CSMS# 17-000254 - TSCA Certification Option for Expedited Release Shipments

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05/03/2017 11:32 AM EDT

Trade Policy Updates

On March 21, 2017 CBP regulations went into effect that, among other things, removed the option for a filer to satisfy the certification requirements under the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) through the use of a blanket permit. Filers must now provide TSCA certification, including information on the certifier, for each shipment prior to entry.

CSMS# 17-000175 was issued to the trade to reiterate that the requirement to obtain TSCA certification prior to entry applies equally to importers using certain expedited release programs – where the products are released from the manifest – as it does to those making entry through the traditional process. These expedited release programs include Fast and Secure Trade (FAST), Border Release Advanced Screening and Selectivity (BRASS), Line Release and express consignment consolidated informal entries released off of the manifest.

From a technical perspective, however, CBP recognizes the difficulties for shipments that make entry through the indicated programs, to submit TSCA certification prior to entry. As such, for these shipments only, CBP will not require the submission of the TSCA certification documentation prior to entry, but will instead permit the importer and carrier to have the TSCA certification documentation available for submission upon request by a CBP Officer.

The filer will be required to submit the TSCA certification documentation, for each shipment, at the time of the entry summary filing.

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