It's Time to Apply for a Quarter 3 Grant Continuation or Renewal

Americorps Seniors

AmeriCorps Seniors
Sept 1, 2022

Apply for a Grant Continuation or Renewal

It is time to apply for your continuations or renewal. The Notice of Funding Opportunity  and supporting documents associated with your grant can be found on the RSVP grantee page.

Please review the Appendix A to verify your geographic service areas, funding amount and number of unduplicated volunteers.

Fiscal Year 2023 Reminders

  • Applications must be submitted on time by the authorized representative. Late applications may not be considered. 
  • All required attachments must be submitted with the renewal application.
  • If clarifications or other follow-up actions are required, those actions must be completed in the time period provided by your portfolio manager.
  • Ensure their agencies unique entity identifier and System for Award Management  are current so that awards can be issued. 

Keep in close communication with your portfolio manager throughout this process; they are available. 

Applications must be submitted by Wednesday, Nov. 2 at 5 p.m. ET


Training Opportunities

Recording will be posted in Litmos one week after the event.

Do not hesitate to contact your AmeriCorps portfolio manager if you have any questions.