united states coast guard

R 290906 JUNE 17
UNCLAS //N06010//
ALCOAST 200/17
1. In accordance with REF (A), a selection board convened in May
2017 to review nominations for the Coast Guard (CG) 2016 Michael J. Cristy Health
Care Facility (HCFOTY), Clinic Health Services Technician (HSOTY), and Independent
Duty Health Services Technician (IDHSOTY) of the Year awards.
2. HCFOTY - The winner of the 2016 HCFOTY is CG BASE Elizabeth City Stephen
C. Pugh Memorial Clinic:
   a. CG BASE Elizabeth City clinic provided exceptional service to Base personnel
including its additional six tenant commands. The clinic staff maintained
medical readiness metrics consistently above 90 percent. The clinic also
cared for 588 Airmen from 28 "A" school classes and 617 aviators returning
for 44 "C" schools. The clinic provided 75 days of medical officer support
to CGCs Mellon and Eagle and 23 days of IDHS support to the CGC Hamilton. 
Clinic staff volunteered over 400 hours in support of local events to help
residents in and around Elizabeth City.      
   b. The following outstanding clinics were also nominated for this award and
can take pride in their significant accomplishments during 2016:
            CG Academy Health Services Clinic
            CG AIRSTA Barbers Point Health Services Clinic     
            CG AIRSTA Miami Health Services Clinic
            CG BASE NCR Health Services Clinic
            CG BASE Portsmouth Health Services Clinic
            CG BASE Seattle Health Services Clinic
            CG SECTOR Columbia River Health Services Clinic 
            CG TRACEN Cape May's Samuel J. Call Health Services Clinic
            CG TRACEN Petaluma's Ralph R. Nix Health Services Clinic
3. HSOTY - The winner of the 2016 HSOTY Award is HS2 Benedito Oliveira, CG AIRSTA Miami:
   a. HS2 Oliveira is being recognized for his outstanding individual performance
and contributions to direct patient care and mission readiness. HS2 Oliveira
provided outstanding patient care and volunteered for two critical solicitations
to support medical operations in Districts 7 and 8. He also completed pharmaceutical
inventories for eight river tenders and prepared CG TACLET South for the Ready for
Operations inspection.
   b. The following HS's were also nominated by their commands for this award
and can take pride in their significant accomplishments during 2016:
             HS1 Edwin Casanova             CG AIRSTA Barbers Point
             HS2 Gennifer Costales           CG AIRSTA Borinquen
             HS2 April Fieste                    CG BASE LA/Long Beach
             HS1 Jamie Lane                    CG BASE Boston
             HS1 Elizabeth Pyanowski       CG BASE Kodiak
             HS2 Steven Schink                CG Academy
             HS2 Jordan Suchon               CG BASE Elizabeth City
4. IDHSOTY - The winner of the 2016 IDHSOTY Award is HS2 Scott Hughes - CGC Valiant:
   a.  HS2 Hughes is being recognized for demonstrating exceptional proficiency
while providing compassionate care to his crew, TAD personnel, migrants and
suspected smugglers. HS2 Hughes maintained his crew's medical readiness rate
above 90 percent. During his 181 days at sea, HS2 Hughes hosted twice daily
sick calls for embarked migrants and met their medical needs with compassion
and patience. HS2 Hughes flawlessly attended to numerous urgent and emergent
medical cases where he ensured his crew and migrants received appropriate care.
   b. HS2 Hughes will be automatically nominated for the Lewis Seaman Award for
Outstanding Operational Support. This is an annual award for enlisted personnel
presented by the Association of Military Surgeons of the United States (AMSUS).
   c. The following IDHS's were also nominated by their commands for this award
and can take pride in their significant accomplishments during 2016:
             HS1 Jared Carter                   CGC Eagle
             HS1 Brandon Fox                   CGC Reliance
             HS1 Gordon Gatchell              CGC Mackinaw
             HS1 Cody Hislop                    CGC Maple
             HS1 Jose Madera                   MFPU Kings Bay
             HS1 Bryan Meek                    CGC Confidence
             HS1 Kimuyen Nguyen            CGC Healy
             HSC Deanna Palmisano          CGC Forward
             HS1 Kristy Rasbeary              MSST 91112 NOLA
             HSC Joseph Salvati                CGC Tampa
             HS1 Chris Scott                     CGC Tahoma
             HS2 Stephen Tate                  CGC Elm
             HSC Andrea Tocco                  CGC Midgett
             HS2 Charyl Tomcavage           CGC Juniper
             HS2 Jordan Vigna                   MSST 91106 NY
5. All nominees are worthy of the recognition and support provided by their
commands. I applaud all the nominees for their accomplishments and their
commanding officers and supervisors for taking the time to submit well-deserved
nominations. Successful mission execution demands the very best. Mission support
professionals must possess in-depth technical knowledge, strong leadership skills,
practical experience, and professional credentials to sustain our greatest assets-
our people. I encourage all leaders to recognize their high performing medical
professionals by nominating them next year for the 2017 Health Care Awards.
This year’s awardees demonstrated outstanding professionalism in carrying out
their duties. Bravo Zulu for a job very well done.
6. Scheduled award presentations for the 2016 winners will be coordinated by COMDT
7. POC: HSCM Michael Aviles COMDT (DCMS-81), 202-475-5174,
or CWO2 Matthew Geraets COMDT (CG-1121), 202-475-5173, Email:
8. RADM Erica Schwartz, Director of Health, Safety, and Work-Life, sends.
9. Internet release authorized.