Final Notice of Changes to Ineligible Areas in Kansas

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Kansas USDA Rural Development has completed its 2017-2018 periodic review of all areas under its jurisdiction to identify areas that no longer qualify as rural for USDA Rural Housing programs. Based on the review of the areas within the state of Kansas using the 2015 American Community Survey data and rural area guidance located in Handbook HB-1-3550, Chapter 5, the rural eligibility designation has changed for the following areas:




The following ineligible areas will expand due to annexation or minor corrections:


  1. Emporia Ineligible Area: Two small areas along Hwy 50 just west of Road G will become ineligible due to annexation.


  1. Newton Ineligible Area: One minor correction of the ineligible boundary line along South Kansas Road just south of SE 36th Street.


  1. Olathe Ineligible Area: One small area including the Ensor Farmsite & Museum located ½ mile east of the intersection of South Woodlawn Road and West 183rd Street will become ineligible due to annexation.


  1. Overland Park Ineligible Area: Two small areas just west of State Line Road between West 175th Street and West 183rd Street will become ineligible due to annexation.


  1. Salina Ineligible Area: One small area just east of Ohio Street between East Schilling Road and East Water Well Road will become ineligible due to annexation.


  1. Wichita Ineligible Area: Four small areas in east Wichita near the county line will become ineligible due to annexation. Also, several minor corrections were made along the ineligible boundary line.


The changes will become effective on June 4, 2018. Areas that are no longer considered rural or rural in character and that will not be eligible for USDA Rural Housing Programs can be viewed by going to the eligibility website located at Click on either "Single Family Housing Guaranteed", "Single Family Housing Direct" or Multi-Family Housing", then select the "Proposed Ineligible Areas" tab.  


Below is a link to a document containing more detailed maps of the changes in Kansas:


For questions about specific changes, please contact Kevin Culley at 785-271-2722.



Kansas USDA Rural Development, April 20, 2018