Grants Newsletter: June 2021

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June 2021 Grants Update

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This newsletter is a summary of federal funding announcements to make constituents of California's 52nd Congressional District aware of funding opportunities through our nation's federal grant-making agencies.

If you would like to learn more about how to apply for these federal grants, please visit the Grants section of Rep. Peters' website where you will find public and private sources of funding, and learn how to improve your grant application.

To learn more about federal grant opportunities, inquire about pending grant applications, or receive assistance with grants you have already received, please contact Jessica Brown at If you would like to sign up for Congressman Peters' general e-Newsletter, which includes updates on our work in Washington, D.C. and San Diego, click here.

Dear friend, 

For the past few weeks, San Diego’s COVID-19 positivity rate has stayed below 2 percent, and approximately 1.4 million San Diegans are fully vaccinated. As we move toward fully reopening the economy on June 15, I am pleased to share grant application opportunities available for local organizations and businesses.

San Diego is home to innovators, hard workers, and creative small business owners who create jobs and grow our economy. In Congress, I am working to expand opportunities for San Diego’s workers and entrepreneurs—in part by leading Democrats and Republicans in an effort to invest more in scientific research through the National Institutes of Health and to increase investment in new renewable energy technology. This research is vital to developing cutting edge treatments and cures, and to increase America’s ability to compete in a global economy. These investments will also help support our economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

My support for the American Rescue Plan is providing much-needed relief to Americans and funding for many grants. Please consider my office a resource in the grant application process. We look forward to helping you.


Scott Peters

Recent Federal Funding Awarded in the 52nd Congressional District

  • UCSD: $1,114,819 (Mental Health Research Grants)
  • St. Vincent De Paul Village, Inc.: $1,180,331 (Health Center Cluster)
  • Veterans Medical Research Foundation: $732,909 (Kidney Medical Research)
  • La Jolla Institute for Immunology: $922,142 (HIV Research)
  • SAY San Diego: $999,999 (San Diego Dads Corps)

Before you apply

Since not all federal grant-making agencies list grant opportunities each month, you are encouraged to visit to find and apply for current competitive grant opportunities. In addition, users may sign up for email updates to receive new grant postings as soon as they become available. Before you apply for a grant you must complete the registration process.

Early registration is encouraged since this process can take anywhere from three business days to four weeks. Please refer to the Applicant FAQ page for additional resources. Please be aware that registering with the System for Award Management (SAM) is free of charge-- there is no fee for you to register or to renew or update your organization's information.

Our office can provide a letter of support to assist your applications for federal grants and can work with the granting entity to answer any questions. If you are unsuccessful in securing a grant, our office may also obtain information from the granting agency that may increase the likelihood of future success.


Announcement for Program Funding for NRCS’s Conservation Innovation Grants (CIG) Classic Program for Federal fiscal year (FY) 2021
Discretionary Grant
Closing Date for Applications: July 19, 2021
Expected Number of Awards: 25
Estimated Program Funding: $1,000,000
CFDA Number: 10.912 -- Environmental Quality Incentives Program

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Local Community-Based Workforce to Increase COVID-19 Vaccine Access  
Discretionary Grant
Closing Date for Applications: June 9, 2021
Expected Number of Awards: 121
Estimated Program Funding: $121,000,000
CFDA Number: 93.011 -- National Organizations of State and Local Officials


Assisting Federal Facilities with Energy Conservation Technologies (AFFECT) 2021

Grant Closing Date for Applications: July 16, 2021 81.117 -- Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Information Dissemination, Outreach, Training and Technical Analysis/Assistance

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DOD Lung Cancer, Idea Development Award
Cooperative Agreement Grant
Closing Date for Applications: August 27, 2021
Expected Number of Awards: 11
Estimated Program Funding: $6,200,000
CFDA Number: 12.420 – Military Medical Research and Development


Launching Future Leaders in Global Health (LAUNCH) Research Training Program (D43 Clinical Trial Optional)

Agency Name: National Institutes of Health Closing Date for Applications: August 20, 2021

CFDA Number: 84.425 – Education Stabilization Fund

93.242 -- Mental Health Research Grants

93.313 -- NIH Office of Research on Women's Health 93.398 -- Cancer Research Manpower

93.847 -- Diabetes, Digestive, and Kidney Diseases Extramural Research

93.853 -- Extramural Research Programs in the Neurosciences and Neurological Disorders

93.989 -- International Research and Research Training

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NEA Grants for Arts Projects 2, FY2022 Closing Date for Applications: July 8, 2021 Award Ceiling: $150,000; Award Floor: $10,000

CFDA Number: 45.024 – Promotion of the Arts Grants to Organizations and Individuals