united states coast guard


R 28 JUN 17

ALCGOFF 083/17
A. Officer Accessions, Evaluations, and Promotions, COMDTINST M1000.3
1. Pursuant to Article 1.B.2.F of Ref A, Reserve Officer Extension
Boards will not be held in Promotion Year 2018 (PY18).  Starting 07
August 2017, PSC-OPM will consider all extension requests for Reserve
Officers with Extended Active Duty (EAD) agreements expiring between
01 November 2017 and 30 April 2018.  It should be noted that Reserve
Officers with EAD agreements expiring between 01 May 2018 and 31 October
2018 will not be considered until January 2018.  The
considerations listed in 1.B.2.F.2 of Ref A apply.  E-Resumes and e-
interviews must be submitted by 28 July 2017.
2. The following Reserve Officers, listed alphabetically by last
name, are eligible to apply for extension:
No    Rank      Name                               Unit
1     LTJG      Biagas, Briana L.                  007723
2     LTJG      Bower, Thomas R. P.                007526
3     LTJG      Burton, Kandon J.                  038524
4     LTJG      Currie, Christon J.                006271
5     LTJG      Davis, Alexis A.                   002339
6     LTJG      Devlin, Kyle F.                    010597
7     LTJG      Dolan, Sean P.                     007103
8     LTJG      Elliott, Landon K.                 003821
9     LTJG      Farrell, Zachary M.                047618
10    LTJG      Francis, Curtis M.                 008949
11    LTJG      Fuller, Alyssa M.                  003821
12    LTJG      Gomez, Alex R.                     007362
13    LTJG      Guevara, Clovis M.                 044608
14    LTJG      Hills, Precious R.                 006271
15    LTJG      Jacot, Robert S.                   038602
16    LTJG      Jenish, Kim L.                     000457
17    LTJG      Johns, Ian O.                      008218
18    LTJG      Lightfoot, Douglass D.             007726
19    LTJG      Lopez, Natallia M.                 007572
20    LTJG      Mayernick, Adam M.                 003821
21    LTJG      McDonough III, James M.            007106
22    LTJG      Powell, Nicholas B.                007727
23    LTJG      Robinson, Nathan J.                000620
24    LTJG      Rosa, Efrain B.                    007389
25    LTJG      Scholten, Meagan L.                007538
26    LTJG      Soto-Gonzalez, Lureida J.          007493
27    LTJG      Waddle, Katelyn                    044383
28    LTJG      Ward, Henry B.                     000294
29    LTJG      Ware, John C.                      007288
30    LTJG      Williams, Elliot A.                003821
31    LTJG      Ziworitin, George O.               036634
3. Every candidate listed above is required to submit an e-Resume
declaring their intentions to extend or be released from active duty.
Applications are submitted via the Direct Access e-Resume. Remarks
shall only indicate a candidate's desire to extend or otherwise
state, 'I request release from active duty at the end of my current
agreement.' Commands who are unable to meet the 29 July 2016
deadline due to extenuating circumstances should contact the POC
listed in para 7 as soon as possible.
4. When completing the e-Resume, use the 'my panel submission'.  Ensure
the panel source drop down menu is set to 'career extension,' and then
click Go'.  Ensure the AD/RES ind: drop down menu is set to ' Active
Duty'. The Bus unit is set to 'Officer' and Job Code is 000096.  After
clicking search check the apply box for Reserve Officer Extension Board
and click submit. This will take you to ‘my panel submissions’ page.
Click Edit to enter remarks. Remarks in the member comment section shall
only indicate two options. A candidate's desire to extend or should
otherwise state, 'I request release from active duty at the end of my
current agreement.' Enter Commanding Officers EMPLID for endorsement.
Hit Save.
5. A commanding officer's endorsement is required for all requests
and cannot be delegated. In the 'comment block' of the e-interview,
the commanding officer's endorsement shall address the candidate's
suitability for continued service under the terms of an active duty
agreement, and also list the candidate's special qualifications and
6. Officers that are granted EAD extensions will be issued new
contracts with durations intended to provide the member with
integration opportunities or meet Service needs.
7. Any officer who believes that he or she is eligible to be
considered for extension on active duty and whose name does not
appear on the above list should contact CWO2 Jeremy Hann at
jeremy.e.hann(at) or 202-795-6431.
8. Additional POC: LT Brett Ettinger at brett.d.ettinger(at) or
9. CAPT C. J. Glander, Chief, PSC-OPM, sends.
10. Internet release is authorized.