CSMS# 19-000220 - ACE CERTIFICATION Deployment, Sat. Apr 27, 2019 @ 2230

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04/26/2019 02:37 PM EDT

Truck Manifest

There will be an ACE Drawback and CQ Query Deployment to the ACE CERTIFICATION environment Saturday evening, April 27, 2019 at 2230 ET for the following:

CQ Query (ACE Cargo/Manifest/Entry Release Query) - CERTIFICATION Only


• Tickets #11601928, 11697117- CQ query for QP In-bond returning message: "123 INBOND NBR NOT ON FILE" if a bill number's length was less than 11 characters, a case that occurs with FTZ Withdrawal bills.

• Various fixes for CQ C1 response message for split Air waybills to output only the in-bonds and transactions relevant to a Split and to ensure the Split Indicator, when applicable, is in the WSC record.

Drawback - to CERTIFICATION and PRODUCTION in same maintenance window


• Update rule 056 to include the two Chapter 99 number associated to the 301 remedy (9903.88.02, 9903.88.03).

• Update rule 112 (HTS NBR MISMATCH) to make it informational rather than fatal.

• Update rule 519 (HTS NBR NOT ALLOWED UNDER BASKET PROVISION #{htsnbr}) to remove the wine provision (74) from the list of provisions that are checked for the basket provision rule (i.e. wine claims can now use ‘other, other’ HTS codes)