $600 Science, Technology, Engineering and Math package. Additionally, her
perseverance led to the receipt of several grants which allowed TRACEN to host
a youth basketball league and secured over $3,000 worth of toys from Operation
Home Front for the children of TRACEN Petaluma.  Her willingness to support the
TRACEN Petaluma community by welcoming new families and serving as the primary
point of contact for the MWR Student Internship program embodies the TRACEN
Petaluma motto of being the best place to live, work and train.
7.  The diligence and dedication of our highly skilled civilian employees
greatly contributed to the accomplishment of the Coast Guard's operational
mission readiness.  These exceptional employees represent a small snapshot of
the quality of our dedicated civilian workforce.
8.  I would like to thank all the commands that submitted over 70 nominations
for both the CEOY and the NAF EOY Awards combined.  All nominated have my
heartfelt gratitude for their dedicated service. 
9.  All award recipients will be recognized on 24 July 2017 at a ceremony to
be held at USCG Headquarters.  Please join me in congratulating Mr. Cole,
Mr. Hare II, Mr. Blevins, Mr. Birch and Ms. Pozzi for truly exemplifying the
Coast Guard's core values of Honor, Respect, and Devotion to Duty.
10. RDML William G. Kelly, Assistant Commandant for Human Resources, sends.
11. Internet release authorized.