New Vacancies for the Week of January 17, 2022 (As of January 19, 2022)

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ARS Current Vacancies



Research Physical Scientist

Series/Grade: GS-1301-12



Research Biologist/ Research Microbiologist/ Research Nutritionist

Series/Grade: GS-0630/0403/0401-12/13




Series/Grade:  GS-0440-11



Financial & Budget Technician

Series/Grade:  GS-0503-05/06



Research Biologist/Plant Pathologist/Microbiologist

Series/Grade:  GS-0434/0403/0401-12/13



Maintenance Worker

Series/Grade:  WG-4749-08


Research Microbiologist/Veterinary Medical Officer

Series/Grade:  GS-0701/0403-12/13



Management Analyst

Series/Grade:  GS-0343-07/09


Program Support Assistant (OA)

Series/Grade:  GS-0303-06/07


Utility System Repairer Operator (USRO)

Series/Grade:  WG-4742-10


Location Negotiable After Selection, United States

Supervisory Technical Information Specialist

Series/Grade:  GS-1412-15


Supervisory Technical Information Specialist

Series/Grade:  GS-1412-15


Budget Analyst

Series/Grade:  GS-0560-09



Utility Systems Repairer Operator 

Series/Grade:  WG-4742-07


Librarian(Biological Sciences)

Series/Grade:  GS-1410-12


Supervisory Librarian

Series/Grade:  GS-1410-15


Supervisory Librarian

Series/Grade:  GS-1410-15


Program Support Assistant (OA)

Series/Grade:  GS-0303-06/07



Biological Science Technician

Series/Grade:  GS-0404-08/09



Hydrologist (Computational Hydrological Informatics)

Series/Grade:  GS-1315-09/11



Agricultural Science Research Technician 

Series/Grade: GS-0404-05/06


New Mexico

Office Automation Assistant

Series/Grade:  GS-0326-05


North Dakota

Research Plant Physiologist (Research Associate)

Series/Grade:  GS-0435-11



Director Regional Climate Hub/Sub Hub

Series/Grade:  GS-1301/0401-14/15



Range Technician

Series/Grade:  GS-0455-05/09


Range Technician

Series/Grade:  GS-0455-05/09


Research Biologist (Computational)/Agronomist/Agricultural Engineer (Computational)

Series/Grade:  GS-0890/0471/0401-12/13



Supervisory Research Biologist / Research Chemist / Research Nutritionist

Series/Grade:  GS-1320/0630/0401-14/15


Research Ecologist (Insects)

Series/Grade:  GS-0408-12/13


Management Analyst

Series/Grade:  GS-0343-09


Biological Science Technician

Series/Grade:  GS-0404-07/08


Research Microbiologist/Animal Scientist

Series/Grade:  GS-0487/0403-12/13/14/15



Financial & Budget Technician

Series/Grade:  GS-0503-05/06


West Virginia

Research Geneticist (Animals)/Molecular Biologist/Physiologist (Animals)

Series/Grade:  GS-0440/0413/0401-12/13



Program Support Assistant (OA)

Series/Grade:  GS-0303-06/07


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