USDA Posts the Newest Totals for Animal Usage by Research Facilities

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USDA Animal Care has posted fiscal year 2015 totals for the number of animals used in biomedical research in the United States.

The Animal Welfare Act requires each USDA-registered research facility to submit an Annual Report (APHIS Form 7023) that documents its use of regulated animals for research, testing, teaching and/or experimentation.  We then organize the data by state, based on types of animals and specific pain categories.  These categories, designated by particular columns on the Annual Report, are as follows:

•  Column B (animals held by a facility but not used in any research that year)
•  Column C (animals used in research; no pain involved; no pain drugs administered)
•  Column D (animals used in research; pain involved; pain drugs administered)
•  Column E (animals used in research; pain involved; no pain drugs administered)
•  Column F (total number of animals used in research; Column C + Column D + Column E)

The 2015 data is posted here.  Additional information on Annual Reports is located here.

USDA Animal Care upholds and enforces the Animal Welfare Act.  This federal law and its associated regulations set the standards for humane care and treatment that must be provided for certain animals that are:  used in biomedical research; exhibited to the public; bred for commercial sale; or transported commercially.  The Animal Welfare Act does not cover animals raised for food or fiber.

At USDA Animal Care, ensuring the welfare of the animals we regulate is at the heart of everything we do.