Response Message 625 - Re-Activated

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February 4, 2020

Response Message 625 SCHED B/HTS NBR OUTDATED-IN GRACE PERIOD is now re-activated.

The Response Message 625 Verify Message has been re-activated at this time.

It is important to note that if you file using any of the 14 Schedule B/HTS codes that expired December 31, 2019, you will receive this valid Response Message. Please ensure you take action to make the appropriate changes to ensure that shipments comply with valid Schedule B/HTS codes.

Those codes that expired are:

1207990392 (Schedule B)

1701141000 (HTS)

7602000090 (HTS)*

7604210000 (HTS)*

7604291000 (HTS)*

7606123090 (HTS)

7614902000 (HTS)

8301106000 (HTS)

8413919095 (HTS)

8503009560 (HTS)

8525805010 (HTS)*

8525805020 (HTS)*

8708704545 (HTS)

8716905045 (HTS)

*The same code is still valid in the Schedule B.

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