CSMS# 15-000286 - Correction to CSMS# 15-000091 – Correct Use of the AD/CVD Special Value Fields

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05/18/2015 01:39 PM EDT

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This is a modification to CSMS #15-000091, which was issued to clarify the use of the AD/CVD Value of Goods Amount and AD/CVD Quantity.

The guidance provided should have been specific to the use of the AD/CVD Value of Goods Amount reporting, NOT the AD/CVD Quantity reporting (see note below). The message below is a revised version of CSMS #15-000091, removing any reference to AD/CVD Quantity:

CBP is issuing this guidance as a reminder about the correct use of the anti-dumping and countervailing duty (AD/CVD) specific (aka special) value fields when submitting AD/CVD entry summary transactions.

CBP previously issued CSMS messages CSMS #04-001995 and CSMS #03-002707 concerning this entry summary reporting issue.

The AD/CVD Value of Goods Amount, reported in the ACE entry summary AE transaction 53-record, should only be reported and used to calculate duty for an entry summary line when the Department of Commerce indicates that a value different from the CBP appraised value may be used. The field to be used for AD/CVD duty calculation is normally the Value of Goods Amount as reported in the ACE entry summary AE transaction 50-record.

Currently there is not either an antidumping or countervailing case where Commerce has established specific value other than the CBP appraised value.

Please refer questions to your assigned CBP Client Representative.

Note: When reporting an AD/CVD Case Specific Rate on the 53-record of the AE, the quantity reported on the 53-record must be greater than zero.