CSMS# 19-000317 - Reminders for Reconciliation Filings

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06/19/2019 01:52 PM EDT

Trade Policy Updates

Based on incoming questions and Help Desk tickets, CBP is reminding filers of the following Reconciliation filing requirements:

1.Reconciliation Payments and Refunds – A Reconciliation entry is like any other entry inasmuch as CBP requires payment at the time of filing regardless of the $20.00 de minimis. If a refund is owed to the importer as a result of the Reconciliation, the importer will receive the refund within 30 days of liquidation.

2.Interest Rates – When filing a Reconciliation, filers should calculate and deposit interest for underpayments. Interest on overpayments (refunds) is calculated by CBP.

3.No change aggregate Reconciliations - Per Federal Register Notice Vol. 66 14619 dated March 13, 2001, no change aggregate reconciliations must be transmitted with zeros in the money fields for the duties/taxes/fees.

If you have any questions or require additional information, please send an email to OT-RECONFOLDER@CBP.DHS.GOV, Commercial Operations, Revenue and Entry Division, Office of Trade.