Clarification on Prevented Planting ‘Top Up’ Payments

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Clarification on Prevented Planting ‘Top Up’ Payments

Last week, USDA issued a press release that outlined the automatic, additional "top-up" payments that producers will receive from their Approved Insurance Providers (AIPs) for prevented planting claims. That release is available here.

The language in the release, as well as an error in the GovDelivery message, may have caused confusion.

All producers with Yield Protection and Revenue Protection policies will receive a 10% top-up payment on their prevented plant indemnity payments.  Producers whose plans include the Harvest Price Option will receive an additional 5%.  This Harvest Price Option is included in all Revenue Protection policies unless a producer has chosen to opt-out.

Producers do not need to take any action to receive these payments, as all AIPs will automatically issue payments based on each producer’s individual crop insurance policy.

We apologize for any misunderstanding.